C3 Presents the August Adios Tournament - Ashburn, VA - 8/18/07


44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

Ok guys, this will be my last time running C3 for at least a year. If you haven’t heard, I will be going to the middle east for a contracting job. I’ll be leaving around september 1st. Ramza and Havoc expressed interest in continuing to run the tournaments, and I wish them the best of luck. It’s not exactly easy.

Here’s the situation. You guys have a choice this month. Should we:

a)Strictly casual event. Pay the venue fee, casual as long as you damn want, spontaneous tourneys are bound to happen.

b) Regular monthly. 5$ tourneys, 8$ venue fee.

c) “All you can eat” monthly, pay a flat 30$ per head, join as many tourneys as you want. We would run a ton more tourneys with this style though, even random stuff like XvSF, TTT, and A3. I would also have set prizes for winners based on TOTAL entries to event and entries to that tournament.

You guys make the call, I like either A or C.

Poll will end in 3 days.


i beat deviljin finally!!!

also i chose part of option c where it states xvsf.

in all seriousness i chose option a. casuals are cool with me. i come just to have fun anyways now a days. and yeah spontanious tourneys will randomly pop up. this is just me though. i dont train as others do or at all. maybe others who take it more serious will pick b. if u pick b though y not pick c. u spend that much in each month anyways. also poker will go off this time.


I beat DevilJin.

Choice A plz. I say before Evo we just need to game and get our execution up. Tournaments are cool and all but we dont get to play a lot as it is and I think just hardcore gaming will be better. Unless choice C includes all you can eat Popeyes.


Might come to this.

By myself.



Btw, there will be a lock in the night before. Same deal as last time… 5$ entry.


Will you have my money for next C3 or did that get sent to terrorists?



also i was thinking bout this earlier this week. but maybe we could do nothing but team tournies. that would be a change of things. also im not so sure bout doing another all nighter but seeing as how its robins last tourney for a year i’m pretty sure i could do it again. <3.


I gotta agree with deviljin here (even though I couldn’t make it to this past one). Serious casuals is a good idea with evo around the corner, so that people can keep thier money for MM’s there.

@Tornado: Your av scares me @_@!


I vote for A. I want to get in as many games against as many people as possible before Evo.


choice A is the rape, if someone runs a tourney somewhere in the middle :smile:


If there is a poker tourney, i will be there for JESUS


Option C and A are fine by me - would be a nice change of pace from the regular monthlies.


Choice A is best, I dont really come for tournaments anyways, XMEN ANYONE??

Me/Pat vs any two in Xmen, bet it.


i was gonna announce an xmen tourney once the real thread started. details in 3 days


vs me and victor?


I like choice A.

2v2 Random CvS2 Team Tournament

Top half of players seeded.

This will be good because it gives any new CvS’ers a personal tutor for the day.


im not seeded seeing as how i no longer place in any cvs events. muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


yea someone just tell me how to use C groove =D


bet it



20$ total or each player? and i havent confirmed with vic yet but ill see what he wants before i put him in there like that