C. Viper Technical Practice Thread

So I’m a dedicated C. Viper user, and one of my big problems is that I’m not technical when it comes to playing on stick. I played Melee, which is a fast and technical game, but is played on a pad and is not at all like street fighter, and I’ve messed around with Tatsunoko and SF4, but still, not really the same thing. I figure that you need to be technical to play Viper really really well. This thread chronicles the technical practice that I will be doing with her in order to get better at the game and Viper. I’ll start with what I currently do, then state what I want to be able to do, and then state the practice method that I’m using to do it.

But this thread isn’t just for me. Feel free to post ways that you practice. Post things that you want to learn or have learned and how you learned them, or how you’re going to learn them. Setting small and specific goals that lead to a bigger goal is very important when it comes to improving at anything I think, so that’s what this thread is for. Also for learning how to learn, which is equally important.

I break my Viper game down into four sections - Combos, Mix-ups, Movement, and Keep-Away. With sections, its easy to divide my game into sub-sections and work on it from there. I’ll be using a timer to make sure I practice the strings for as long as I need to to be effective. Here goes:

Current BNB
L M F S (Launch) sjc L M F S (Bounce) qcb Super
I Want…
Jump F, M F xx qcf MP xx qcf LP+S (crumple) xx L M F S (Launch) sjc M M F jc F S Seismo qcb Super

Practice Method
Master each of the following 5 move strings:
Triangle Jump F, M F xx qcf MP xx qcf LP+S
L M F S (Launch) sjc M
S sjc M M F jc F S
S sjc S Seismo Super

Put it all together

Practice timer: 10 Minutes

Box Dash Loop
L M H Siesmo IAD falling (air) H S (land) M H Siesmo IAD (air) H S (land) M H S jc M M H S land Siesmo

Never Ever Do Right

I Want…
High-Low Mixups
Throw Mixups

Tj.F, Standing A
tj.Empty, Standing A
fB, Standing A

Practice Method:
Perform the following rotations against all block training:
tj.F, A, fB, A, tj.Empty, A tj.F, A …(continue combo)
tj.Empty, fB, A, tj.Empty, tj.Empty, A B C …(continue combo)
tj.F, tj.F, A, tj.F, A, fB, A, tj. Empty, tj.Empty, throw, dash, qcb Super

Practice Timer: 5 mins

R&D: Figure out what crosses up with Viper?

Throw Mixups
Finish above R&D, then practice these strings…
Cross-up, c.L, throw, dash qcb super
Cross-up, Empty Cross-up, c.L, Assist, c.L c.L, dash forward, throw, dash qcb super
tj.F, A, throw
tj.F, Burning Kick cancel, A, throw

Practice Timer: 5 mins

Techno Corner Throw Reset
L M F S (launch) sjc M M F S (bounce) dp.L jc.S, Throw, qcb super

Practice Timer: 1 min

Does Viper have a wavedash?
Find ways to hide assists

I do…
Triangle jumps at random into nothing or something bad, lots of forward airdashes (baddish)

Triangle Jump
Down Forward TJ.empty x5
Down TJ.empty x5
Down Back TJ.empty x5

DF tj.empty, D tj.empty, DF tj.empty, DB tj.empty, Dash
DB tj.empty, Dash x3

Practice Timer: 2 mins

I do…
A1 Seismo, Dash, Seismo
I want:
A1 Seismo jc. tj.Empty Seismo, jc.tj.Emtpy Seismo

Pracitice with…
1 jc, 2 jc, 3 jc 2nd assist.

Practice Timer
3 mins

This is going to be the basic format, and I’ll update the front post with what I’ve accomplished and what other users in the thread have accomplished. This thread ain’t for pros, but rather for people who need to take a little time to get stuff down.

