C3's OCT RUNBACK 2v2 Tourney results

Let me start off by saying I had a blast chilling and gaming with everyone this weekend @ C3!

This was our second Oct tourney and it was a total success thanks to all of you guys…I have the date for next month and will be making the new thread later today for Nov…again I am trying to get together a Halloween bash for everyone at the end of the month…I will keep you guys updated on that for whoever may want to come chill and play!

Also we had our grudge match go down between:

Good Grief (Zangief) vs Magnet Maniac (Chun/Ryu) in a classic FT7 bout!

The final score was 7-2 making Magneto Maniac undefeated in MM at C3…

Magman vs Jwong (MVC1) took $500 from Mr Wong and Marn!

Magman vs HAV (SF4) I think the score was 7-3 Mags

Magman vs Good Grief (SF4) 7-2

17yr old Grandmaster? UGHHHHHHHHHHH…we brewing a monster over here in VA lol! Who wants to grudge match the kid next? PM me if interested!

And will we still see Foomy vs Asian Daisy MVC2 MM?

Tournament Results:

SF4 2v2 Results

  1. PVFP(Blanka)/Magman(Chun)
  2. EricKim(Sagat)/Jags(Boxer)
  3. Nasir(Gen)/NoDefence(Zangief)
  4. Exist(Blanka)/AsianDaisy(Boxer)
  5. GoodGrief(Zangief)/MuffinMan(Boxer) & Chillen(Sagat)/Azen (Viper)
  6. Epsilon(Akuma)/Inerd(Chun) & DevilJin(Viper)/BBhood(Ryu)

MVC2 2v2 Results

  1. Exist/AsianDaisy
  2. Jusj3f/Anthony
  3. PVFP/Slogan

Blaze Blue 2v2 Results

  1. Jusj3f/Master Crash
  2. Corrosive/Coma
  3. Mamation/Slogan

HDR 2v2 Results

  1. Biran(Claw)/Corrosive(Cammy)
  2. No Defence(Ryu)/Nasir(DeeJay)
  3. Sayco(Guile)/MuffinMan(FeiLong)

There you have it guys, like I stated before I really want to try and get 2 Nov C3 going so we can be even more ready for NEC which is going to be huge this year!

And if we do have 2 events per month…one of them will be a straight up $5 dollar event so we can all participate okay!

Oh and a BIG SHOUT OUT to BIG ASIAN for all the help!

I best get my FUCKING SHOUT OUT!!!

Shit was mad hype this tourney.

Thanks for Grief and Magman for making bamas get so hype.

Keninblack, is the up and coming youngin. Give him some years to mature like Magman, and Keninblack will be bodying bamas. Sorry I couldn’t get a W.

Good shit on coming out Pete, I havent seen you in years. This guy was so fucking HYPE!!!

That Gen player was mad nasty.

Goodshit folks, get hype for the next grudge match.

Thanks to GOD from saving my seat for the grudge match. I swore to you Pat, that it only looked like you were sitting on one seat. :lol:

btw, Tekken 6 looks like the Chronicles of Narnia with the combination of ASS. No matter how good the graphics are, it won’t save the game from its shitty game engine and masher friendliness. Plus a revenge meter? 80% combos are already too common, than add another 20% on top of the damage, GGPO/GTFO.

good shit to top 3. i challenge mags to a mm :smokin: in tekken lol

Wow Petey and Exist on the same team in marvel ugh…Thats death. You guys should’ve been on separate team for real.

congrats to Magman for being on the come up…

In other news…WTF am I doing on this site. I’m not coming back…or am I hehe.

Bring yo ass back nigga!!! :rofl:

props to magman for beating that guy popping shit lol

the future is now

Nice event Eric V, lets make 2-a-months a reality :smiley:
I’m going to be busy with 3 exams over the next 3 days this week so bear with me on the uploads, I’mma talk to seb and try and get rights to upload it to frame-advantage’s youtube. if not I’ll post them on mine, with the URLS in this thread. Stay tuned.

And yes, I have candid footage of Eric Kim humping Jaguars leg on tape


This nigga trying to come back for his 3412048 retirement…

Good shit to MagMan for getting a tournament victory.

Mamation… you owe me a 10-piece from Popeye’s!!! I’m collecting next time I see you. Believe that.

good shit to everyone, pleasure seeing everyone as usual.

shout out to roscoe for his 10-1 victory over asiandaisy

Thanks to Corrosive for letting me chill in HDR.

Biron: I thought it’d be the other way around, honestly. All victims of Hooligan can thank you for their ruined lives.

BBHood: Good shit in Akatsuki casuals. There had to be some lag on that set up, I’m not sure why, but it explains a lot of our dropped inputs. I think it’s the Laptop at this point, but I still had fun.

epsilon: Thanks for playing HDR/ST. Not quite where I want to be in terms of skill level, but it’s still nice to place first, lol. Enter if there’s HDR next time!

Anyone I played in BB: Good shit, but game is not the truth.

Matt Coma: Confidence, man. Despite your showing, I still know you’re one of the best in the area, and probably the best at that tournament when you aren’t second guessing yourself. Learn from this mistake, and believe in your character.

Furthermore, good shit to all placing teams. See you next tourney.

