C3 9/2 monthly results thread

3S singles (23 players):

1 - exodus (DU)
2 - shinshay (CH/KE)
3 - eric ‘ramza’ kim (MA)
4 - deviljin (IB)
5 - rockman (UR)
5 - MOD (OR)
7 - epsilon (DU)
7 - ultradavid (Q)
9 - nastradamus (UR)
9 - mdphil (KE)
9 - rugal b (KE)
9 - 10x (KE)

glad to see lots of new faces this past weekend! props to nas and jaton for making their way up, something like a 5 hour drive. c3 welcomes back MOD, ultradavid, and ciddypoo, from japan/london/cali respectively. the singles tournament had a lot of hype and rivalries…rugal b had a strong showing with his patient cvs2 ken (pulling an amazing comeback on ciddy), shinshay vs deviljin, the highly anticipated rematch-to-end-all-talks match (where eric swept dj 5-0, ouch), and the battle of the dudley crown (which i stole for myself cuz im a greedy whore). overall, another great c3 tournament. hopefully me winning with dudley will make people realize that it’s not always about whoring top tier, and inspire them to try harder, bettering their play to win with the characters they love.

3S teams (24 players):

1- team xbox live
nastradamus (UR), ciddypoo (CH), exodus (YU)

2- team ultra
reljin (RY), sir jiggles (DU), ultradavid (Q)

3- team lugnuts
geno (KE), younghav (YA), shinshay (YU)

4- team randomza kimmicks 'r us
umthrfkr (AL), rugal b (KE), eric kim (MA)

5- team damn guilty gear players
johnny rainbow (Q), lol (IB), victor salmon (CH)

5- team we ate her ALIVE
miyagishin (EL), 10x (KE), epsilon (YU)

7- team roasted mancock
renegade (CH), jaton (AK), rockman (UR)

7- team c. fierce trifecta
MOD (OR), mdphil (KE), deviljin (IB)

once again, 3S teams was a fun ass event. the twist this time around was, all teams were randomly generated, and all seeds were randomly generated for the bracket. 8 teams total, 8 seeded players were spread apart amongst the teams, everyone else was drawn from MY PANTS. a lot of down to the wire matches and a lot of beasting and a lot of ibuki taunts!

thanks to everyone who came out, we love you all <3

damn, sounds like a very fun time. sorry i couldnt make it, last minute things got ahold of me.

Good stuff, guys. This tourney was definitly worth the drive… even though I woke up at 5:30am and didn’t get home till 6:00 am X_X lol. Seeing so much variety really got me back into 3s.
But wtf? I didn’t get put in the ggxx tourney:annoy: …lol, nah it was kind of my fault. I knew it started but I was having too much fun in 3s to see why they didnt call me -_-. ggxx cassuals were fun though. Eddie ftw?

PsiPhi- It was good seeing you again. You should come back to blacksburg/roanoke sometime. And keep up that May :tup:

Rockman- Finnally made it! Good to finnally play you offline. Those Urien mirrors where too nice… we always have something crazy happen in our matches, lol. Urien > 3s. But yeah you were right, xbox -> ps2 screwed me over at first. It took me a while to adjust. I started to get it down later, but I still missed a lot of easy stuff (ibuki midscreen unblockble? lol).

Deviljin- Good stuff with that Ibuki :tup: Our first few games I kept trying to low parry when you throw out high attacks, lol.

Exodus- Nice duds! props for playing him the whole tourney. And thanks for winning me some money, lol.

Shinshay- Good to finnally meet/ play you in person. Those red parries were nice.

Ultra David- Good match in that team tourney, it was mad tense:sweat: . That Q is too nice, keep it up.

good tourney, i played horribly all day though. eh everyone has bad days i guess, gg’s to all i played. and nice meeting ultradavid.

aaron-we ate her. ALIVE.

eric lee- blocking > ibuki

grant-good seeing u again

khang-um good shit i guess, but i still hate u.

eric kim/pat- OWWW MY LEGS!!!1 wickerman > all.


Now for the only results that matter.

DevilJin01 vs Havoc Popeye’s Chicken Match

3 Matches in 3S, CvS2 and MvC2 each.

Havoc- 6
DJ- 3

Highlights- DJ jumps out to 3-0 lead, raping Young Hav in 3S. Hav tried to random that shit up, but got out-randomed completely.

Havoc then responds with a sweep in CvS2. DJ almost randoms out one win, but DownBack > Random in CvS2. Hav turtles to victory to force MvC2 tie-breaker!

