C3 Co-Op VA team tourney results


Thanks to everyone who came out and displayed their skills this weekend, saw a lot of good stuff once again and congrats to all the placers!

Now for some resuts:

SF4 2v2 teams results Top 5

  1. Eric Kim(Sagat)/Ludovic(Chun)
  2. Steve H(Sagat)/Mamation(Bison)
  3. Rugi(Akuma)/Omni(Rufus)
  4. Good Grief(Zanief)/Anthony(Balrog)
  5. DevilJin(Viper)/BBhood(Ryu)**EricV(Akuma)/Magneto Maniac(Chun)

MVC2 2v2 teams results Top 5

  1. Pablo/Vidness
  2. Victor/Slogan
  3. Eric V/Magneto Maniac
  4. JusJeff/Anthony
  5. SpacemanSpiff/MasterCrash**RugalB/Bchan

Blaze Blue teams results Top 3

  1. JusJeff/MasterCrash
  2. Anthony/SpacemanSpiff
  3. Team MD Blaze Blue (names please)

SO again I cant help but stress to everyone the importance of attending Season Beatings 4 in Ohio in about months…DAIGO will be on american soil once again to take on any challengers…also I believe he will be playing Jwong in an exhibition match that should be EPIC!

For more info check here:


And next months title line up will be the following:

SF4 3v3 Teams and Singles tournaments:looney:

MVC2 3v3 Teams and Singles tournaments:lol:

STHD Singles tournament :lovin:

Hope to see everyone there!


BB turn out, bad?


small turnout this month but thats mostly because of the onslaught of majors the last few weeks.

Mahvel is that CRACK


you didnt even get close to winning anything V


Those results don’t make sense.

If Steve/Jeremy lost to Eric/LUD in winners semi finals, they’d go directly to the 5th place match.

Ric and I lost to them in losers, how’d we place below 5th?

Eric V brackets… they’re all in his head!


Whatchu know about smash


Horrible :bluu: The losers finals/grand finals were insane though. Jeff and MasterCrash were 1 hit from getting knocked out so many times and they kept it together. Too bad we were back in that corner and nobody was watching :looney:

MDBB was HBRD/Reioumu, by the way.


who are Jeff and Crash. were they at last c3?


My only gripe with C3 is that it needs to start on time. If I knew it’s gonna be 2 hours before it starts I’d like to get something to eat beforehand. Seriously. All the other tournaments I’ve been to (included ran) start on time. No need to make exceptions. Not trying to hammer you Eric since your a chill dude. Other than that as a whole it was nice to see some new and old faces. Thanks to those who allowed both myself and Max their controllers. We’re stuck with PS3 peripherals so it really means a lot. :china:

Good games to those I played.

BTW can we get full results?



haha,i think its cuz the turnout was so low this month,it was hard to run simultaneous games because everybodys teammate was playing something else.

same shit happened to me though,i was watching winners finals in mvc2 and was like…:wtf:?i…never got sent to losers…something is CLEARLY not right here,:rofl:

Jusj3f and mastercrash.and yes.

MD had top 3 for blaz…and people say nobody here plays,:rofl:
ive got the best players in the area as friends and people to learn from,:rofl:

EXIST,thanks for the hypest tourney match ive had to date.
im so flattered you coutnerpicked me after i won that round,:encore:
imma scrape you next time though,dont forget the bastard student tradition!:rofl:you aint SHIT,Valencia!

i cant believe i almost forgot how hype DAT MAHVEL IS!
slogan.GS to you too man,i know i dont get to play you often,but our match was gdlk too.:china:

NEXT C3 me and keninblack are gonna teamup as “does your clockw0rk??”:rofl::rofl:


so what was the character makeup of top3 in BB.

and how much not-SF4 was going on? Any GG or MB? …KOF12?

and cool on HDR next month.


I definitely didn’t do well, so I gotta practice and level up for next time.

Good stuff to everyone that I played and to my partner.

I like coming to C3s I just wish they weren’t sooooo long, I think everyone just needs to stay on top of their matches and everything should be faster.


ragna tager tao and…


might get back into marvel…mega man touched the city.


Guys wanna add KOF next month singles?


NOPe. Kof will slow us down and have a worse attendance rate then BB. Since there were no bb people this month. Just Sf4 and marvel sounds about right. and since we’re doing singles and 3v3 sf4 then we need as much time as we can get.

Good shit to everyone at c3. First c3 im not totally disappointed at my performance. I went like 4-2 or something like that. and my partner doesn’t really play too much sf4 so i had to make top 8 by myself basically. (if i made top 8)

I know exactly what to work on this time too, and with Umbc fight nights, i’ll defintley be ready by next c3.

Im too hungry for sf4 man.


UMBC fight nights? I need to find a way to get there.

Had fun. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice in between matches. I’ll be doing my best to improve.


What’s stopping you from eating before you go? Seriously.

no tournaments start on time. ever. I don’ t know what tourneys you go to.

Just show up and play casuals if need be.


Lol godlike!

Anyway awesome that we are doing singles, hopefully that means it will run smoother.


And no, no KOF12… if anything we should be rocking 3s.



no tournament ever start on time

include the one that I run by myself weekly lol


top 3 blazblue team characters were the such

  1. Bang/Ragna
  2. Tager/Taokaka
  3. Rachel/Bang