C3- The Rebirth results(9/22/07)

these are all off the top of my head, people post up results and i’ll update accordingly.


  1. exodus
  2. deviljin
  3. steve harrison
  4. epsilon
  5. eric k
  6. charged


1.charged(love your honda, fuck the haters)
2.steve harrison
3.robin palmer


1.Rugal B
2.Steve harrison
3.Bmore Chun(?)
5.eric v

1.eric v+victor von doom pot split

tekken dr:

  1. ryry
  2. JuS J3f
  3. millionz

guilty gear accent core:

1.steve harrison

shazay in 3rd…called it

puzzle fighter:

  1. Kesshi
  2. Sven
  3. The Muffin Man

overall, I think this tournament was a great show for things to come in the future. we only had to dq a few people, and we ran things much quicker than we have been the past few c3s. Good shit to everybody who came out, despite being exhausted by the end I still had alot of fun. Next one is October 20th, be there:nunchuck:

tekken 5 dr:
1st Ryry
2nd JuS J3f
3rd Millionz

Who won Puzzle Fighter

Puzzle Fighter:

  1. Kesshi
  2. Sven
  3. The Muffin Man

Good stuff.

Courtesy dustloop.com:

GGXXAC Complete Results (Singles; 27 entries~)
1st Steve Harrison (KY)
2nd Mulligan (OS, JA, PO)
3rd Shazay (SL)
4th Gwyrgyn Blood (AX, PO)
5th Xaq (DI)
5th 4r5 (JO)
7th CJ (TE)
7th MT Fighter (BA)
9th East Coast KRANG (DI)
9th Tonic (ZA)
9th Tiamat (AN)
9th VR (SO)
13th Buri (SO)
13th X (KY)
13th Therapist (BA)
13th Jay Rock (RO?)
17th Nas (RO)
17th DK (TE)
17th Mr. Mamation (KY)
17th Nate (AB)
17th SMP (ED)
17th Sven (FA)
17th Moogle Minion (KY)
25th Dr. Zero (KY)
25th BB Hood (MA)
25th Chronic (FA?)
25th DevilJin01 (CH)

Of note, apparently every single character but four were played; I-No, Millia, Venom, and Bridget were the only absences, leaving the other 19 accounted for.

steve got 3rd in 3S, deviljin got 2nd.

this C3 was very refreshing to come back to, being MIA for 6 months. props to everyone who came out – i’m actually still astonished that smash players always come in full force every single month; that type of dedication is clearly what the SF scene needs. 102 entries for a monthly?

much props to my buddy nokato for making an appearance – don’t let the losses get to you; just try to enjoy the game and you’ll eventually get better.

my viet brother flare nguyen – sorry we had to meet so early on – rigged i say! thanks for coming out; hope you guys find the time to drive down again for future gatherings :slight_smile:

sparatik – you lied to us. you never came back!

booo to justin wong and hold dat for not showing up =[

bchan vs eric k was indeed epic. eric k’s jump whiff HK into eat mash out super made me semi-lose my voice.

after evo, i realized i need to take 3S more seriously. i hope that everyone who plays 3S does the same, so we can continue to make the scene grow stronger.

i’m not a big fan of typing out every individual shoutout, but everyone who came out deserves props. much <3

pho is godlike.

Deviljin got 2nd? Good stuff sir. Sorry for not making it out, maybe next time. Justin Wong and Hold Dat running from the inevitable again…

LOL. No way Steve got 3rd. Not unless I had him on the DevilJin SHOW!! Thx for everyone who gave props. I wanted to at least look strong after Evo.

Matches should be up pretty soon. Tornado Flame was capping stuff starting from winners’ finals. Choked vs. Exo quite a few times but tried to keep it competitive. I knew if I was gonna win against Eric Kim in winners bracket it was gonna be hella close…and it was. Had to lose 60 percent of my health just one more time before I won. Definitely one of the best matches I had there that night. Every round was hella clutch. Steve was hella solid the whole night too. Just coming through with the wins against everyone. I was surprised that he was still able to bring it to the last match after he switched to Ken. CVS2 must make him really good at looking out for stuff. Teching throws and all that good shit. Oh and Eps was hype the whole time. YUUU. I like it.

