C3 Sat 8/29 SF4/BlzBlue/MVC2 CO-Operation Cup Team Tourney

Saturday AUG 29/2009

C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

Registration opens @ 4:30 pm

@ 5:30 pm tourney begins!

Welcome to the C3 CO-Operation Cup


$10 Venue Fee
$10 per player for Sf4/BB/Mvc2

We are back with yet another GODLIKE event…hope everyone can make it out to have fun and level up their game!

This month we will be sticking to the team format’s in 3 diff games!?!?!?!


Tournament list:

STREET FIGHTER 4 XBOX 360 (2v2 Teams $10 per player)

BLAZE BLUE XBOX 360 (2v2 Teams $10 per player)

MARVEL VS.CAPCOM 2 XBOX 360 (2v2 $10 per player)

Top 4 teams from each title will play LAST in front of everyone like the previous C3 to create HYPE!!!

Good Luck to all preparing and participating :slight_smile:


-losers and winners finals will be 2/3 sets, grand finals will be a 3/5 set
-2 rounds per match in SF4 & BB
-2/3 matches per player in MVC2
-cannot have the same character twice on same team
-cannot switch character in any of the team tourneys
-every character allowed in SF4
-will update rules for BlazBlue
-team order can be switched

See everyone there!!!

Damn I need a 360 stick, I will try to see if my other youngin buds can make it. Mahvel is gonna be hype, I will be using my low tier team for lulz.

ahahah do it!

I will, wish me luck…

Also I noticed on the thread title there is no name. Usually there is some badass name. Im not complaning ofcourse im just wondering. Did you run out of juice. :rofl:

it tis the crack

I got you!

How are you coming to SJ3 and your tournament E? LOL LOL.

Damn sorry Big did not even see that…well I will talk to David to get another date…sorry again!

I think Slogan might take UFC @ summer Jam, any side bets???

some of that bullshit I call it

I been trying to play that game but my son keeps kicking my ass. LOL LOL.

tournament date was a big AIRBALL

i will win the marvel tourney with Chun li.
She’s So good in That game.

Big Asians feeble attempts are like SHAQ at the line!


****************************************DATE HAS BEEN UPDATED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sup Ludovic


Teams are fun. That is all.

In marvel no matter what if hav can teach me marvel

teammate TBD

is this another 6 o clock c3?

why you gotta cap my download?

im pretty sure steve is going to be on my sf4 team lol, but w/e.

Also, please make BB 5$ a person :slight_smile:
That way more teams enter

And, someone from dustloop will be running a 2v2 Guilty Gear Slash/Reload tournment for the small price of $0.00

ya? looks like the < 5 hit champ will have to make a return.

Still waiting for an HDR tourney, single or team…