C.viper teacher

hey there , is there any one who s in the tri county area of ohio who could give me c viper lessons. i spend alot of time watching marlinpie footage because i dont know of any other viper players. i know how to do her corner combos and the box dash combo but i still cant do the shotgun sismo loop thing . My gamer tag on xbox live is atthethrone
please help out a noob

You should check out the C. Viper tech thread in her character section. Should be some good stuff in there for ya.

Tri-county… as in northern Cincinnati tri county? Def check the regional matchmaking threads, there’s an arcade by Springdale theaters that local people meet. Can’t remember if there are any viper mains there, but they’ll def help you step your game up in general. Good chance to practice some of the stuff you’ll pick up in the other viper threads here