CA chip kill is unfair to grapplers!

This needs to change, doesn’t take skill regardless.

Command throws are untechable, this is unfair to non-grapplers!

This needs to change, doesn’t take skill regardless.

Seriously? Grappler has to get in your face to even get a grab. Even then it’s not guaranteed!


Am I missing something? Excuse my ignorance of I’m wrong. I am a new SF player.

Yeah I kinda figured that. I think you need to practice.

I think you are completely missing the point… ONLY ca can chip out a character, which used to be done by a few easy fireballs.
I am 100% comfortable with ca chip outs, since the opponent has to spend all bars

This is a match I had in which I came back from 1hp! Wouldn’t Ken for example have been able to kill me even if I blocked his Critical Art?

Yeah, he could have chipped you. grappler CA’s are unblockable.

Maybe I’m just too new but for now it seems unfair to be able to just do a cross screen CA and win.

Zangief’s CA does about 50% damage guaranteed, has massive range and cannot be teched. Plus they’re gambling their entire meter, and it’s not like you can just throw a CA out there at random and expect it to hit. Most people, in most situation, will not be meter managing for the sole purpose of a chip kill.

You also have 50 more health than Ken. Characters aren’t identical. Also, they don’t get to start off with a chip kill. You have to let yourself be nearly killed, and they have to build and then use all their meter. Not everything that you lose to needs a nerf.

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And probably all of , frankly.

You start using the word “fair”, you’re giving up on yourself and your ability to get better. If XXX has a bad matchup against YYY, adapt. If that means you need a second character who can deal with that, then make that happen. You are going to lose. You are going to lose in miserable ways. Get better.

After all the points you guys have made I am man enough to say I change my mind lol. You guys make good points! Thanks for replying!

In the almost 2 decades that SRK has been in existence THIS has got to be a first.

Grapplers? You mean half the damn roster?

What a turnaround. lol

“What a twist!”

Someone should submit a front page article tip. SRK may have just solved the Internet.