C3 9/2 monthly results thread

…what? N-Ken was there? How could I have missed him?!

Well this may sound stupid but I saw a guy there who looked like the guy in the AV that N-Ken has, but that didn’t look like N-Ken at least from what I remember. I went to the MD 3S thread and saw that BChan gave shout out to him saying that he didn’t talk much and so forth at the tourny. IMO I don’t think that was him, and I feel really dumb for being confused haha. Matter of fact I’ll edit that part from my post.

Actually, Dave got 1st in HSF2. I got 2nd.

Eric, great games as always! Hopefully Capcom Classics collection will be out soon so we can retire HSF2 and go back to good old ST. A3 was surprisingly fun. Not enough to make me start really playing it again, but it felt good to bust out Karin again after all these years.

Shazay great playing again. One of these days I’ll have an answer to Slayer that doesn’t involve playing a different character! I need to work on my yo-yo crossups a bit more.

Thanks to everybody for coming out to play. See you all next time!

good seeing everybody. Sorry for not being able to stay any longer.

the truth

good shit all and major props for nken being there without actually being there

Yeah, HSF2 is crap. Great seeing all the old gametime familiar faces and all that. Hey Ultradavid I feel your pain. Unfortunately as long as Hyper gets used, people will no doubt pick bison/guile/whatever, so eh, I just went with the flow.

Here’s a suggestion. I could run ST on either my xbox or my laptop if people would rather play that. All that’d be require is 2 ps2->usb or xbox convertors and we’d be good to go. I also want to know if anyone is interested in having it a 10$ tourney instead of just a 5. Lemme know what you all think for those who would still like to play the game!

Yeah…there was some dude there that some people could have mistaked for him but…it obviously wasn’t him. He had a totally different haircut and well…he just flat out looked different. Shout outs…

Shinshay: Good shit ousting me before losers’ finals in 3S. Chun really locks Ibuki out of her normal pressure game. Ducking under half of my good pokes really does suck and put the match in your favor. Yet, it’s a matchup I’ll definitely have to learn in the future. I see from playing that I obviously will have to fight her differently than I do other characters in order to win. Another person to play Ibuki mirrors with would be fun. :tup:

Exodus: Way to win with Duds. You definitely are the best of the Duds (for now) which is really good considering you’re already good with quite a few other characters. Really fun matches we had during the tournament and look forward to seeing more Dudley next tournament.

10x: Fun casuals we had. My Ibuki was getting a random winning streak against you and B Chun at like 2:30 in the morning. Gotta learn how to fight them shotos fo sho after Evo Vegas. Seems like you were having issues with your HRAP (not surprising). Good shit for ousting me in team tournament. See ya at the next tourney.

Eps: Nice Dudley stuff in the tournament. I feel like I could have easily lost that but that’s good. It shows that you definitely know a bit about the shinobi matchup. Still have to work on getting in at Dudley. He has a lot of options for keeping shit off of him as well.

Grant: Mo Duds plz. Fun stuff in tournament with Duds. I understand Ibuki’s a bitch but with practice I’m sure you’ll get it down. Try to stick to low blocking on the wake up and wait a bit before deciding to bust that EX uppercut. The shinobi takes damage like a bitch so she can’t afford to eat stuff like that on the wake up. I’m gonna be looking out for shit like that and you can save bar by looking to low block/tech a throw on wake up and find another opportunity to punish later. Work on those hit confirms as well.

BChan/Rel Jin: Good stuff playing you guys in casuals. Shotos FTW. BChan I liked that Denjin Ryu shit you pulled out there. Definitely got some cool setups. Sorry for the ninja being a ninja…she does that sometimes. Next time she might let you get a match in…or not. Heh. Maybe you guys can teach me some MVC2. Or not cuz that game scares me.

Ultra Dave: Nice to see you come back. Q is still very strong. You made peepz hella frustrated with that Q. Doing all that risky Q business to get your wins n shit. That’s how you gets it done with the inspecta. Gotta come out with some real alias shit ftw. He’s not a super solid character so generally at some point Q will have to take a risk to get some damage in. Luckily he has the defense power of an 18 wheeler so you can actually make those kinda risks. :cool:

Ciddypoo: More fun stuff with Chun. Chun is getting more solid these days. Hit confirms are scary for the shinobi…very scary. Your win streak during casuals was also hella nice. Just wouldn’t let people get in that ass. Definitely come with that hard shit next tournament and you’ll be up there in the top 5. :tup:

