Cable Based Teams

I would like to know what team are best for cable and why…

I play with bh cable doom scrub, reverse row, cable sent doom to name a few… haven’t really found a team i want to stick with… any suggestions?

i appreciate them…

personally, I play Scrubclops since I like cyke more then capcom, duc or Jin/Cable/Tron. but that’s just me.


You’ll basically want a team that can beat magneto - higher level magnetos squash cable. Plus you gotta factor who you want to play cable with - IM? spiral? sent? and if you want true anti air ( not drones or rocks).

Best teams are proabably SSCable - alot of good players using it and you have storm/sent to start vs magneto

Scubclops is good too - underated. Cable/cyke is a great duo.
Duc is great too.

you can use alot of variations with cable.
I like mags/cabl/tron

Ok, thanks augmint… I know that top mags vs top cables usually end up cable dying horribly fast however… Ii enjoy playing with him never the less…

I don’t like ssc i’ve tried it not my thing i may give it another try but i don’t like to follow the masses i enjoy thinking for myself and not trying to play/be a yipes row or whomever…

I think after a certain point its about the person skill level than it is about the characters… It also helps playin against the best all the time as well