C3 Cyberclub in VA presents sponsorship to EVO 2006

You heard right folks. There has been alot of buzz about certain establishments sponsoring players to go to Evo 2k6. But there hasn’t been concrete plans set out. No one knows for sure what games or even if they are going through with it.

Enter C3 Cyberclub.

**Prize: One player for Tekken 5 and one player for Street FIghter 3: third strike will recieve a package to sponsor their trip to Evolution 2006. **

This includes a total of $500, to be used for:
1)Plane Ticket (around 300)
2)Registration for Evo + the tourney you qualified for
3) And cash for lodging will be the remainder.


There will be 3 tournaments between now and Evolution to decide who gets the prize. The first is saturday, 6/10


The second is the Mid Atlantic Regional on 7/1 - 7/2


And the third will be on date to be determined after EVO east and EVO itself is announced. Most likely the last weekend of july/ early august

Sounds great, how do I win?

Well, by attending the 3 tourneys (of course), points are awarded for how well you place. Point are awarded as follows

Points= (#of entrants * 100/ place in tourney)

So if you placed 2nd in a tourney of 40 people, you get 2000 points.

If someone recognizes this as the old APEX point system, yes it is. APEX was ruined by crappy reporting, but the actual point awards were fine. It was also the only readily available system that scales with # of participants.

So there you have it.

Are there any conditions??

Why, yes there are.

–Players already sponsored for Evo through another organization cannot
be sponsored by C3

–C3 official apparel (t shirt or hat, will be provided no cost) must be worn while at the Evo tournament.

–Prize will be awarded as a 500$ total, with the registration for Evo
and Plane ticket pre paid, and the rest to go toward lodging.

–Player must attend evo to accept prize. If circumstances are that a
player who wins cannot attend evo, the prize will be awarded in full
to the next placing player

–finishers are recommended, but not required, to attend evo east, to
qualify for the evo semi finals.


Do I have to be resident of VA/MD to qualify?

No, but attending all 3 tournaments is most likely required to achieve the top ranking. In that, VA/MD residents may have an edge, living closer and all.

Is there any increase in fee, or decrease in prize money?

No. These tournaments will have the same venue fee, and award the same prizes as before.

Why tekken and not GGXX/ ?
Tekken has large turnouts in MD/VA’s past, and GGXX/'s team format makes it cost prohibitave to sponsor an entire team.

What if there is a tie?

in that case, the prize will go to the winner of the last head to head match. If in some really rare reason that the two players have not played yet in the series, a head to head match will be played best 4 of 7 games.

Good to see that others are taking a vested interest in their patrons by giving back. If you need that extra Gamecube and SSBM, I will gladly bring it. Let me know.

Sounds great too bad I can’t come :sad:

I’m down for this.

Me and snuk will attend!!!