L M F S - Light Medium Fierce Special
jc. - jump cancel
tj. - Triangle jump (fast downforward airdash)
sjc. - super jump cancel
a1/a2 - Assists

nice i like this thread. i think i am going to make a Mission thread to help those who seem to be stuck on any other, as i’ve completed them all. with that said, i would change some of your combos a little. you can do the following,

J. (or TJ) F or S, L M F S sjc, M M F jc, M F S, seismo(L) (otg) Burst time (qcb super)

if you want to get crazy you can do this in the corner

J. (or TJ) F or S, L M F S sjc, M M F jc, M M F EX BK, M H S(all juggle) sjc, M H S seismo(L) (otg) Burst time (qcb super)

What are some normals/specials that are useful to get in and attack? I’ve been using the air-to-ground j.S, and for ground-to-ground, I use a dash to cr.A., cr.B.-Thunder knuckle. You know I get smoked out quick lol.

*got some of her bnb’s down, I just cant get in for the attack to start it up properly

you try triangle jumping?also don’t forget standing L hits low so if they are not ducking you’ll get a hit.

I have the same problem. The recovery on evveryones moves are so fast. I don’t know how to properly punish yet

I’ve been messing with L M H S(1 hit) lBK feint jL …
The feint leaves you airborne so you can do a nice high low mix up. You can also substitute a TK feint and go for standing L.

And that’s how you get hit with assist.
Yes viper has a wavedash a very fast wave dash.
outside of xfactor don’t do TK to ex TK it’s pointless you can get the roughly same damage for no meter other ways.

No one should be stuck on mission mode it’s easy.

If you want ways in just block and wavedash/triangle jump in. for projectiles(dependent) ex tk
Every high low mixup your trying to establish is useless for the fact that out of desperation there are assists, at this point in the game just use triangle jump fierce/empty jumps triangle jump fierce is stupid good there is no reason to use the actual overhead over triangle jump fierce and it’s a crossup.

Yeah triangle jump the fierce, its got a lot of priority and hits a lot higher up than the special.

Day 1: Practiced combos for 10 mins, played a bit online, practiced triangle dashes. Want to work on Seismo strings for tomorrow.

Added Box Dash Loop to combos.

Does anyone have tips on getting the feint after hitting with Thunder Knuckle? This is the only thing bugging me with Viper. Is it really all that needed?

That timing is extremely hard and its not needed, you can generally do the same thing by using seismo instead of knuckle to IAD Feirce, Special, Ground Special and follow up with air combo. Its good for pressure but you’ll want to back it up with an assist.

Honestly imma tell you like this the FIRST thing you should do is practice her sj seismo cancel combo it took me a while to learn but that can lead in to 100% on any charecter in the game. Learning it is a nice way to interupt some one from a distance with seismo and air dash forward without lost momentum. Its probably outside of tri jumping and wave dashing one of her most safe ways to get in an do damage. Hope this helps o yea i wouldnt worry about the thunder knuckle feint seismo faints is where u will make ur money especially if you kno how to punish

Siesmo to IAD for a block is ok if they don’t know they can hit you for it, but you can’t block during a dash they can just uppercut you if they wanted to.

Geez, can we at least use the games official notation here, OP??? I can’t tell wtf you’re trying to say you’re doing in half of your post.

Like a guy already mentioned triangle jump C is really good, but I actually sometimes run Tron instead of Sentinel because calling her flame assist at the same time as Vipers -> B overhead is stupid good you can continue to combo on hit very easily and on block you get a good mixup with low st.A/bk feint/throw/triangle C, etc.

I havent played this game in a while due to other games, but Ive stood up the whole day trying to get things back on track. what do you guys think about this?
L M H S(1-hit) Thunder Knuckle-cancel grab(if possible)

TK feint grab works pretty well, but I would usually try it sooner so you don’t get PushBlocked.

I’m not sure if that’s the proper thread to ask that… but to Seismo -> airdash -> aircombo, do you guys dash with 2 attack buttons or putting forward twice?

using the buttons is much faster.

Train yourself to always dash (air and ground) with the buttons. It gives you so much more control, makes inputs easier, and lets you to things like wave Dash and Focus cancel faster. I came from BB/GG so it tok a little while to adjust, but it really is very easy, and much superior to hitting 66.