C-vs-S 2 Dhalsim thread

Hey everyone…

Does anyone have any good tips, or combos for dhalsim??

Also, should he be used as a “poker” or fireball teleport, jumper with drills?

Any help would kick a$s :slight_smile:


lol so no one plays with dhalsim?.. must be no good then :frowning:

dhalsim is the shit

i think this is how they play delsiem .he starts up with a small fire ball and than follow it with a medium punch or high punch (one of them), you see if they row you can punch them with hp and if they jump over ,you can hit them with standing hk,basicly your playing a far distant game.and if they happen to jump to you ,you do you air super flame or ground flame if they a little farther from you.when ever they are close to ,you can throw them.

stop giving bad advice. IF anyone wants dhalsim advice, PM the masta!

I’m interested to see what Dhalsim strats can be thrown out. I haven’t put much time into him in this game. Standing forward and strong appear to be the best anti-airs. Kick drills are nothing great. Punch drill is better. Slides are ok. Short slide is good, but the other two are nothing special. Limbs are slower than usual, and have no priority (anyone watched that xerocrew Cammy vid. Ridiculous). Supers are good. Low punches good. I can’t add anything past that :confused:

All the japanese vids i have seen have sim in s-groove. Mainly abusing his short slide and tick-throw. Playing keep out with the infinite super towards the end game. Punish your opponent for jumping by 2xqcf+p. Punish your opponent for not jumping by 2xqcf+k. Repeat.

His bnb combo is fireball --> fierce (yes, it will combo from hella far away)

Also fireball --> foot up your ass!

All I can say on this subject is that they fucked up dhalsim BAD!!!HE really sucks in this game.END OF STORY:mad:Or can someone please prove me wrong:(

See my last post. I wont share my strats to anyone who is too lazy to PM me.

See some of my Dhalism strats on the “How to Kill Hibiki” thread. A lot of them generally work on the low tiers. I’ll probably add more to this thread later, particularly with regard to rushdown and top tier characters.

Yoga blaaaaaast!

DNA … keep it going. Forget what others say. I’m really considering if I should start playing Dhalism.

sweet stuff… anyone got combos for c, or n groove?

heh and Evil Rahsaan I allready PMed you, so you can’t tell me to do so again :stuck_out_tongue:


Grab them with the fp hitting them on the heads for several hits. That’s all the combo I know of for Dhalism. He’s just not really a combo person unless in A. But then I’m just new to Dhalism so anyone can feel free to prove me wrong.

I think dhalsim is funny to play with. He’s all over the place, looks like a goof and in a groove with run you cant beat his in looks (looks like a dhalsim tornado). All of the above was a major motivating factor for me using him. Im using A groove and having some fun in doing so the little ghetto slide combo and juggle i love.

some moves to abuse at least i think so. (unless i say to hold back don’t do it)

This is a good long range poke. I generally do a couple of these and end in a s.mp or more often the s.mk because this is a anti air for when they just get out of the l.wp poke stun. then after that i generally see what they do and act accordingly. if they whiff something i throw a fierce punch. if they jump i may jump and mp them or teleport backwards. if they roll then that isn’t too much of a worry for me unless it is iori’s roll.

wk slide
People will usually eat a couple of these before they actually do something and then that is the time i book it to the other side of the screen with like a teleport. a good little thing to have fun with.

good to do after a l.wp if they try and jump and stuff it keeps them grounded.

fireball wp or fp
I either like it fast or slow no in between because it isn’t much of a diff anywayz i think.

yoga noogie
A good long reach throw to abuse plus decent damage.

ill write some more later granny has to use the phone. adioso people

Jesus loves you all with an everlasting love.:smiley:


im back guys my granny finally got off the phone with her friend.

continued strats and moves i like…

i like this because it is a quick poke unlike most of his others so i like to dash and either noogie them to death or ill put this out once or twice if it is in range and it keeps me safe.

all the rest of his moves you know what they are for like s.fp to connect after a fireball. s.rh for anti air far away a back+mp for close which sucks but hey at least he has something.


HAHAHAHA that is funny dhalsim and combos that is like saying how can i make zangief fast.

…ummm that is all you got really outside of a groove
you can do the weak punch fireball and connect it with another one of his long reaching pokes but that is about it.

A groove you have some but mainly the 32 hit slide combo with the air yoga blast at the end
32 wk yoga slides–>downback+rh(his not sliding trip)–>back+mp–>2 qcf+k

there are some other variations of this that don’t involve the juggling but that is about it and all do about the same damage

im still learning dhalsim but that is what i got from him in the biginning stages of playing him which are the basics i think most people should learn.

Jesus loves you all and is just a prayer away. :smiley:


P groove Dhalsim is just insane…Parry to Punch Throw. Disgusting. Theres a Video of some guy playing P-Kyosuke, Dhalsim(2),Zangief somewhere on goforbroke hub - it really is sick.

Do anyone got any CC’s for Dhalsim?:slight_smile:

crouching low kick until in a corner then crouching roundhouse holding back and then standing roundhouse holding back (knee) until time runs almost out and then you do his qcf+qcf+k super.

capcom really messed up sim, but he is still decent. u can rushdown with his head drill and slides. Sim has a few links like c.b+f, df.lk, into super and some more. use his b+strong as an antiair and abuse his teleport if u r gettting rushed down, many people 4get about this.

I assume by ‘Capcom mess up Sim’ you mean he isnt top tier? Or that you might have to think to ue him. Shock horror, a character that isnt just autopilot…I think Ill just go sit down. Its all too much for me.