I’m hype so lemme get some shout outs to…

**Havoc and Eric **for running this shit well even with all of the stuff going on at once. Turnout was strong for everything this time. Thx for the last minute ride Hav. Like MOD said…we should be good on getting a ride there and back for next time.

Exo…been a long time since I’ve done well enough to get against you in a tourney. Definitely learned some stuff from those matches.

Rockman for putting up a good fight vs. me in the winners brackets. Like I told you earlier…you definitely got more patient and that’s a good thing. Definitely didn’t expect that.

**GOD **for harnessing the power of Pink Sean. I couldn’t think right.

Steve for doing good in every game like usual and throwing chairs and stuff.

MOD for coming back out from Japan and confusing people with where to seed you in brackets. How good can he really be? Gotta beat dat Chun maen.

TFlame for taking the time to record matches. Was wondering if someone was really gonna come through with this for once.



N Ken, Sparatik, Kikin…chicken bros…Sin.

Errbody that came from out of state and plenty of people that I missed. Way too many people to effectively shout out.

the avatar stays!

justin and holdat couldnt show i was gonna drive them down but my car had a unexpected breakdown after gettin it back from the shop… imma sue the mechanic :frowning:

more traps

Didn’t I give you the brackets? I even made out a list with top 8 for every game, just to make it easier. :confused:


Thanks to everyone for showing up. SOVA, DE, NY… we really appreciate the support.

It was a good tournament. Smash made it kinda cramped, but I don’t think we’ll have to deal with a crowd that huge on a regular basis.

Thanks to Robin for helping out. It was a big hand.

A few things:

  1. In the future, for casuals, try to bring your own set-ups. Especially on a day like yesterday, we need every single TV to be running some tournament game. We’re gonna look into some options for helping to alleviate the lack of additional set-ups, but if nothing can be done by next month, just try to bring extra stuff.

  2. I want to have $10 tournaments next month. What does everyone think?

  3. I think we’re going to acknowledge Melty Blood’s existence, and make it an official tournament next month.

Puzzle Fighter may also make the list (BTW, Kenshi is a fucking beast). I’m really not feeling X’ mode though… and I’m really not feeling Akuma being selectable… yeah he takes 120% damage, but how can you even attack when his drop pattern is so sick? Whatever though.

  1. It is REALLY hard to run a tournament, and play well. I never actually believed this before, but I do now.

That’s it though. Thanks for coming to our first one. Look for things to improve.

  1. Gwynn Oak Chun CvS2 brackets = :wonder:

10 dollar tourneys. Do it.

back to playing 1 game then I guess. lol


Good shit everybody

Especially to Xmen players.

Oh and PVP owns me at food bets.

HAV, lmk whats good with trip for tomorrow.

MVC2 - im pretty sure victor got first

special thanks to havoc for letting me in 3s even though i was late, ill make sure to get in on time next time, my fault about that. as well as getting these tournies in, good shit.

Deviljin - GOOD SHIT. it takes mad skill to beat eric k, (epsilon was it?), and then steve H all in a row, with ibuki at that. crazy ninja skill. and i saw u slashin some throats with that qcf+p move :pray::nunchuck:

N-Ken - you surprised me with ur xvsf skills, it looks like you make a big improvement from the last C3.

PVFP - stop pixel comebacking me in xvsf, IM NOT JUSTIN WONG.

Victor - its ok to lose to my sensei 2 times, right? lol.

puzzle fighters - good shit on gettin that game hyped, i needa learn that sometime. that shit amazes me on the comebacks people can make.

Therapist - nice clutch in our games, and kara demon perfect on me -_- lol.

Flare - good shit, im sure you can do better in the tourney next time. saw u and experienced u beasting it up in casuals.

and yeah as MOD said…10$ will limit me to 1 game :confused:

Christ. Another split pot? I’m glad I decided to go to the zoo instead.

Seriously, though, I’m sorry I had to miss this one. Money issues. Barring any unforseen circumstances, though, I should be at the October 20th one in full effect.

Great Job Exo and DJ in 3rd. DJ, :tup: it’s always nice to see Ibuki placing high in a tournament… dood.