C3 June justice results

Street Fighter 3 Next Generation

Better than 1st kikin (heihachi mishima)
1st Kimmicks(makoto-secret char.)
2nd Eric Lee(ken,ryu)
3rd Epsilon(ken,dudley)
4th Rockman (urien)
5th Steve(chun)
5th 10x(ken,yun)
5th pvFp (pink sean)
5th eric v (puffball chun)

Capcom vs Snk 2

1st Steve (k-sagat,camy,blanka)
2nd Epsilon( c-guile,ken,sagat)
3rd Rockman(A-silver surfer,the thing,invisible woman)
4th PVFP (r4 S-Yun,r4 N-dan)
5th Renegade (C-vega,blanka,bison)
5th Eric V (A-todo,ken,sagat)

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st Eric V (cablex3)
2nd PVFP (spiderman,venom,marrow)
3rd Eric lee (servbot,psylocke,guile)

Super Turbo

T-1st Gianna Michaels (36DD)
T-1st Steve H (ryu)
2nd Eric Lee (ryu,o.sagat)
3rd Renegade(Boxer)
4th Kikin (claw)

But pvFp would have gotten 1st if he entered

Guilty Gear Accent Core II

1st rabitEcake (testament)
2nd Damian (aba)
3rd Shazey (slayer)
4th Dan (pot.)
5th pvFp (reptile)
5th eric v (noob saibot)


only i lost money thanks to kikin

Next tourney 07/07/07:tup:

Oh shit, Eric Kim on the rampage. And good shit to 10x. I wish I coulda been there.

And Shinshay finally made it to C3. Damn. I wish I coulda been there.

wtf, this shit is craaaazy, way to lose to ho Pat after making it your lifes work to shit in his wheaties.

gs to eKim and eLee and aBlack.

good games guys, lots o fun

  1. Jammie (TEST)
  2. Damian (ABA)
  3. His name is “D” and thats all you need to know (POT, AXL)
  4. Mulligan (JAM, HOS)
  5. The Angry White (KY)
  6. Sharazl Beam (SLAYER, BRIDGET)

My favorite moment is the first round with me vs steve. We were both in crouching back position for the first 10 seconds…maybe more.

anyway, i totally brought super turbo puzzle edition and no one played :confused:

Good games everyone, I may be making it to more of these. The new c3 venue is really nice. I had a lot of fun. It was nice to see everyone again.

I think the real question is what kind of asian food will we have at next c3? Pho this month was good. What other shit is around there?

How do you get Heihachi and Makoto in SF3? I want to win next tournament so can anybody help k thx? No one played Hokuto? Guess that game is done.

Guess Exo had shit to do this tournament and Eric Kim took advantage. I want vids. GS on 3rd Eps and Shinshay’s a scrub but GG’s to him too.

Wow… 2 C3’s in July? Beast.

Too bad I couldn’t make it yesterday. I would have played PF.

Eric V practicing GGXX on the low? Hmmm…

Where’s Eric Kim on the CvS2 results??? Who let Jo place?

Hopefully if I get my license this week I might be able to drive myself to the next C3. Otherwise…I’ll need a ride from the metro or sum shit like usual.

Oh and I see Eric V placingly highly in XX AC next tourney.


and for the record, gianna michaels would’ve crushed pat, i like his reptile tho

japanese lesbians.

too strong.

Carmen Hayes next tournament has Pat’s number!

why did you guys let pat pick spiderman and venom on the same team?

as jose would say it…


There is so much truth in this. :rofl: Can someone tell me where to find this video at?

lol whats the cablex3 im seeing? of course eric is gonna beast with 3 cables on those other teams lol its his main character imo.

why was he using puffball chun too? pink sean getting high up there? eric k not winning it? whats going on guys?

Whoever stole my Ipod i give them a big fuck you…I did not expected this specially since there wasn’t that many people:mad:

on a site note. it was good seing everyone specially aaron maybe next c3 there will be some nc heads as well as more sova cats. Eric i’m sign up already for the next tourney in marvel.WTF? I did not even play and i was in loosers.i’m in next months bracket bitches!!

Ur never safe from the burglars even at C3. They’ll steal your chicken too.

Yeah…it’s definitely time we should invite the NC heads up again. They’ve definitely gotten better and it’d be good to continue the rivalry (or whatever is left of it). I would really like to head down to NC to get back in shape for the next C3.

Yeah that’s true because I was real close to stealing Eric V’s BBQ chicken. That shit just kept calling me. But I resisted and ended up getting a Chipwich. Chipwich ain’t nothing to fuck with. :looney:

why’d i take 8 showers today??? chipwich was just about on the same level as the subtle japanese lesbians