Hav rapes MvC2 3-0 with shitty Team Scrub, shittier MSP and shittiest Santhrax.

Loser had to buy winner 3 piece meal at Popeye’s. Keeping with the randomness, the meal came with an extra side! Red beans and rice x2. Unfortunately, Popeye’s caused itis that resulted in my poor showing in poker. A small price to pay, IMO.

Is there a Popeye’s in Durham?


damn the itis.

LMAO so it was the itis, dude was starting to drift off before he even lost all his chips. eric u stole my fuckin honey again, and khang u disgust me.

Yeah, good games to everyone last night. Good job to my teammates rel and grant, we went down to the wire on that. Great to see everyone again, the players here have gotten noticeably better since before the summer, especially MOD, who took 8 straight rounds from me in putting me in and taking me out of losers. Nice to meet all the guys I met, too. Good games to all of you, didn’t get to play some of you as much as I would have liked and didn’t get to play others at all, we gotta set up more stations for casuals next time. By the way, thanks to Khang for taking me home, that was super nice.

Also, man, that HSF2 was incredibly awful. I saw people playing it and was all, Oh dang! I haven’t played ST in like 6 months! That’s my favorite game, this’ll be great! Totally didn’t hit me that it was in fact not Super Turbo but rather that supercrap assortment of individually good games Capcom pooped out and decided to sell. And then I get in and it’s CE Bison, CE Guile, and then CE Guile, CE Bison. It was like a contest to see who could do down forward, sonic booms, scissor kicks, and psycho crusher the most. Whoever gets to scissor kicks forward kick unreasonable dizzy first, wins! Literally! Why, oh why, is Hyper still being used in tournaments? It’s too bad the ST characters aren’t all perfect, I agree, but the messy Super Turbo you can play on Hyper is the same amount better over regular Hyper as corned beef is over scrapple. It was ridiculous.

no yun bullshit. what’s the problem now? :arazz: :lovin:

see, scrapple isn’t too bad. kinda like the black man’s Spam. good to see ya back David, you’re gonna have to introduce me to this “corned beef”.

Personally, I prefer scrapple over corned beef.

HSF is gay though. CE Bison is fun though. In a “wow, how did they let this get through” kinda way.

I started with ST Vega and HF Ryu, but then it hit me that I could pick Bison and breeze through a 2/3 set in 45 seconds and get back to more important shit.

Does this mean you can win a tourney with Ryu? :lol:

Weeeee shout out time

Young Hav - Best fucking match ever. and the popeyes was damn good. I knew DJ was in trouble when it went to marvel. Popeyes spicy was to sick.

PvP- Sick Alex man. Running that gauntlet on team tourney. I was definitely surprised to get elbowed into super through my EX ball. Wont do that again lol. Its the stick! Its the socks!

Epsilon and Sir jiggles- Good meeting you guys. Sick dudley action was taking place. Eps has a good Yun to. props to you guys

Rockman/Jose- Good seeing you and teh ownage stick again. And good rounds man. And good job on top 5 baby!

Edit: Almost forgot about Jhonny Rainbow/Mr.Gigas/Aku. good seeing you again and Bring me some bagels!

Kimmicks/Ramza/Eric Kim- still got makoto power. Stun those Duds! And you looked pissed at Juan (sp?) for running those double aces in poker. that shit was funny.

10x- man your funny as hell. you make me want to watch Saving Silverman again. keep that lowforward shoryu action going

Eric Lee/Shinshay- Thanks for raping me lol. I still got to work on my Chun Li match up. I swear sometimes I feel like I can’t use my normals or I am going to get low forwarded. good rounds and I’ll try to put up a decent fight next time lol. maybe I should switch chars but I like Oro to much.

Exodus/Khang- Who has the best Dudley!? Solid Dudley action ftw! corner combos that never end and sexy resets. your too solid as usual. good seeing you again.

Renegade/Robin- Thanks for holding C3 down as usual it was a really awesome tourney. Everything went smooth. C3 was prolly the best smelling sausagefest ive ever been to. props for that.

Ultradavid- Good chilling with you again. and God damn good rounds. And you were raping hardcore in Team tourney. Your Q is still the wreckzor. luckily though, I got that match up down now. Oh its on. Hit me up for some chillage some time. Ill see if I cant find a corned beef sandwhich so we can have a match sometime. Corned beeeeeeeeeef!

Nastradamus- Good seeing you in person and awesome rounds man! green Urien vs green Oro!. And you were doing crazy shit in team tourney as well. I hope you make it out to more events man.

