C3 Virginia Revival Night results

First I want to thank everyone for coming out, the turn-out was great! (over 100 people)

Remember next month is 5v5 regional ranking also singles in SF4! Plus I will have a definite answer within the week about the lock-in for our April tournament!

Brackets are mia!: so if anyone can help me fill in the blanks ty so much!

3v3 Team Results (20+teams)

  1. Eric Kim (Sagat), Robin (Gief), Havoc (Abel)
  2. L.I.Joe (Sagat), Bmoney (Ryu), Eric V (Rufus)
  3. Moose (Balrog), ??? (Abel), QR (Chun-li)
  4. Team Indestructible
  5. Team Nigg@ Juice/Team RyRY

3s Singles

  1. Therapist (Akuma)
  2. Cajunstrike (Makoto)
  3. Knuckledust (Makoto)
  4. LI Joe (Ken)
  5. B-Money (Urien)
  6. Exodus (Ken/Yun)
  7. Flare (Ryu)
  8. JiBbo (Yang)

Sthd singles

  1. Biran (claw)
  2. RyRy (Ryu/others)
  3. Corrosive (Guile/Cammy)
  4. Comeback (Honda)
  5. LI Joe (Sagat)
  6. Renegade (boxer)

GGAC Singles

  1. Moroha
  2. Mulligan
  3. Therapist

So many new and old faces came out to support SF4 and our scene! Amazing

Personal favorite performances this tourney were by: Moose (Balrog)/Eric Kim (Sagat)/Team Waldorf(Fuerte/gief/chun)

Great job to all the placers and winners!

Going to holla at JWong about attending with NYC’s top 5 players to participate in our regional ranking and singles tourney next month!

Ill talk to him and see if he will come avenge L.I.Joe! :stuck_out_tongue:

MD/VA = SF4 Danger Zone!

See you next month! Stay Hype

this is Philly-One on Perfect sin’s id

Thx for the tourney we had greattttt time

and ggs to everyone that night!!!

Sick games, alot of top players. Learned alot, played alot and had some fun. Thanks so much guys!

3s I believe was:

14 entrants

  1. Therapist (Akuma)
  2. Cajunstrike (Makoto)
  3. Knuckledust (Makoto)
  4. LI Joe (Ken)
  5. B-Money (Urien)
  6. Exodus (Ken/Yun)
  7. Flare (Ryu)
  8. JiBbo (Yang)

Hawaiian shirt exhibition match between me and Therapist went 2(or 3?)-7 him. Never try to out style therapists, he owns hawaiian shirts for free. Suck his dick.

Mad props to the 3s crew for still repping the game hard. 3rd strike is far from dead so long as we have something to do with it. Kinda funky that I had to step up and run brackets, but I’ll do it again if I have to because it was well worth it in the long run.

Sup guys…got a few props to give.

Eric V - Thanks for hosting and making good advertisement. Good shit on handling the refunds too it was very professional…and also very good gameplay from you as always.

umthrfkr - Where was the magnetic mofo connection fooo?!?!?!

comeback/plural - Nice teaming with you guys, sorry I didn’t pull through in situations where I should have…Chun is hard to use in single matches but now I know.

Dr Chaos - No more voting! We’re teaming for sure next time! Dragonboy+Yasuda connection.

Damian - Props on your gameplay, you definitely lived up to the speculation…you did really good.

One - You’ve gotten wayyyy better since I last saw you, keep up the improvement.

Black guy w/ cap using Chun - Hey I didn’t get to hit you up, what was your SRK name? Good shit from what I saw afar.

Eric Kim - I’ve always had respect for you, yesterday just furthered it. Good match, good bait to end a close 3rd round with 5% each…you earned your wins.

LOL @ this guy. Are you serious bro? Someone is a bit sour from that 3-0 back at Eric V’s, I THOUGHT you would go first to avenge yourself, but clearly, it didn’t go down like that. Trust me, if you brought out Abel back at V’s, it wouldn’t have been different either, might have been worse than Ryu actually since he has way less options. You got extremely lucky no one was just tapping back dashes on your strings, the only wins you got were due to people not knowing how to fight your dumb ass character. You knew at least 2 weeks beforehand that we were supposed to see each other in the tournament, but you see me go first and decide to not take the opportunity?

Don’t even hate on Philly either, if it wasn’t for your champion anchor, you would have got the OCV treatment from Damian, real talk guy.

Way to talk shit over the internet, I like it. Just stating the facts though brah.

edit: Next time, I’ll gladly stay at Eric V’s at turn that 3-0 to a 300-0 unless you learn a thing or two from my Chun.

MagMan, I think the chun was OJ4.

that shit was long and epic to many tigers though ggs to all i played was great to see everyone again… and sorry to the guy i played in HD im not normally one to lash out for no reason it was a frustrating night due to other fucked up shit that was happening to me and u just caught the part where i blow up im sorry about that ask krost he was their for the first part of it… not the best day/night for me sorry again man…didnt mean to be disrespectful

double posted ftw :nunchuck:

also to the guy with the dreamcast u are godlike for bringing that setup great games all around… double dribble champ here!:lovin:

naw it was a dude from Waldorf

yall should she him play low tier MvC2, he has some dumb tricks with chun


good seeing everyone again and meeting new faces

good playing havoc for the first time. real talk the ass whoopin he gave me just made me more motivated to keep playing.

hope to make it to the next one

finally abel to post

gs clutch kimmicks

gs to moose, nice gorlab

gs to sova coming out in full force

imho the sf4 teams shit was wack as hell… but i make everything look hype

C3 was mad fun guys, props to Eric V for getting this shit together. Corrosive on having a fucking serious Tator’ getting those CorrOCVs. Krost on having a boss Gief. I was by far the weakest link. Got taken out by the top two teams, no shame in that shit. GGs everyone I played.

And everyone in the area that doesn’t know, come play Evo games like SF4 and Guilty Gear Wednesday nights @ 7PM with C3 Champions like Eric Kim and Moroha. But seriously, Guilty Gear had only 8 entrants, the lowest like ever. We’ll publicize that shit for next C3. 2nd was Mulligan, 3rd was Therapist. (Damien stop dropping ABA combos) Hit me up with a PM if anyone needs directions / info to UMBC game night. See yall next C3

my first team tournament, was pretty fun!

eric, seth - oigjeriojiog good shit guys

eric v. - good shit on running this. getting rain on the baby stick? not good shit… >:{

kyle - dat philly rage god damn

biron - you’re cheap

epsilon - nice mix


Oh I forgot to add, LI Joe mad props and thanks for coming out even on your bday, hope you enjoyed your stay and I’m looking forward to leveling up with you at EC throwdown or the next time I see you if earlier.

Good fun everyone, everyone was sick, no exceptions.

we got 5th?? :amazed:

You and Pat held that shit down. Too bad I couldn’t even steal a game. :confused:

oo shit happy bday LI Joe

gs meeting everyone I did and seeing the few nova cats I knew already.

It’s too bad Sova ain’t have a better showing, but I know I’m gonna use the experience as motivation to get better, and I’m sure the rest of us will as well.

hahah i was on moose’s team put me as QR
ggs to everyone and thanks for having the event and thanks to moose for getting my name up there

http://www.youtube.com/aimforthefeet I have winners finals on youtube. I’ve got some other stuff from C3 going up. All in all good tournament Eric but next time you gotta start on time man, I got home at 7:45am when I thought I’d get home at like 1am MAYBE.