Cable and Sentinel Teams will die! (8otB Results)



  1. Desmond Pinkney - Xecutioner - Sentinel/Storm/CapCom
  2. Shawn Morgan - Starbury - Storm/Sentinel/Cyclops
  3. Ed Espino - Ace - Cable/Sentinel/Doom
  4. James Sorge - Nightmare - Mega Man/Cable/CapCom
    T5: Alex Monin - Bernie
    T5: Matt Shiminsky

Cable/Sentinel players all got 5th or below except for Ace
Shawn still owns me in MvC 2, damn Sentinel of his. :stuck_out_tongue:
It took four people coaching someone to knock me out of the winners bracket (LOL)
Former Menlo players are getting good, same with Phil, take my hat off to you guys. You guys have improved A LOT!
Todd took a tape of “X” and Starbury, wonder when it will be out
I can still beat Ed in XvSF (hehe, you’re still a good challenge though)

Todd will be posting the official standings whenever.



the people have spoken i guess next week will be CVS2 :smiley:


Damn it.:frowning:
I didn’t know there was a MvC2 tourney this thursday. I would have gone.

When is the next MvC2 tournament?


You guys are lucky I had no money to come…I had some anger to let out…:bluu:


Something about that first post just pisses me off for some reason…

but I’m gonna be nice and not say anything much right now.

Fuck the voting of cvs2, btw. The “people” didn’t vote for shit. Rob getting random people that don’t come and probably have never even been to the Broke to vote cvs2 shouldn’t count. This annoys me because I know the turnout will be shit like always and I wanted to come because finals are over for me by Thursday. Now I’m probably not coming cuz no one’s gonna show and shit will be boring as hell. Fuck it, I’m going to Two Towers instead and getting drunk. Either order of those events works for me. Certainly more productive than showing up next week for that ish.

I never use this gay smiley, but I feel it’s appropriate for once. :lame:


it wasn’t me sorry, i was going to but it was already high enough :frowning:


i made 6 new accounts and voted for CvS2

oh yeah james did it really take 4 people coaching to take you down in mvc2? really now? wow! you should get a cookie or a ribbon or somthing :smiley:


James, I’ll take you down myself… Especially your Megaman/Cable/Sent team…But anyway…WELCOME BACK.:smiley:


Yeah, it did. Desmond, Shawn, and a few others were telling him to do every move. I beat him in the rematch, so it didn’t stick. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the welcome back. I’m talking it over with work so I can make a few more tournaments in the future (like once a month). If you want me, bring yourself to the Break on a weekend (PM me first) and I’ll bring it (that’s when I’ve been practicing while work keeps me occupied). Best of 7. :smiley: