C3 Presents the August Adios Tournament - Ashburn, VA - 8/18/07

who the hell is peter?

Actually I get back on the 18th, but there is no way in hell

well maybe, but probably not. Choice A would be my choice, it would be nice just to sit down and play shit.

Total Id say, start small we can run it back if you need to:wgrin:

Pat: Peter = bigazn

lol o yeah

Oh btw I am very confused as to what this means?

Pat = Peter, Ahhhh I see…

huh? I wasnt at C3 :confused:.

since you mentioned it, I take MMs in XvSF. My Juggernaut is too nice.

Other Option:

Bacon Orgy?


ugh nevermind:sweat:

what the fuck are you smoking?

Its Victor/Jansel and Aztec God/Puffy White

Eventhough I havent been to C3 and blow my load all at da same time, I feel like strict casuals works good for me. Cuz um definitely not ready to give up cash money to get my azz handed to me wit a side a mashed potatoes eventhough it does sound enjoyable.

If I cant defeat T-flame in 3S or CvS2 then I have no chance(no offence if I’m offencin T-flame).

i first to ten’d prozac today and lost by a lil 8-10

my mvc2 scrubbiness still works on an old marvel game though :smile:

hey if you guys play any other old games like mshvsf or msh, or mvc1 ill MM anyone in those. not ssf2t tho im a joke in that game.

LOL!:rofl:I’m sorry but…a two piece??? Thats like givin me a women wit Noassatall, to feel motivated I need more TNA.

I’m gonna mark dat day on my calender right now cuz um definitely goin to da next one.Its on for sunday, I’ll be off if yall still havin play on Sunday.

omg i used to rape prozac for free. does he still to down blade with charlie times infinite.

hmm… i would be down either way… besides… im gonna run some melty anyways… and i want to learn some cvs2… … like i have mai and sagat… but other charcter… is terry:sad: and i like terry… and k groove… oh well…

Yeah this is a good idea. Oh and Havoc, if your at 4r5’s tomarrow I wanna play you and maybe you can help me out. My sig says who I play.

nah not really he just does the usualy charlie shit trying keep my mag away.

he actually got better with ken and gambit though he has a few more tricks. i owned him with cyc tho he never jumps from bulldogs lmao

Yeah, if I show up, I’ll definitely try to show you some things.

You type like you’re speaking Irish.

If I were going, I’d want to just do option A, casuals.

N Ken, PVFP.

i just got word on vic and yea we’re good on the MM

a question though, is it gonna be the 4p where you control each character, or separate 1 on 1’s like they do in 3s?