CA wont connect on crouchers from Spiral Arrow?

Just realized this tonight, if the opponent is crouching, spiral arrow isn’t cancel-able to CA? needs to be dp? I was wondering why it was missing at times, cr mp cr mp, spiral arrow isn’t canceable to super, it misses,

its harder for me to combo DP from crouching MP i dunno why it must be a muscle memory issue,

anybody else notice this? or am i bugging out right now haha

is your super coming out and whiffing, or is it just not coming out at all? if it’s the former, try using a different button to activate super like LK or MK instead of HK. that changes the angle of the super, using HK can make it whiff sometimes.

if it’s the latter then i’m pretty sure your problem is that you’re just messing it up. spiral arrow isn’t cancelable for the entire duration of the move but if you can connect both cr. mp’s then it should be landing.

He’s right. I always use light super if I’m using a heavy spiral arrow. Just because if they’re crouching, I won’t go over their head

wow, the super comes out just wiffs, i didn’t know that activating super with LK matters, im going to try that now. i thought that it just wouldn’t connect on crouchers.

Basically this is how you use your super:

:lk: If I land a VT Spiral Arrow in the corner or if I do a VT SA that puts me in the corner.
:mk: Used in Regular Spiral Arrow combos
:hk: Fireball punisher, after a Cannon Spike ender, and sometimes as an escape option when cornered

Do you mean Cannon Spike (DP)?

I connect cr. mp, cr. mp > spiral arrow > mk CA every time on crouching opponents.
You have to adjust the aiming on the critical art with L M H versions of the CA.
I use LK CA for when the opponent is going for a mistimed cross up on wake up. I use HK to punish full screen moves with slow recoveries.