C3 "Warm up challenge" Ashburn,Va April 2nd

C3 Cyber Club

44710 Cape Court
Ashburn, VA 20147
(703) 729-0985

So we are planning on throwing a Friday tourney to help prepare for our major at the end of April…

Time: 5pm pre-reg/ 6pm we start

Date: April 2nd Friday

Singles event:

SF4 1v1 Xbox $5

TVC 1v1 Wii $5

3S 1v1 Ps2 $5

CVS2 1v1 Ps2 $5 (if someone brings it)

$10 Venue Fee


-Gill is banned
-No burning stage for TVC
-Giants are allowed
-double elim
-No game breaking glitches in MVC2

We will be running casuals before tourney begins! around 5pm

Hope everyone can make it out to get some games in!!

Eagle Eye out-


may i suggest dropping sf4 for cvs2 and just breaking any 3s disc that enters the building.

Lol. Keep 3s, but I think no one cares if SF4 is there or not.

If I go, I will bring 3s. Its looking pretty good.

CVS2 would be sick bring it!

See you there bro!


Everyone should come out. To get bodied before super (including me). I need to still beat my demon Steve just once.

I agree…sup with teams as well in that 4???

$5 3v3?

3s teams???

DO iT!!!

I’ll play whatever, down to press buttons on any system.


i like me/me/me over that team

Almost. Then chillin comes in to ocv x 3.


3v3 added in that 4!

Stay hype people!!!

WOW this girl is suppose to be coming to Evo for the girls tourney, here she is beasting up on Mago rofl!


yo ugghhhh

I’m down to press a lot of buttons on whatever too. I just gotta make sure I’m off that day.

yeah its already been predetermined she is gonna win the female event.

Man she could place top 16 in regular tourney…what u think??

UME dropping gems…[media=youtube]FZ9eWIt_-CA&feature=related[/media]

Palace will be full-time training grounds for SSF4 pm to set up times to level up!

She could go all the way and be placed on top of magtecks’ lap. I like this.

Might come thru for some Casuals…need mad (MAD) help getting back into SF4 ( been playing Alpha2 like a mad man for the past month…).

good stuff!

yo im not sure if teams is the best idea for this, especially 3v3. if we get like a 15 person turnout again theres no chance we’re running a 3v3, maybe we should just keep it to singles? or at least 2v2, cuz i dont see this tourney having the turnout necessary to make 3v3 legit