C.Viper Trial Mode Thread (Console Version)



Man, this mode is tough…

I am trying to pass the HK to Super task.

What I can do is this:


It works, but the computer won’t accept this at all.

However, this seems to be useful because it is like a hit-confirm of sorts. Doing the motions before the HK makes her do the 2-hit HK attack that advances her forward, and after the first hit, you will go into her Super Combo. If you screw up the timing, it’ll just do the 2nd hit of the HK attack.

I’m going to try and see if you can do HK to Ultra as well.

If anyone has this game, please let me know how you beat this part. I was thinking of making a FAQ for everyone with this thread eventually.


It’s available from the start as her alternate.


I finally beat it, it’s kinda tricky, but you do the HK first (the 2-hit version), and you have to input the qcf X 2 motions before the kick actually hits, and when it does hit, hit punch.

But the aforementioned method is much easier.

Now I am stuck on the 3rd trial on Trial Mode Hard. It’s supposed to be jump-in FK, standing WK, crouching WP, HJC into Ultra. Can’t get the timing on the HJC to Ultra part.

I don’t see myself using this combo often in actual games, either. :wasted:


Viper’s trail mode is fun, took me like an hour to complete :annoy:. If you want to cheat use a 3P button, i got it in like the 2nd try. Although ill probably go back tomorrow and learn it properly because i think if mastered, its very useful.


I want to get this shit out of the way as soon as possible so I can work on training mode. :rofl:


man im stuck at this combo also and like u said i can do the first way but it wont recognize just cant do it the right way it seems according to the game does the super activate on the first or 2nd kick


So its for sure HJC into ultra? I thought he was just linking it…


Haha, I can’t even do the jump HK>H flame kick link… I’m pathetic. :open_mouth: It never seems to work. Dan just blocks the flame kick.


I assumed it was HJCed but I don’t know for sure.

Did you have better luck completing that combo?


Actually, that timing is really odd, took me a long time to learn it. Imagine you’re playing ST and you have to time it so that you hit that first kick just a split-second before you land on the ground. You should hit Dan right in his stomach, then he won’t be able to block the fire kick.


yeah that one requires strict timing, took me like 3 dozen tries. I’m stuck on the last normal trial, the first damn one were you have to lp to mp. What the hell, I must be a failure at SF because I cannot do this shit.


Aah, see I was hitting him the face. :looney:

when I get home, I’ll have to get into fruity ST mode and try it again.


Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out how to do the FA into ex knuckle into ultra one.

What I do is FADC forward, and then ex knuckle but every time I do that, it knocks dan down before the ultra can hit.

I am wondering if its a timing thing or not. If it is, man it’s strict!


I can’t seem to get the HK to Emergency Combo

I can buffer the HK so it hits once then do the super, but that doesn’t seem to count.

I watched a video on youtube of someone doing it and they only need 1 hit from the HK for it to count.


For the jump HK into flame kick i just used negative edge to get it out as fast as possible. yeah i took me a sec, but once i tried the Hk into emergency, by buffering, it was easy, i just needed to know when i could cancel the HK


I’m buffering, getting the 4 hit combo but it isn’t counting

1 hit from HK buffer 3 hits from EC = 4 hits, and that’s what I’m getting but no complete <.<


you can’t buffer. it seems the hk only registers from forward or neutral positions. You have to input it as soon as you hit hk. wait until you have to do the manuals in the last set…


Well I got it now without buffering, but seems stupid, why in the world would you not buffer? Oh well. On to some harder thigns.


I’m stuck on the one “Seismic Hammer Cancel”. PP after her DP…I’m confused as to what it’s asking me to do.


I’m stuck on the “focus attack, low :hp:, thunder knuckle cancel, ultra” combo (trial mode hard, stage 2)

I assume they mean to FADC, then negative edge a low :hp: into :qcb::hp: and immediately cancel that thunder knuckle with :2p:… but then how exactly does that combo into the ultra? I’m confused :sad: