C. Viper Ultra 2

This Ultra seems completely random when it wants to come out. When I try to do this Ultra with the 236236 input in mid-air, nothing happens. I did 236236 then jumped, and it came out, but only once. Then I did a jump, and two 360 motions, and it came out. :expressionless:

What am I doing wrong where I can only get it 3 out of 100 times. Do I jump before putting the 236s in or when I’m on the ground? I have the input viewer on too, and when I do the right input, random inputs I don’t even remember doing show up. Like a 236236 in the air, then random diagonal forward motions. Help.

Also, is Ultra 1 or 2 preferred for Viper?

To start with, the input for U2 is 214214 (QcBx2) and yes you must preform it off of the ground. I don’t play Viper; however, I am pretty sure that you can TK U2 in order to preform it instantly after leaving the ground, e.g. 2142147, slight delay so that viper is airborn, KKK.

I have heard that U2 is only useful in certain situations while U1 can be landed in a number of ways and deals lots of damage, so I would prioritize learning how to combo into U1 before spending time with U2.

You can SJC with U1, and you can Thunder Knuckle cancel into U1. U2 is shit for Viper, and i don’t even play her (I feel like starting though).

Ultra 1 is much better. Ultra 1 can be connected off of trade fierce tks, burning kicks, seismos, sjc normals, etc. It may be frustrating at first but once you start landing the juggle consistently you’ll see why it’s preferred.

…Yeah. It’s 214214. Eventhubs had the wrong input listed, lol. C. Viper Super Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide : EventHubs.com

Holy shit! You use EventHubs (or any external website) for determining the input for a specific move? You realize you could just press start, click “Command List - C.Viper” and see what the input is? -_-;

Viper’s U2 is pretty much used against Blanka and Zangief but even then most experienced Viper players will stick with Ultra 1.

The reason U2 on Blanka is because every blocked blanka ball is punishabled with reversal timing Seismo’s or more lenient timing EX Seismo where you can Super Jump Cancel into Ultra 2 but the damage output is low. Ultra 1 still has its uses though as you can Ultra 1 on reaction any Blanka Ball close to you or if you happen to land a random Burn Kick in the corner. You can also do the hard super jump cancel link into ultra 1.

Zangief I suppose people use U2 because Viper doesn’t get too many opportunities to land it unless Zangief makes a mistake but the match up allows for easy zoning of Gief with Seismo’s that a single hit leads into Ultra 2. However, Ultra 1 gives you better punish opportunities like if you block EX Green hand it’s a free standing medium punch, crouching medium punch, super jump cancel Ultra 1.

Stop using shit websites to get your information would be a good start

U2 felt funny when I first started using it, but ultimately it is not useful for Viper at all really. what she can do with it she can do with U1 and it deals more damage. The only thing U2 has is that it can hit airborne enemies but the timing and space on that has to be precise. Also U2 has a problem hitting E. Honda after a hammer.