C3 Virginia "Road to SB4 Results"

Ok the results are in for this action packed tournament we had last night, again thanks to everyone being on point and helping me finish this tourney in 6 hours and 15 minutes…awesome!

We did not have enough interest in MVC2 & TVC to run tourneys, but we did get HD remix, SF4 teams/singles done!

Now we just train hardcore and get ready for SB4, now without further ado!!!

SF4 Singles

  1. Jibbo (Gen)
  2. Steve H (Sagat)
  3. Saqs (Rose)
  4. Magneto Maniac (Balrog,Viper,Chun,Akuma,Abel,Rufus)
  5. Foomy (Sagat)/Darick Perez (El Fuerte)
  6. Eric Kim(Sagat,Akuma)/10X (Ken)

SF4 Teams

  1. Magneto Maniac/LUD/Darick Perez
  2. 10X/Foomy/Ryry
  3. Steve H/Rugal B/Burly
  4. Skisonic/MVA/HAV
  5. Ariez/Jibbo/PVFP & Rugi/Devil Jin/Inerd

HD Remix Singles (Round Robin)

  1. Biran
  2. Epsilon
  3. Devil Jin
  4. Krost
  5. Ryry

Thanks to everyone for showing up and helping throw a great warm up tourney before SB4!!!

See you guys at SB4!

Good shit to Saqs and Jibbo, great low tier stuff from the both of you!

3s was where the party was. :tup:

EDIT: MVC2 got canned? That sucks, where did all the hype go that was at C3 1 month ago.

V just wants to cover up that he lost in the pretend marvel tournament while certain other people did not lose:rock::nono::hitit:

Good shit Steve H, Eric Kim, Rugal, Lud, and Ryry…

Was really impressed with 10x’s Ken, PatVanPelts Blanka, and Mike’s god-like reactions at I-HOP. Shit was so sincere :rofl:

Will post more shoutouts when I catch up on some sleep. :wasted:

Much love to the out-of-towners from sova and NC. I think meeting 10x at Chillin’s was the most pleasant surprise about the weekend, dude is hilarious :rofl: I’ll try to stop by City Sound in SOVA since I can’t go to SB4. Much love to JiBbo for bringing a one man NC army and never dropping a set I believe. IT ISN’T EVEN GONNA POSSIBLE

Foomy you’re already on my friends list, so we should get games in sometime. LE, or however you spell it, hit me up too. I need to stop fucking around with randoms on xbl, and actually push myself to play skilled opponents more when I have the opportunity.

Good shit to my nigguhs, Steve H, Rugal, MagMan (this nigguh played the whole cast; what’s good really!?), Kimmicks, Foomy, Street, PVFP, Eric V, and everyone else not mentioned.

Congrats, Jibbo and Saqs for doing so well, pummelling through top tier to take the cake in top 3.

Wish there had been more interest in Marvel, 'cause I was looking forward to those results, hoping to see someone halfway-decent win, lol. Maybe I’ll come next time? I hope I’m not scaring anyone off by saying that. :wgrin:



Forgot to say, yall have fun at SB4. Hopefully I can go to SB5.

Show off your stuff VA!!!

IHOP Jailbait…

Anyway, good shit guys. Fighting Gief first round was no fun. Good shit to Steve. I fucked up :sad:

And another tournament, another loss to Fuerte :shake:

Good shit in teams, also. Really fun.

iNerd, what was up at IHOP? If I was your age, I’d have gone in… that’s just me. I know Rugi was over there in the ball shorts and flip-flops… he was out of the game off top… but you coulda got some shit off.

Let’s step it up fellas!

Good stuff jiBBo… wish I rode up there with you but I took off to participate in a local session

:rofl: @ bringing out the MagMan Battalion

this was a really fun tourney and was run well :tup: eric v.

ggs to everyone i played, especially biran in hdr…one round away :p.

3s in the corner was hella fun.

good seeing some old faces too like kikin and 10x.

best c3 in a while imo.

im pissed my ride fell through so i couldnt make it

but thanks to those who came to the lock in, nice meeting the sova guys and i hope we can do it again sometime

lol sorry hdr peeps, i got super lazy and decided not to come hahaha

Good games to everyone in HDR. Props to DevilJin and epsilon for their noticeable improvement. For the first-time HDR participants, I’m not great with other characters but I’d be happy to give you pointers to up your game; just get at me next time.

krost: Too bad we didn’t play much casuals. I need to get with you and Corrosive for more games.

Anyway, the main characters used in HDR top 5 were:
me (claw); epsilon (Sagat, dictator); DevilJin (Blanka); krost (Chun Li, Ken); RyRy (Ryu)

That’s quite the army MagMan has. lol

Just got home.

This tournament was awesome. I got Gametime Vibes. It was really fun and good energy across the board.

Fuck Drunk Bitches.

Oh and GGs.

Rugi: I don’t have a breakaway cable :frowning: at least for a while… I’m pretty sure it’s in 10x’s trunk. :(:frowning: we’ll play soon though.

Balrog brought the most work, put in those hours yesterday!! It’s the character, not me LOL.

Jibbo - Congrats, is this two tournaments IN A ROW?! Your Gen is on fire. I hope a lot of your stuff was recorded, you were really on point. Hitting 50% combos on my Chun was indeed frightening. Definitely the highest level Gen I’ve witnessed!!!

Ariez - My dude from SoVA, who supports me over SoVA!!! Haha, good lookin out for the support :china: sucks that you couldn’t use Blanka/Gen on your own team rofl.

Lud - Very clutch saving win from Steve H’s team. You played very solid and it’s good to see you improve vastly.

Steve H - … -_-, CAN’T FIND A CHARACTER FOR YOU!! I think I will have to settle for Dhalsim next time. Even though you block and tech everything in this game, command throws and dive kicks still don’t crack your impeccable defense. Good shit taking me out every tournament rofl.

10x - Very solid fundamental Ken play. Whenever you have a question about the game just hit me up. I know you don’t play often, and you’re still doing a GREAT job hanging in there with those that do.

RyRy - You told me you’re picking up Gen…hope to see it next time! That mofo is fucking technical lol.

Darrick - Stop blowing it in one round team matches NOOOOOOOOOB! :lovin: sick Fuerte

SkiSonic - 14 hit RSF? That’s a record my eyes have been set on. Nasty ass execution. Oh and let me know if vids of any sort go up, waiting to see all of it all over again.

RugalB - Nice win in a Rog mirror on teams. I thought we were going to losers after that. Gonna get in that CVS2 whenever I can, Bmore crew!

Balrog - Shout out to my (cheap) mans Balrog for getting me and upset over arch nemesis Eric Kim in singles and ocving teams winners and grand finals. CHEEEEAP.

Bleh, I really didn’t wanna miss this but had too much to do this weekend. Good job to all the finishers, hopefully I’ll make the next one.

G fuckin G’s to my boy Jibbo for reppin that GEN to the fuckin FULLEST…yo who the fuck is Yeb lol


LUD and 10x ggs in our tourny matches, solid play from the both of you

Pat beast ass blanka, just shockin niggas for no reason lol

lol sorry to my team, I play gen and blanka, but both yall play those characters better, but good shit had looooads of fun

and lastly FUCK SOVA outside of ryry lol.