C3 virginia rush down results

PLEASE READ, I want to start by saying this tournament was dedicated to my boy Jaguar who will be going overseas to serve a tour, you are a good friend and I want you to take care and get back to us safely homie! Much Respect

Also I would to thank everyone who came out, this tourney goes in the books as 1 of the best ever @ C3!

Teams were canceled. :confused: NO TIME

Special Event results:

Magneto Maniac (C.Viper/Chun) VS Havoc (Abel) first to 7

<<<<<Magneto Maniac wins 7-3>>>>>

And can I be the first to say it ladies and gents, ABEL SUCKS! :slight_smile: jk jk

And now without further ado:

Top 17 in SF4 singles

  1. Eric Kim (Sagat)**Undefeated
  2. Marn (Rufus)**lost to Eric K x2
  3. Moose (Balrog)**lost to Marn and Eric K
  4. Magneto Maniac (Chun-li,Ryu)**lost to Eric K and Moose
  5. Renegade (Zangief)**lost to Marn and Magneto Maniac
  6. Skisonic (El Fuerte)**lost to Moose and Umthrfkr
  7. Havoc (Abel)**lost to Renegade and Skisonic
  8. Umthrfkr (Balrog)**lost to Moose and Magneto Maniac
  9. Jaguar (Balrog/Bison)** lost to Havoc and Umthrfkr)
  10. Rugal B (Bison/Balrog)**lost to Iceman and Magneto Maniac
  11. Iceman (Balrog)
  12. Rioting-Soul (Bison)
  13. Corrosive (Bison)
  14. Showtime (E. Honda)
  15. Destin (Sakura)
  16. Jah (Balrog/Ryu)
  17. Flash Metroid (Viper)
  18. Dream (Sagat)
  19. Cali-Agent (Ryu)
  20. Kb Nova (Ryu)
  21. Slogan (Balrog)
  22. LUD (Chun-li)


Hope everyone is planning on attending the East Coast Throw Down (ECT) tournament in New Jersey which is going to be insane fun!!!

Here is the link for further info guys


Congrats to all the placers and I will be posting up next month’s event which is going to include a 5v5 team event!

Im still deciding if it will be the 1st regional ranking battle or just a 5v5 team tourney!

Any good input/advice about this idea pm me or just post it up for discussion amongst us all…peace guys, see you in NJ>>>>>>>

It’s good to see some Ryus scattered thru all those Barlogs. :rofl: More Ryus next time people. :looney::looney:

good seeing everyone as usual.

GG’s to all i played, good shit to flash and destin for taking me out.

GG’s in MAHVEL!! greatest game on the planet.

Xbox needs more seth

Had a great time like always.

Thanks for taking time out of your tournament to do a special event, it was a good experience since I don’t get to travel and play in hype matches often at all against a good player.

Eric K - Good shit I really gave it my all to play you and you stayed hungry.

Mr gdlk - Magnetic Mofo/Present and the Future will be in effect next time! The gods demand it! You’ll do a lot better next time since people sleep on you.

Everyone played really solid, nothing was free since match #1 on the brackets.

Thanks to all the newcomers for supporting the scene and I hope yall had fun. I met too many people to remember and list but it was nice chillin with everyone.

solace - Really proud of the way your Chun is coming up, you’ll be someone to look for once you get the experience in.

ludvic - You’ll beat those Balrogs now that you know standing fierce on them with Chun. You play a lot more calm than me and your instincts are really good. Jaguar is my friend and I didn’t want to give you the winning tip.

Jaguar - I wish you the best of luck in your training + Iraq and we’ll see you soon. Good shit playing solid, I think this was one of the best performances I’ve seen by you.

Glad to have this warm up opportunity for Jersey…MD/VA will come in solid!!!

Good shit to everyone in CvS2!

Nice job MagMan, but next time I wanna see Chun/Akuma as your characters. :wgrin:

Be safe out there Jag.

Good stuff MagMan.

sorry i dissapointed u Chaos… :frowning:

Good tournament. Still a little too slow for my tastes. How many total entered?

I’m still upset by my mistakes in the matches I lost. I need to be way more clutch.

Showtime I have your SF4 for 360 PM me.

