C.Vipers new Ultra



Hey i dont know if theirs a thread about this yet, if their is then disregard this one…
So…How many Viper players out there dont really like her new ultra that much ? and what are some of the pro’s and con’s to it and are their any good setups to it besides ex/regular Seismic Hammer(Ground Pound)SJ into ultra? thanks…:sweat:


basically i use it for people i siesmo from long range into it. u cant combo except from a st high punch or a siesmo


Damn that sucks …but as the game progress maybe someone will find new ways to combo into the new ultra but for now im sticking to Burst Time


Every time I choose U2 it’s right when I don’t really want it. It does shit damage and can only be combo’d by seismo or sjc hp.

I just don’t like it. U1 is just plain better imo.


Pretty much, it’s 100 less damage fully charged, the Hitbox is wonky and fickle outside of landing an EX Seismo, and you lose all corner pressure scariness. The only normals you can SJC into it from are cr. fp and close st. fp, and let’s be honest, if you land one of these you should be at the very least comboing an EX Seismo into U1. Not to mention you can SJC U1 off of Cr. fp and close st. fp, as well as 7 other normals.

So, to sum up, you get less damage, fewer setups, a completely garbage hitbox naked, loss of corner threat, and a slight case of the Herp Derp.
But in exchange you get an Ultra that looks perty, requires very little skill to land once you EX Seismo, and a 46 frame recovery on block instead of 201, just in case you’re fighting a retarded baboon, you might not get punished on block.

In all honesty, i’d rather have Flash Explosion as my 2nd ultra than this PoS.


I saw a dude use U2 against Dan’s crouching taunt on reaction (I guess). It traded.

Not sure if that was awesome, or just depressing.

Otherwise, what Flook said. Looks nice and doesn’t require as strict timing as U1 does, but I think you’re better off learning how to not whiff that one, than wasting your time with U2.


Yo Flash Explosion does EXPLOSIVE damage now.


I remember safe jumping at a Guile and baiting Flash explosion, then beating the hell of the Guile for it. Good times. Does anyone know if they changed that in super? Is it still safe jumpable?


the loss of anti air tk into ultra 1 is too much to give up along with corner combos into ultra 1.

its also easier to hit confirm a point blank ex seismo into ultra 1.


Yea viper u2 sucks entill some one finds a better way to use it …
Hey metroidblack remember me I played you a couple days aqo lol ur viper is pretty beefy do u remember me ?


I guess Vipers U2 isint that bad, watch this video, it show of two combos:


Damn! See’n C.viper in action always. Brings a smile to my face those were some ok combos wish their were more tho…but thanks for the vid


Still sucks. You can do all of those combos into ultra 1 for more damage.

The ultra seems like it’ll have random uses against Honda and Gief like I thought but the things u lose for choosing ultra 2 still doesn’t make it worth it.


I dont really use Ultra 2 unless I feel like mucking around. Ultra 1 is just so much better both damage wise and set up wise.

Even though U2 can be landed anywhere in the middle of the map, U1 can still be landed anywhere either from a late burning kick (on certain characters) or from a SJ Dash cancel. As stated above the anti air HP TK to ultra and corner combo’s are just too good to give up, whereas U2 kinda only has one set up to combo into (for now).

So currently Ultra 1 is my choice =D albet Ultra 2 is mighty sexy looking


can U1 combo after c.mp?


c.mp sjc U1 is probably the easiest sjc to ultra. Not hit confirmable as you have to buffer the ultra motion.
One of her usual combo into ultra is c.lk,s.lk,c.mp,sjc U1. Great hit confirm to ultra from a low. The s.lk, c.mp link is the only difficulty.


Yes, it’s actually part of her hit confirm into ultra

Short -> Short -> c.strong xx SJC xx Burst Time

Edit: beat me to it


i know as far as usefulness goes viper players are sticking with ultra 1 but i gotta say, if you havent ended a match with the first hit of her second ultra you are missing out. it is the funniest thing :rofl:


Until someone tells me 1 thing U2 can do better than U1, I refuse to even acknowledge U2’s existence. I saw on Gfaqs the other day people were talking about how U2 made Viper better. It was laughable because none of them seemed to know anything about viper (like they didn’t know about mid screen BK ultra or SJC ultra) and they were just thinking “Hey viper has a new Herp Derp ultra. She must be so much better now.”


I have found 3 things U2 is better than U1 for:

  1. Discouraging fireballs (yes I know fireballs are not a big problem for viper, but it’s nice to have)

  2. lets you do burn kick spam because it’ll beat certain air to airs that usually beat burn kick, thus putting fear into the opponent when you go to the air, instead of easily beating the burn kick with good air normals

  3. The best use of Cammy/Fei counter ultra so far is to discourage burn kick mixup, so if they try to counter ultra one of your burn kicks, U2 will kick their ass.

All in all, I still think U1 is superior for reasons others have stated. That said, anyone who thinks U2 has absolutely no purpose is definitely selling it short.