Cab and board for SSF2T (USA)

I want to buy a two-player sit-down cabinet for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

It seems like a JAMMA cabinet such as an Astro City or Egret II cabinet would be ideal - what other types should I consider?

I have looked through the sticky posts, but none seem to mention where I could actually buy such a cab (other than the rather vague advice of “contacting distributors”).

Ideally, I’d like to buy an unused cabinet, i.e. brand-new. If anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Additionally, where can I buy the JAMMA board itself?

Many thanks,

  • Andrew

this should be in the trading outlet…

Ebay and are a couple good sources for jamma boards. I think rodchan is selling a ST board. Check the sell/trade section.

:edit: Here you go:

And just to add to my original post: Could I conceivably buy any JAMMA compatible cabinet, and then just buy a SSFT2 board to put in it?

The Egret and Astro City cabinets that are available all seem to be rather old. Does Sega make brand new JAMMA cabinets that I could put a purchased board into?

Many thanks

Good luck finding a brand new cabinet. Pretty sure Sega Japan ceased production of JAMMA cabinets long ago, probably the only cabinet (aside from dedicated games) they make today would be the Lindbergh (JVS with HD LCD). Sega Europe still has the Naomi Universal but though CRT based it also follows the JVS standard and not JAMMA. Taito may still be able to deliver brand new Egret III cabinets which are JAMMA but would cost an arm and two legs to import.