can we got some stuff of her? this place has been slacking!:karate:


Stock images or Shopped?


both plz avs and banners


I’ll log into the press site for images when I get the chance, gimme a few hours.


Sorry, looks like it’s too big for me to download at work. Basically what I can upload is the official press release art, and that’s it.


^thats fine


sorry, can’t get my login to work on the site, they have zip files for press to DL. I’ll post some stuff up when I can reset my PW.


what happened? :<


K, finally got some time to work on this. All I could find on the site was a large image of the official art for C. Viper. Unfortunately, flickr downscales it a little, but the image is still a decent res.

I also have some screens of El Fuerte on my account. I can’t find other hi-res C.Viper stuff though. Sorry, I thought there was more official stuff for press, but I guess not.


do stuff,with this