Good stuff mags and pat.

Grimy Grizzly, you surprised myself and I’m sure the people watching. Good shit…keep playing.

Sayco - You’re such a chill dude, I hope you win that money back easily.

umthrfkr - TEAM GDLK!!! I’m bringing that CVS2 disc every tournament now. There’s a connection! CVS2 baby!!!

Jaguar - SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!! I saw your save to keep your team in the tournament + an OCV. Very nice return, welcome back!

Lud - Chun mirrors are random, see?! I like your patience in the match, good stuff.

Nasir - Didn’t get to find you before I left, but man your Gen is SICK. It was nice to watch you play and to get to play against you. You play like a true OG SF player, good shit in the tournament and I hope you make it out to more of these. I was mentally preparing to play against Gen again until Jaguar made that comeback.

Both Petes - Two asian marvel Petes…HMMM lol. Yo, always good chillin with you foolios. Pete L, good to see you come out to this shit and get hype with me. Wouldn’t have been the same without you. Also, thanks for the cut on the bet…that was generous of you.

Slipping by Sagat in two 2/3 GF set was like winning the super bowl to me. It’s finally a relief to come out on top of that gauntlet once. Protoman I request the GF videos first…I just want to see what it looks like from a spectator’s point.

As always, good shit to everyone who makes it out to these. Stay hungry, T6 next month…everyone get hype!

edit: Oh, I guess it was was the rugi-vision cam? Well whomever it was, I just wanna see grand finals.

Mirrors are random lol. They’re still fun. You won fairly. I lost to who i expected to anyway.

I just love C3, it’s so fun for me. it’s my second home.

Pat needs to stop mashing buttons with blanka.

hype shit was hype.

Good shit to Mr. Valencia for hosting another GDLK event.:tup::smokin:

Mags good shit on the MM win, but you better shake my hand next time.its just a show of courtesy,real talk.:china:

i formally met alot of heads for the first time,including the likes of Rugi,Omni,Johan(sp?),AsianDaisy,NoDefence and Matt Coma. you guys were mad chill.good shit,and i gotta get matches in with all of you next time around.
Pete I’ll MM you in MvC2 just for the sake of getting you back out.

good shit to seeing all of my previously acquired acquaintances once again,
pat you still owe me a footrace MM,i TOLD you id give you two carlengths headstart,whats good?

Shotout to KeninBlack,sorry i was a crappy anchor,EricV counterpicked me again,:rofl: but i finally got to see you play 3s,your dudley would own my soul,real talk,:rofl::tup:

GOOD SHIT to SAYCO being back.feel like a member of the fam came back home,yupyup.:tup:

I won my first IN tourney match with Seth!:encore::rofl: but then two HK from Eric Kims sagat rushdown cast me back to the depths of hell,:rofl::sweat: good shit to you and Jag though.

Good shit to all that came out. I still can’t fight Gief (with Viper any ways) and jumped too much against Gen. :lol: I’ll still play IV in tournaments but not to win anymore. Just to support the scene. Not my kinda game.

@ Bigazn…Tekken 6 doesn’t have 80 percent combos anymore and the “revenge” only occurs when you have like 10 percent life left which means you get one real chance to put it to use or die. Vanilla T6 got a bad rep for a rage system that started up when you still had plenty of health left and large damage combos but the new T6 basically got the SFIV treatment. Heavy damage reduction on large combos. A big combo is now just half life at most and that keeps the matches going at a good pace.

Hell Super Turbo had 80 percent combos and that game is still strategically a lot better than SFIV. I regularly kill people in that game with 1 combo and 2 throws with one of the lowest tiers in the game. In Tekken 6 there are a lot of times where you will never get to use the rage system or will get to use it and still die any ways. In SFIV everyone gets revenge all the time just because they are holding the controller/arcade stick in their hand. 2 times in the same round even. SFIV is clearly the most masher/execution friendly SF game ever and is too focused on invincibility, making invincible moves safe and option selects that cut down all of your options to “block or tech throw”. There’s too many situations where one person has way more incentive to attack than the other and I hate that false sense of momentum in the fights.

Whatever happens with who ends up playing what…I guess at least it’s better than Halo. :lol: I’m just glad we can all still come to this and keep the fighting game scene alive every month. Grief vs. Mag money match showed us the amount of hype we can still build at these events. It didn’t really make sense to me how so many people backed Grief but I understand now that they were just supporting their boy and I respect that. It just shows we’re all going to have a lot to learn about each other’s games in the future.

Lol, damn my 10 piece :frowning:

As far as sf4 is concerned. I’m going to see if I can find a more fun character. Bison is just too boring and matches almost always last till the last 5 seconds. At this point I really don’t feel like using brain power 80 to 95 seconds a match that usually goes to the third round in the third set.

Or maybe I will let T6 hold me over till ssf4.

grand finals alone is probably around 15-17 videos, all of which take about 30 minutes to render. I’ve got three exams this week, so I’ll be putting videos up in bits in pieces until wednesday. I also emailed seb so I’m trying to figure out whether i can upload to frame-advantage or whether i have to upload to my own account

Oh ok, good shit roogster/rewgee. 15/17? Damn, you should just bunch them together in 10 minute splits if you could.