MOD: You’re trash. Parried TK’d SA1 and still lost. LOLz. Next time actually get a combo on me and you might win a round. Gangsta City. Good shit getting tied up for 5th though. Shows you got that Q matchup down. Definitely gotta get more casuals in even after playing nearly 100 matches Friday night. :razz:

Not so ultra David: Good shit to getting your boy Pat for hooking us up with a ride. That was hella nice seeing Koop was way too OG’d on Sat and getting to a tournament wasn’t too important. I guess he’s saving that cameo appearance for next tournament. :lol: Also good shit for ousting our team (well more so MOD) during the team tounament. Hit confirming on a pad = WTF. Elena is good shit. b+HK always wins vs. Oro.

Mark G: I know he doesn’t post but he’s too damned gangsta to not post. Good shit looking like me again in the tournament and good shit in beasting on Exodus in casuals (ok…it was only one match but it was hype) with the naked black girl in 3S. Way too OG for Exo.

Renegade: Always fun to learn new stuff from you and Rugal B in a game I suck at (CVS2). I think I’m about done with P groove now. It actually works on everything except anyone that’s good and anyone with half a brain that uses A groove. If you pick A groove…I’m going N groove on your ass. Fuck that A groove shit. :lol:

MD Phil: It’s ok to get frustrated but at some point you gotta take your game to the next level. Fun to have you on our team during team tournament. You actually did surprisingly well during teams. I played like shit all through teams. You still have a bit ahead of you with your Ken but it’s all a matter of learning your matchups and solidifying your game. Still need to work on those hit confirms. Just get in training mode and practice that shit all the fucking time. Hell…practice against the CPU if you have to. Short short super should come out just about everytime with practice. Low forward super is more difficult but with practice you should start getting more consistant with it as well. Work on those footsies as well.

PVFP/MVP of the night/It’s the stick and the shoes: Good shit OCVing like 34208938420 teams during team tournament. Alex was on fucking fire. Too good. Next tournament you’re gonna be on your own team after that kind of rape. Way too powerful even by yourself. Unfortunate to not make top 5 after that strong showing but it definitely shows that you’re on your way up in 3S. Besides…there’s always poker. :tup:

Xbox Live peepz: Good shit seeing you guys comes out. Good to meet you in person Jaton. You real chill and good shit repping the Chun Li pad. Peepz don’t know about that. Custom stick did a good job collecting dust. I’m sure you’ll appreciate your new Japanese custom style stick. I think they’re the best for console tournaments. Nas…good shit getting to play offline finally. Your Urien can pull off some nice charge partitioning shit. Yeah…a good way to lose to Ibuki is to parry low. Just block low and save yourself the trouble. ** LeeJin **good to meet you as well. Didn’t get to see you play during the tournament but I heard you raped Shinshay in Mortal Kombat 2. How’d you guys do in 3S? Don’t worry about XBL SRK mama drama. Everyone says some bullshit on there and peepz would never dare to take any of that shit to an offline match. XBL is just fun so the whole drama thing is just there to make it seem more hype than it really is. Just have fun and remember that if you want serious…C3 is where it’s at.

Anyone who I forgot to shoutout…my bad…I’m shouting out at like 4 in the morning and doing way too much shouting out for this time of the morning any ways. Good thing I have the day off today. Nothing like not being able to go to sleep after a good day of real life drama. Russian girls with attitudes FTW. Not even the shinobi could handle such power. Oh and MOD I left my cell phone charger in your bag. I need a new fuckin cell phone. My bootleg Motorola is ass. I’m surprised it still works. I want fucking MP3 tones dammit!

Oh and LOL at myself for tying for 5th in Slash. There must have been a low turnout for Slash for me to get within top 5. I have an idea of how to play but until I learn how to air throw I’m still fucked. Ok…I’m still fucked even then but god damn someone teach me how to fuckin air throw in that game. :lol:

Well, Alex was on fire till he got to team lugnuts. I just find it interesting that Pats team almost OCV’d the two teams that took them out. :lol: Jk. Can’t wait for the next one. 3S teams are fun as hell.

Sounds good. I have 2 xbox converters.

yo mad props to everyone

5 hour game of poker…hot shit.

once again i goota step my game up .
big ups to my team in the team tournamnet , ultra david and jiggles held that shit down . im gonna work on my ryu so next time i can take more of the heat off of you guys.

