C-vs-S 2 Dhalsim thread

start the CC with two cr.HP first… about 1000 more dmg at least.
dont really need those knees at the end actually… at the end of the crouching LK series just switch to cr.HK sweep once, then cancel into yoga blast.
very easy cc with decent damage… ken-style

any suggestions for anti air

I prefer leaving off the high punches and just going to the corner and start the kneeing because it does more damage and if you get the person in the corner fast enough you can easily get 2 or 3 of them off. I also find it less likely to botch the super from the knee.

for Anti-Air you have a few options. The safest is zone better so you don’t have to worry about it and just roundhouse them. If they do get in close and you need an antiair you can do his air yoga flame (hcb+k) but its kinda slow. Safest bet is hold back and jab.

after the jab he still lands close enough to attack. not sure what to do in this situation

hmm depends on who it is… size of their attacks. but against Ken for example Dhalsim sends him far enough away that unless he shoots a hadouken there’s not much you need to worry About immediately.

who are you playing against and what attack are they doing in the air?

some guy used a groove dhalism…kicked my ass with this very complex cc
…i think it was 3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk ,3mk , 3mk,3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk ,3mk , 3mk,3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk ,3mk , 3mk,3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk, 3mk ,3mk , 3mk xx yoga blast

he’s too good for me…i wish i could pull some tite shit like that off

heres a C dhalsim combo i saw on a vid once

crouching db.fierce, lk slide XX lvl2 yoga ground thingy, yoga flame, lvl yoga air thingy

sorry, i cant remember which buttons were which for the yoga supers

Yes, it’s kinda weird that his crouching db.fierce links into lk slide.

I think that most would agree that N is Dahlsim’s best groove. Do you think it would be worthwhile to play him in C Groove? The ability to run seems very important to his pressure game, but the other characters on my team (in particular Gief) I like to keep in C Groove, because he’s a lot more powerfull when he can sit on a lvl 3 super. Can anybody offer some help with this?

I play him in C, but I like lvl 2 cancels & I’m a defensive player. C is probably not the best groove for him, but it’s certainly not the worst. I could see K Sim being a hoss.

I play K sim. A good trick in a c or p groove is to tigerknee motion the teleport. this gets you off the ground enough to where they can’t throw you but you get a free super/throw. also if you time it right and you teleport at a certain height you can do fp coming down then do standing fp super.

just to let you guys know, Dhalsim have a bad ass C groove combo.

Corrner, 1Hk, Lvl2 qcfx2 k, qcb Hk, Qcfx2 lk.

or if their in the corrner and they try to upper cut and wiff, qcbHK then the combo i just said ommiting 1hk

I think having counter attack is pretty important especially against A groove. Sim has an exceptional counter attack. Small jump is pretty useless as is air block. I also like tactical recovery, level 2 cancels, dash, & being able to roll so that’s why I like C.

I would say his best grooves in a non-rc environment would be

CNKAPS, but that’s just me.

I think C > N because tactical recovery, level 2 cancels, dash, air block, & not broadcasting your supers > small jump, safe fall, & run.

I’m sorry but the lag at the end of the teleport makes it completely useless in almost any situation. It’s strictly to get out of traps, or avoid being chipped to death and even then it’s just plain ass.

I still think he’s best in A considering how hard it is to land his supers in C (except maybe the level 3). He has a few gimmicks in the corner into activation. If you knock them down, do a meaty flame from a couple of steps away, if they try to retaliate they’ll usually get hit and you can activate into db HP, Knee, Yoga blast X 6, Headbuttx3(2 hits each time), then qcfx2+k. This does about 8000 damage which isn’t too shabby for sim and it’s pretty easy to land.

You can also do the meaty flame from closer up into kneexxflame which is decent guard crush. This might prompt them to jump at which point you nail them with yoga blast into the CC of your choice.

I guess some of this can apply to C since you can super off of the flame/blast, but for ease of use I can’t see it beating A.

As for a stupid gimmicky trick, here’s one. Do a deep blocked drill at their feet, then go into the air taunt just off the ground (I’d say tigerknee it but there’s no motion :slight_smile: ) then go for throw. Next time when they think they’ve wisened up go for activation/super/whatever. Use at your own risk, good for one try only :smiley: .

Here’s the most damaging combo I’ve found for him outside of A groove:

(Corner) j. b.FK, big kneexxMP flame, super yoga flame

I think it’s around 11000 points of damage.

I agree with Duck, teleport sucks. Dhalsim does not have a hard time connecting with supers. Granted it would be easier to connect a custom combo, but I don’t think that fact makes him better in A. I play him in C & connect with a lvl2 or 3 much more than not. Most of the time if you have a lvl2 or 3 & you get jumped on, you can connect with a super. I say most cause of course it can be parried, jd’d, or possibly hit by another super. And who doesn’t jump on Sim? EVERYONE. What are they gonna do, try to hit his limbs? Laf.

But I play a defensive Sim & don’t ever combo into his supers. His supers are awesome for defense. If you’re all about trying to get a big exciting combo that can only be done in the corner, more power to ya. But if you end up playing a really good rushdown player or a really good player for that matter, you are not likely gonna be getting a huge combo on them. Duck, pretty cool using the air taunt like that, deserves style points if you can land it without getting smacked.

ok i’m too lazy to read through the whole thread, and i get off work soon, so here are some quick random things:

b+mp is godly anti air for people who are directly above you, or like a b/d+mp distance. past that range, u should use b+mk. if they’re like half a screen away, then use st.rh (but only if u know it’s gonna hit. ).

his little slides are fuckin annoying. they recover pretty quick, so u can do it like 2-3 times in a row. short slide recovers real quick…

his qcfx2+p can be used as anti air, if they already attack in the air, ie. if they lose trip guard.

cr.mpx2 links. if u’re fast u can buffer a super after.

some strings i do, even if they’re short:

cr.hp, mk slide
short slide, cr.mk into fireball.

sad to say, his best combo seems to be cr.mp/mk, into fireball.

  • oh yeah, the crouching normal moves are meant to mean d/b.

maybe i’ll post more later…

Dhalsim can combo an anti-air back+ jab (or any other bufferable normal hitting them out of the air, use whatever antiair works) into level 1, 2, or 3 super upflame (the kick super). Standing strong is iffy because the super will whiff if they go too high in the air.

Also many people don’t realize Dhalsim’s got a crossup forward kick (back+forward). If you mix your drills (forward/RH/fierce) with just jump or superjump b+forward, you will get this to land in real matchs, everyone falls for it. The best thing to do after that it blocked is to grab, but if they get hit combo into super. Air block actually does help Dhalsim a lot.

Crouching close fierce, short slide will combo. Also crouching close fierce, activate, short slide for A groove.

Counter hit crouching jab/strong, free super/custom.

Sim’s best AA is the slide. it’s not used to hit them in the air, just to slide under their attack.

It’s ok, I wouldn’t say his best. It gets nailed by lots of crossups. I’d say say his s hk or s mk are his best far away aa & sb mp & sb lp are best aa for up close. That’s generally what I used most, but certain characters require different aa of course. Super/cc is better aa than all if you have it.