i wanted to get other peoples oponions about the team i currently use…Cable(AAA)/Capcom(AAA)/And Setinal(Ground)

Capcom/setinal is the shit…and cable is cool too:lol:

i would rearrange it to sent/cable/capcom

this way it’s easier to have cable coming in with meter instead of building it for yourself.

yeah good idea:D

this team is too good imo…i feel that if you have a really good sent player, he’ll do the damage and build meter for cable. when cable comes in…well everyone knows how good/cheap cable/capcom is. hehe.

Sentinel/Cable/Commando…good order. However if you have a strong Cable, then I would start in this Order.


People usually start Mag. Cable Normally loses to Mag. However having a good Cable and knowing when to block will beat a mag, as long as you still hold a healthy Commando helper.

Also, Cable Sentinel lockdown is key.

Against Rushdown Chars: Call Sent, sj.fp(shot),weak v.b, fierce v.b
Call Sent again, s.j into feirce grenade, weak v.p

Thats good lockdown against Rushdown.
Against Runaway it work just as good, basically the only thing you need to switch up that lockdown on is Cable, dont use the weak v.b after s.j in air, thrown weak grenade, then fall with strong viper beam.

After repaet the super jump grenade and weak viper beam again, then repeat the whole process

P.S: Sorry for spelling, extremely tire

this team is only good as your defense…

isn’t Cable for defence? wit sent/capcom u can go all out an stomp them!:evil: Come on X stomp that shit!!!

this team dies to magneto/snapback horribly. But if they dont have magneto it’s great!!!

If you’re playing MSS, this team will probably have the bigger chance of winning because Magneto has no anti air (Which he, IMO, needs in order to fight Sentinel), you can play turtle Sent/Commando for the longest time without having to change your tune. Just learn to punish the assists as soon as you see them come out, even if it’s simple.