Deviljin - good shit wit your ibuki …i might have to learn how to play her so i know how to fight that check. crazy mix ups.

khang …damn your such a scrub…nah just kidding good shit man

Eric goo shit playing third strike at liek 5 in the morining waiting for poker to end

and to everyone else good shit see yall next time

Good shit at c3 yet again. I have to start playing these games. Too much shit goes down not to.

Who ended up winnning Poker?

Good shit to everyone need to learn and play more.

Okay, real shout-out time:

Renegade: Great tourn again, as usual. I’m kinda kicking myself that this is only my second C3 this Summer. =(

UltraDavid: It was great meeting you again(I met you at that one AnimeFX tourn), but this time actually talking to you, haha. I wanna say thanks for the Q advice and I’ll definitely be sure to keep what you said in mind. It’s a shame I couldn’t get that bagelmatch in against you; maybe next time though. Good shit on 2nd in the Team Tourns, btw.

Shinshay: Good to see you again, and it was especially funny seeing you play against PVP in Team Tourns. “Yeah! How you like that? Yeah you like that?! …aw, random random…”

Grant/Sir Jiggles: Great seeing you again as well. Your Dudley got way better…augh. =(

Eric Kimmicks/razamataz: Good to see you there as well. Was it you that managed that random Hoyoukusen-halfway-miss?

Deviljin: You and your Ibuki. It’s like magic I tells ya. haha

Rel_jin: I think I faced your Ryu during Teams. Good shit good shit. Cool to meet you. =)

10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10: Great to see you too, ya fuckin’ show-off. haha

PVP: REMATCH PLEASE. I can’t let that OCV slide. =(

MOD: Great to see you too after…what, four months? Jeez. Remind me to get you some bagels if we ever meet up again. haha

Exodus: Great to finally meet you and see you play in person. How crazy!

Cockman: Roasted Man Cocks were too much for me, it seems. =(((

Nastradamus: I think I played against your Urien during casuals. Really good stuff there, and shows I have a lot to learn fighting Uriens.

Ciddypoo: I managed to sneak some peeks at your Chun. You’ve definitely improved I gotta say. Sucks I couldn’t face you. Maybe next time~

Mark G’sus: …what else can be said that hasn’t already been? Perhaps he didn’t win the match because he couldn’t bust out his Healing miracles.

Team “Damn Guilty Gear Players”, especially Ek even if he doesn’t post here: Good stuff. Even if it was all completely random we did good for what we could. Ek’s Ibuki and his silly-ass ten taunts on Jose…too much hype.

b1gazn: Yo dude, should’ve stuck around some more, even if you were high off your ass, haha. the truth

…okay that’s what I can remember for now. D:


Yeah PVFP spilled his rapesauce hardcore. nastay!

And DevilJin - I did win a round. 1 round. not the parry round. But 1 round. And i did get a combo on you sort of kinda yeah. Shut up!!!

billy, i did what now?:wtf:

Hmmmmmmmm, I guess you weren’t the one then. I remember that it DID happen, I just forget who played Makoto. D:

ah i remember now. it was me vs ciddypoo, the back fierce into sa2. i was kinda lazily looking away while it happened so by the time the last kick came out i couldn’t react in time and just blocked instead.

Hav: Thanks for the ride.

UltraD: bitch slap to SAI = win

Johnny Fuckin Rainbow: I was lookin’ for that Q OCV. Doesn’t matter, Jump fierce stand foward rush punch super was fuckin’ sick.

MOD: Holy shit, your Oro has reached ill status. Keep that shit up. Be on my 3s team next time.

CiddyPoo: Chun skills like whoa, nuff said. It seems like you aren’t playing scared anymore, and you got your kara throws like 100%. You’re getting top 5 next time.

Epsilon: Team we ate her alive is coming back for the next c3. Your Yun > my Yun. Learn that top tier whore and let’s take the next tourney fo’ real. KamnamanyehHAAAAA!

MDPhil: Break the wrist and walk away.

Grant: I never see you at these tourneys anymore. There’s always next month.

Shinshay: “How you gonna order some apple juice?” pauses for a while “I’ll have an apple juice.”

Steve: Pop’n’music is awesome. I’m picking that up.

Shaz/DooRagBuri: I’ll play GG in NC, promise. I’m horribly out of practice and don’t really know any combos.

I have a lot more shout outs probably. But y’all know who you are. Piece.

…OH NOOOOOO, we lost 10x to Pop’n. =(

j/k, Pop’n Music is cool. I just wish the songlist wasn’t 80% cutesy 20% pretty cool. IIDX is better in my opinion.