DevilJin/GangstaCity and Shinmiyagi- You guys are punks as usual. good job to Shin for randoming me out in team tourney. Elenas hit box is stupid! and I will get you next time Deviljin. Just wait. muahaahahaha.

Marc G/gangsta- Good seeing you again man and on that ownage stick. Cool elena tactics and stealing that win off of khang. everyone was going crazy and shit.

Ciddy Poo- Solid Chun action and good streak in casuals. You just keep getting better and better.

Steve fucking Harrison,Xenozip and Snukums- hope you guys make it out to the next one.

Hopefully Ill be able to go down to NC then it will be on. Oro reppin ftw!

Anyone I missed had a great time and ill holla at you later.

Highlights: Getting an SS and parrying all of DevilJins faggoty SA1 right in his face. In your mouth DevilJin, in your mouth!

Argh, tired from work. Let’s just say it was great seeing all of you at C3. =]

omg the ONLY reason I played him the way I did is cause he checked blind. Put him on a low pocket pair, so when I hit my King I decided to go for it. ooh wells…didn’t play you at all i think MOD, but gs comin out.


GGXX/ Results:
1st - Shazay (SL, BR)
2nd - Masaka (BR, JA)
3rd - Eddie ‘Terminator’ Lopez (PO)
4th - Loli Lover (SO)
5th - Dizz Dan (DI)
5th - Deviljin (CH) ~ Lol?!

GGs everyone again.

Hopefully we’ll get more games in next time Masaka @_@

Pop’n is awesome, that is all.

Nice seeing all you guys again at C3…I did seek advice from David on my soon to be business venture and there will be some good things to come.

OGs David and Mike: you guys still own, I seriously want to learn old school again so I can be of some type of match for you guys. Also Mike, good shit in A3 with Karyn and sorry for the hop kicks, but I truly needed to find the answer for that low sweep. I guess it was too much zoning in 3S and not knowing the A3 foot range lol.

Eric K: nice shit owning my chun, I’ll have to brush on some of her play so I can be more solid next time around.

Rockman(Jose): Damn man, you scared me a few times with your urien when you beat my chun. I had too many missed hit confirms which I am brushing up on now. :tup:

MOD: nice seeing you again man, work on that oro some more and I’m sure that you’ll be doing the damn thing in no time.

Ultradavid: I wish I would’ve gotten the chance to play your Q again in tourey. It looks like you’ve improved your game alot from our casual match.

DeeJay (JB): good shit getting 4th. I really learned alot from playing your ibuki, hmmmm maybe i’ll start playing her who knows :).

Springfield mall crew: Chris/rainbow/gunflame/Crimson, nice to see you guys come through, hope you all had fun.

Leejin and co: nice seeing you guys come through and if you want to get better then you guys will have to watch vids,practice and keep attending tourneys.

Reljin,Rugal: Reljin, you need to practice with me for some nice Ryu battles, that will help you to improve your game. Rugal, good shit in 3S/CvS2. I’ll have to learn a different game as well so I can be just as good.

Ciddypoo: damn man, you know, after looking at the way you play chun, I swear that I was looking in a mirror. Only thing is that me and Khang agree that you have better hit confirm. :smile:

Jody: good shit in CvS2, but I’m still not going to play that crap lol.

Mark G: coming out of nowhere wtf, thanks for coming out old man lmao.

Exo: I still got a lot of work I guess, but man at least you’ve proven that your a true top player by playing duds and winning. Your knowledge, ability to adapt, and accuracy is just top notch. Well back to the training room.

Nastradamus and Jaton: thanks for coming up, it’s great to meet the person behind the name and I’m glad that you guys had a great time. Nice Urien setups too cause you put me in the jooks.

Epsilon: I wish we could’ve played some casuals cause I think that it would be fun to have a Yun mirror.

10x: got to love that team name.

Team lugnuts FTW err…3rd place.

A3 Results ( 8 people)

1st Eric Lee (V ken)
2nd Masaka (A Karin)
3rd Jody the Don (V Gief)
4th Renegade (X Chun)

AE Results (10 People)
1st Dave Wright (CE Dic, CE Guile, etc)
2nd Mike Creque (Cammy)
3rd Renegade (ST Boxer, ST Chun)
4th Eric Lee (CE Sagat)

Cvs2 Results (8 people)
1st Jody the Don
2nd Rugal B.
3rd Havoc
4th PVFP

wtf N-Ken was actually there? didn’t even see him