C.Viper's Focus Attack

I’m having trouble landing this against antiair attacks,

with most other characters I seem to pull it off much easier.

Is there a trick behind Vipers damn useless focus attack?

yes the trick is


I only use it when I’ve dizzied someone, her FA’s pretty much useless to me. Once in a blue moon, I may sjc a normal into her focus attack to create pressure but that’s it.

Yeah it sucks. Can’t be used all that well as an offensive tool. Good to throw out there every now and then, but it’s just too slow to be really effective. Practically the only way I get focus stuns from it is when I throw it out a level 1 and it counter hits. It’s damn near impossible to actually charge up a level 2 or 3 and hit someone.

It’s only useful when your opponent is quite predictable and if you can bait a move that has tons of recovery time. Examples are Chun Li’s axe kick and crouching roundhouse kick.

Otherwise, don’t use it too often as an actual attack. It’s literally useless as an anti-air attack because if the opponent jumps in with an attack, he/she can land on the ground and hit you again before you can unleash the counter-attack.

Viper’s focus sucks. Only use it if the opponent is getting predictable with their pokes or other one hit grounded attacks that don’t armor break. She was kinda intentionally designed to not have to use it very much. Especially when she’s the number one character in the game for breaking other people’s focuses.

well i do agree that it is useless to try and crumple a foe but her focus attack actually lets me do her ultra midscreen rather than having the opponent against the wall pretty well. i usually high jump or jump into roundhouse to crouching heavy punch into ex seismo to hjc focus attack dash ultra. this way it doesn’t waste any meter. so the combo more clearly.
jump -> roundhouse -> crouching heavy punch -> ex seismo -> hjc focus attack dash -> ultra.

I kno most of you already kno this application but i have been playin with viper for about 3 weeks and just found out she could hjc into focus attack without wasting meter this week and have been messing around with that like crazy. so im just trying to help out whoever is new with viper like myself

Yeah the method most of us use is to straight up super jump cancel then cancel into a focus dash then do the ultra. Which is what Uryo and other high level Japanese do. I’ve seen the focus attack method but never really applied it but accidentally in the corner. I guess it works full screen too but never tried it.

yea for the most part i just do the dash but sometimes i do the hit just because i think its funny to mess with opponent and make them think i missed and then o snap he didn’t haha. but holy crap i love her hjc there are so many uses

Imo, her FA is useless.

OFF TOPIC: I know you, lol.

I landed a LV. 3 on Coos on like perfect spacing, he wasn’t expecting me to actually charge it up and I landed it but I fucked up the Ultra XD.

Its only for those people who keep thinking cross ups are godly just FADC out of em.