C3 Virginia Rush Down April 25th

C3 Virginia Rush Down Touney

C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Court #118
Ashburn, VA 20147

(703) 729-0985

Ok everyone lets get this poppin again, I know there is a major in NJ a week after our monthly, so lets treat this like a big warm up

A few changes for this month, we will not be able to have our 5v5 regional ranking this month, the only slot available was Sat April 25th @ 6:00 pm!

So this month we will only be having SF4 2v2 teams and Singles!

Sorry for any inconvenience guys

$10 Venue Fee
$10 each tournament

Pre -Reg is @ 5pm
Tourney starts @ 6pm
No lock-in this month


SF4 2v2 Teams (8 team cap)

SF4 Singles (no cap)

Magneto Maniac versus Havoc (first to 7)

Tournament Rules
-Prizes 60/30/10% of entry fees of the respective tournament
-Each tournament will be double elimination (you must lose 2 matches to be eliminated)
-Standard matches will be 2 out of 3 games
-Winners/Losers/Grand Finals 3 out 5 games
-during a match, winner of a game, keeps character/team, loser may switch characters
-You are responsible for your own controller when your match comes up
-game freezing glitches are banned
-game pausing will be dealt with on a per-instance basis. generally, person who pauses loses, but it’s up to the proctor/judge
-please follow this format for teams (team name/team members)* same character cannot be used twice, 1 per team


2v2 SF4 (8 team cap)

  1. Team “We Got This” (Moose/Exist)
  2. Team “Waldorf” (Ludovic/Shane)
  3. Team “More Waldorf” (DRas/Spidey)
  4. Team “Future and the present” (Mags/PVFP)
  5. Team “Octomom” (Bunz/DevilJin)
  6. Team “Even more Waldorf” (KingMickey/MasterCrash)
  7. Team “me and Kenji” (Destin/Kenji)
  8. Team “Wha da F were we thinkin” (Jah/Khayri)

Singles SF4 (no cap)

  1. Exist (VA)
  2. KingMickey (MD)
  3. Ludovic (MD)
  4. Spiff (MD)
  5. Fruunkis(VA)
  6. MVA (VA)
  7. Choujin (VA)
  8. JAH (VA)
  9. Moose (VA)
  10. Umthrfkr (VA)
  11. MagnetoManiac (VA)
  12. AzurePhoenix
  13. DevilJin (MD)
  14. ThePirateGeek (MD)
  15. Moroha (MD)
  16. Comeback (PA)
  17. DRas (MD)
  18. Rugi (MD)
  19. Rayza (VA)
  20. Nastrodamus (PA)
  21. ChosenOne (MD)
  22. Slogan (VA)
  23. Havoc (MD)
  24. BlueXor (VA)
  25. Spade(MD)
  26. Spidey (MD)
  27. AbominableK (VA)
  28. Saqs (MD)
  29. Rick (MD)
  30. Dikrodnum (VA)
  31. Dave W (VA)
  32. KBNova (MD)
  33. Solace (MD)
  34. Anthony (MD)
  35. Shane (MD)
  36. MasterCrash (MD)
  37. RugalB (MD)
  38. MrMamation (VA)
  39. Sparatik (VA)
  40. Dookit (west VA)
  41. AutoDemon (NY)
  42. Spankminister (VA)
  43. Khayri (DC)
  44. Corrosive (VA)
  45. Kenji (MD)
  46. Nken (VA)
  47. Kikoman2DX (VA)
  48. Anttt (VA)
  49. DoctorStrange (VA)
  50. Godshot (VA)
  51. Hamsterjohn (VA)
  52. Max (VA)
  53. Broham (VA)
  54. Gimpy (MD)
  55. Yoman (VA)
  56. Lobo (NC)
  57. YourMaster (NC)
  58. Iceman (VA)

1 day TO GO!!!

Wish I was still going to be around for this one!

Good luck Eric V!

singles. moment of truth time.

ninja edit: where the fuck is the alliteration? bout to boycott this shit.

aiight good shit

see yall at the lock in, nice and early.

count me in

Me and the rest of team waldorf will DEF. b there…im takin u out this time erick lmao :slight_smile:

Myself and the large asian shall be in attendance at the lockin, should be quite a delightful event so make an extended effort to appear at the lockin ON TIME!

ken n me r gona b at the lockin. We gon be thur n a hot min, dat joint gone be fiyah

So if I’m understanding things correctly, the STHD 2v2 was replaced with an SFIV 2v2?

Can both ppl use the same character in the 2v2?

Hey Chaos how bout ur ken and my balrog :).

or eric ramza kimmicks who ever employs my services first will get paid :slight_smile:

No GGAC? :sad:

I guess I’ll be bringing the good old dreamcast again! :lovin: Hopfully more peeps will play SF2 turbo or cvs2 :sad: even though its dead. Btw it was so nice seeing all you Gametime heads again that made whole month!

Lol, crap… cant go. Family gonna be moving to a new house, I will catch the next one.

tflame… lets combine our powers to be Team Black and White Cookie from NY

make 2v2 same char. allowed. 2 gorlabs would be divine.

2 gorlabs v. 2 sagnuts in finals will be gdlk.

No anything but sf4? :sad:

ill be there… although i wish there’s more than SF4… ill be there

PRE-REG for singles and teams is up!

Im sorry man, no time this month…may monthly will def have ggac.

Yeah just SF4 this month.

Again its only because we have a 6pm to midnight window this month!

please pre-reg folks!