GS everybody especially eric k(sick), fun as allways…lookin forward to next month :slight_smile:

I already know you a heavy hitter Moose! Wasn’t too suprised you placed well :karate: Besides your in the Shadaloo army, I cant root for you guys :razzy:

Good games from everyone! Playing at C3 was a very humbling experience for me and my friends. (especially when i watched my friend fall to his knees b/c of Marn)
Hope to see you all again next time, and hopefully squeeze in some time for casuals. GS.

yea it was fun…got to hang out with a lot more people.

bigazn…fun times. get to keep your shirt?

saqs…MM but ill play with my kicks on top row.

eh, i just got lazy. that list could go on.
good shit everyone and sorry to marn and destin for my xbox resetting mid match.
guess i wont be bringing it next tourny.

thanx mags… I hear that a lot. i don’t like getting mad at my opponent when i’m playing, so i remain calm, and also i’m not much of a talker. I’d like to play your chun again, that match wasn’t fair. And jaguar is cool with me too, we played tekken dr a lot in 07. I’ll start reading frames data, they might actually help me. Your Chun is amazing.

GG’s to all the peepz I met there. Special shout outs to Bunz, Dream, Destin, Clueless, Magman and anyone else I missed get at me. I think I was playing pretty much not really to win but to understand how people are playing and what I need to work on execution wise with Viper. I still can’t press 3 buttons together for an Ultra for the life of me. I was doing this subconciously so I ended up losing really early. Now that I know how people in the area are generally playing next C3 I should be ready to unleash a lot of stuff.

If they’re doing teams next C3 I’ve already got a fun team I’m looking to put together. You people that want in know who you are.

Thanks for the shouts, MM.

Great games to all those I’ve played! I’ve never seen so many peeps at a local video game tourney aside from Majors, the community in this area be jumping.

Jag- Best of luck to you sir. Like I said at C3, our match was the most fun I’ve ever had playing SF4. You showed great resolve, but I think you let me get you off your shit towards the end. Still, you fought me harder than you’ve ever fought me before. I respect you for that. Keep that heart out there, and don’t let anyone get you off your shit.

gg’s to all i played. gs to the heads running it. it was a lil better than last time. still i dont think i should be watching marn in training mode during a tourney. :confused:

mags - gs all day. you played real solid. you lost to a character not player in winners. sucks to see that. :confused: i took a gamble with blanka and it worked. just wanted you off chun. i just didnt play solid at all against ryu. my mentality was totally off. just another chapter in the umthrfkr choke book.

dave sparatik - i know you love the mega mix during our match. good to see you come out. glad you can make it. wish i knew how to play tecmo bowl with the old guys.

trash hemroid - #1 in FLA = #17 in VA/MD. all jokes aside good shit seeing you. havent seen you in a while. ggs. and i thought kapitol couldnt get any weaker. pad iron man is gdlk.

marn - greatest rog ever!!! hands down. i wiped my ass with your money btw.

moose - i wanted tails. :confused:

corrosive n dikrodnum - good to finally meet you guys. mad chill and cool. we need to session up sometime. thanks for the ride.

nintendo - lookin good bro(no homo). gdlk to see you doing your thing. get well soon(foot)

b1g - thanks for the blow and go

broham - its only rog. :confused: good to see you guys come out.

slogan - rufus has the toughest combos in the game.

jason - stop eating those donuts.

hav - abel is gdlk

ski - sorry for the down back. my towards wasnt working.

jags - man, serious shit bro. best of luck to you over there. keep your cool, and keep your head down. will be in my prayers.

rockman - randomly saw you at ihop. get your ass out more and get sf4 already.

everyone else i know and dont - gs for attending. ill see you all next time again.

kimmiks - [media=youtube]dsKO_r76kfQ[/media]

i brought cvs2. does that mean i contributed to the scene? meh…

C3 was fun, and so was playing mvc2.
Thanx to those guys who played marvel with me.

Good shit to all the players who attended the tourney! Missing everyone big time"no homo".The job has been kicking my ass but i’m coming back.

Congratz to kimmicks taking the tourney and pat placing sorta high in it:confused:

I will attend the next one for sure.Gotta play kimmicks and Ogre in SF4 so i can learn the game.As I still have not played a full match in it ever!!.