C3 September Struggle- Results!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting. It was good to actually see people at C3. Fuck the haters.

Oh, and thank you to the Soul Calibur players for actually showing up for once. 18 people! Good shit.

In other news, there was zero Marvel turnout… as usual.

Hmm… I only have results for CvS2 and GG. I know who got first in 3S… We’ll have to wait on those results.


GGAC Results (25 players)

  1. MarlinPie
  2. Matt Frank
  3. Damien
  4. Therapist

CvS2 Teams (14 players)

  1. HAV/Seas of Cheese
  2. PVFP/Max
  3. Free/Roski
  4. Shinshay/Broham

3S Teams (30 players)

  1. Therapist/exodus/Flare
  2. epsilon_ /somebody else/other guy

Let’s fill in the blanks people!

1st. i beat deviljin. plus where the hell is he?

3S teams:

1.) SHOTOS RAPE! exodus [ry], flare [ke], therapist p.h.d. [ak]
2.) epsilon [du], eric kim [ma], shohaib [yu]
3.) eric v [ch], magman [al], eric lee [ke]

:confused: Khang uses Ryu while Flare uses Ken? Is this bizarro world? :confused:

NC vs. VA…NC wins !!!

Hey everybody. This was my first tournament, and I had a blast.

Havoc: You play a mean A-Groove, buddy. Thanks for carrying me to victory.

Ry Ry: Those were some great ST matches. I look forward to playing you again.

Deep Thoughts and Carmen: I’m glad I got to go down to Virginia with you guys. It sucks what happened to us in 3s, but we’ll get 'em next time. Congrats on winning ST, Scott!

Bartlett: I bet no one expected to see a Remy mirror match in the 3s tournament. That match was a lot of fun.

Therapist: That was some Akuma rape I won’t forget for a while.

I hope to see you guys again in future tournaments.

as far as i can remember 3s teams were

4.loborine(RY)/Saisyu Kusanagi(AL)/COMMON SENSE(DU)
4.cajunstrike(MA)/frank the tank(YU)/jibbo(YA)

PLAY OF THE DAY: eric V anchoring for our team a match with a clutch win. he was down to about a pixel, getting barraged by multiple dive kicks from yang (about to get chipped), parries a low forward and back fierces to super. that’s the sexiest back fierce i’ll ever see from chun, especially since it was for my team!!

special thanks to eric v and eric lee for teaming with me, and clutching it in situations i couldn’t. sorry my tournament performance was poor compared to my regular gameplay, first time back in tournaments since last january and i got a bit nervous since it was only 1 game too.

COMMON SENSE - your dudley is the truth, one of the more solid dudleys i’ve played, like a brick wall rushing me down, impossible to crack. good shit

ramza - fun casual matches, more probably some other time during the week

exo - for using online tactics offline, what a noob!! <3

therapist - for holding it down for the team. i would have to say you’re one of the MVP’s of the night, coming back from losers bracket and defeating the winners final teams twice. your akuma is definitely nasty, too bad i didn’t get to play you.

flare - i wanted to see more of your ryu gameplay, i learned a lot just from a few of your casual matches.

saisyu kusanagi - for holdin it down with alex, keep it up

epsilon - doing ya thing and raping shit that gets in your way

what’s with this NC beat VA shit? who was on this “team VA?”

ggs to all i played even in casuals, it was fun getting to play a lot of good players against different characters, even in casuals. good shit to havoc/ramza for running a smooth tourney too, everything went very well.

i forgot how fun these are and how fucking cool everyone is, so i’m gonna be attending more of these. see yall at the next!

The NC vs. VA 8 on 8 was in GG

as far as NC’s players:
Beast of Fire
Frank the Tank
Q. Gray Fox

Good shit everyone.

The return of Robin is nigh.

I want to say that I had a lot of fun and want to do it again soon. I’m tying the knot in January so that means probably less 3S time than now :Shake:.

My money match results are as follows:

Me vs Therapist: I lost twice.
Me vs Lobo: never happened
Me vs Jibbo: mirror: happened four times and we broke even :lol:
Me vs Roski: Ken mirror: I won barely 3-2, Urien mirror: I lost 3-2, and for the big money match I lost 6-10, Ken vs Mak.

So overall I totally lost money, but hey it just showed me where i’m at in the 3S world.

Magneto Maniac and Exist: had mad fun playing in the team tourney with you guys. I’m glad that I could pull my weight in situations.

NC Crew: thanks for coming out and I hope none of you were blown by my shit talking as it was just all in good fun amongst friends.

Eric K and Hav: thanks for throwing a wonderful event.

Pat: always fun seeing you man. Next time i’m all in lmao.

Josh L: Damn man it was cool seeing you there. It’s been a long time.

Khang: you better be at my wedding :smile: and I promise that we’ll still hangout after the big day.

Anyways peeps until next time…

LOL Roski and I got 3rd in cvs2 teams…I ended up sending PVFP to losers/ played winners finals against Havoc’s team and failed (lol)/after beating Eric lee’s team PVFP advanced to fight us once again in losers finals…He got his revenge on me and advanced to grand finals to play Havoc where they ended up losing…

Good shit Hav/Johnny Donuts…

3RD teams was crazy cuz everyone was playing extremely good…it was a great tourney…1 of the best Ive witnessed!!!

getting 3rd in teams is a big accomplishment for me personally…due to the caliber/skilled players in attendance!!!

Eric V-out

PS NC vs VA in 3S never happened!

But I believe they won the 6v6 in GG’s!!!

Good shit!!!

ST Results (8 players):

  1. Deepthoughts
  2. RyRy
  3. Eric Lee

SC IV Results (18 players):

  1. Tiamat
  2. Tom Brady
  3. Winback
  4. NinjaCW
  5. Misato
  6. Josh Leong

Good shit to everyone that made it out man I had alot of fun. The drive back was a bitch being that we got back at 6 and I had to be to work at 7 :shake:. I will make it threw though and it was well worth it for the games at the tournament. To all of my matches good games hopefully we have more to come. NC rolls deep 14 deep to be exact you herd the noise during the NCvsVA tournament :rofl:. Thanks for having us much fun as usual. Cant wait to see everyone at the N.C tournament get hype!!!

as always fun seeing old faces & new ones. gg’s to everyone i played, therapist especially.

until next month.

Good games everyone. Always love C3, especially when the 3S players actually come out. Thanks a lot for coming up, NC. I’m hoping for another sick turnout next month.

I had a lot of fun in the team tournament, even though things get a lot more stressful when it comes down to it. One game is tough.

Good matches, see everyone next month.

marvel results?

pat/khang over me and eric v in the finals. they pulled off some sick shit, i gotta admit.

GGs to everyone I played in Accent Core, I had a ton of fun. Really wish I didn’t have to come back so early, I bet the hotel was hype as shit and there were a lot of folks that I didn’t get to play in AC. Next time!

Good shit everyone. Thanks for the hospitality. Poor Majors was missing for 2 hours. :sad:

Mannn…I felt bad all night in everything until I was down 4 against Shinshay and I remembered I had to fight for my 50 bucks. Fun matches by the way man and good luck to you. I’ll be happy to run it back if you like.

Next time I request more/ANY matches with Therapist/Flare/Eric Kim/Khang/Epsilon. Thank you.

Shouts to Brandon and his A-groove MF DOOM. Not the head bite, Pat.

Nice job holding it down NC. We’ve got a lot of hungry mother fuckers. Blake’s time in the spotlight was too hype. Good shit! :tup:

i did hear khangs msp was nice… i thought doc brown told me that