C3 April Warm-Up Challenge Results SF4/TVC/3S

thanks everyone for coming out and showing support

it was good to see us have more people than brawl for once

and thanks to everyone who helped run the brackets

SF4 double elim (Top 3 Split)

  1. Chillin (sagat)
  2. Omni (rufus)
  3. Eric V (honda/sagat/ryu/rufus/balrog)
  4. Rugi (akuma)
  5. Shinku (ryu)
  6. paramisery (gief)

TVC round robin

  1. Eric V (Zero+Morrigan/T.Blade+Morrigan)
  2. G-Reg (Polymar+Ippatsuman/PTX)
  3. Omni (Roll+Yatterman1)
  4. Chillin (Polymar+JoeC)
  5. KetchyKech (T.Blade+Doronjo)

3S round robin

  1. Eric V (Chun/Yun)
  2. Cybergod (Chun)
  3. Jaguar (Ken/Dudley)
  4. Rugi (Ryu)


-g-reg goes undefeated in tvc until losing in finals to eric v
-chillins crazy comeback vs jag sagat vs rog in sf4
-rugi/jag play 3s solid all tourney
-omni defeats eric v in a super close rufus mirror

thanks to all the newcomers for coming out, its nice to see some new faces

i hope to see everyone come out for the last sf4 major MTG, lets help support the md/va scene this april 24-25

Did only 4 people enter 3s?

Cmon all.

Ashame I couldent go.

The fuck? What characters don’t you play rofl :rofl:

no, it was a round-robin of everybody that was there.
comon ken in black you sayin i cant place top 5 in 3s?!?!?!

Ketchy Kech ** is the name :P!! haha it was my first tourney ever, i had alot of fun, thanks to all ~

oshi keninblack says your free in third shit.

MM him, and make him wear a dress next time if he loses.

damn good shit omni for taking #2!

wish i coulda came been busy and just got back from vacation, i need to get my fix before ssf4 comes out.

shit i was so tired :frowning: NEXT WEEK THOUGH

I was tryna go but needed a place to stay after. Look at your texts free :(.

How did a 3 way split happen in a double elim bracket. Who was in winners/losers?

me and omni were in winners, eric v was in losers

i totally woulda whooped omnis ass tho

they were lazy and didn’t want to play the tourney out.

omni/chillin were in winners, and eric v was in losers

“yo omni lets just split cuz its gettin late. ill let u take 1st cuz im scared of your rufus”


technically, omni kinda too first place. quote on quote

does the chu dat dance


Good stuff everyone…cant wait to see you guys hold it down @ M.T.G.!!!

Lets go MD/VA!!!

@ Magman I got a new num so check pm ill send it there homie

No I am not saying that!

I just wish more people played this game. :frowning:

I dont wanna do MM’s. I would do MM’s if the guy who wants too MM is full of himself, and rugi is not that.

Hopefully come MTG I can get far with Dudley.

I am playing Dudley rush down in SSF4 ^^

also guys West coast Warzone 2 has been streamed since yesterday and starts up in a couple hours just an fyi I think its top 8 in singles today last night was teams

http://www.justin.tv/wcwarzone#r=hf9PrrI~ here is link

lmao. free is too much. but you guys are the ones that let him get away with it. SMH:shake::shake::shake:

I see.

See you in top 8 in SSF4 then. :smiley:

you would’ve had a ball if you came, the forced round robin had alot of people playing 3s. Maybe next time I see you at bobby’s I’ll let you run all over me with dudley :frowning:

Well hopefully Eric knows to run 3s round robin next C3 that isnt a major. >.>

RIGHT V?!?!?!?!?

Anyway… I will play ya at bobbys sure. Idk when I can go though, lol I probably wont beat you but we will see how it goes.