Cable choice for connecting two arcade sticks together for OUYA


Hi All,

Heres a question for you.

I currently have a arcade stick made with Sanwa parts and an IPAC2. I currently only use it on for MAME on my PC.

I want to start using it on my OUYA and make an additional stick for a 2nd player. I don’t want them in the same unit as i don’t want to have to sit too close to my opponent!

Rather than buying an additional IPAC2 i was thinking of connecting the two together via a cable, wire the 2nd stick into my existing IPAC2 board, and have a single lead heading from the P1 stick to the OUYA.

What can I use to connect them?

I want them to be detachable so i can continue with single player, and easily transportable.

I was thinking about using a SCART cable (21 cables) or two ethernet cables (16) and their respective female parts. Would that work?
I imagine you need a cable per input so need something that has at least 15 wires… (4 directions, 8 buttons, Coin, Start, and GND)

Open to advice, many thanks.


I’d use a db15 connector in that case.


Thats a good idea. Just like a normal pc monitor cable?

Is it as straight forward as soldering to the same pins at each end and plugging in the cable? Are there any crossovers? I’m googling but no idea what to search for!


Pretty much. I would follow the pinout recommended here Project Box Controllers: A Guide to Modular Controllers

These connectors are also an option if you don’t like soldering


Many thanks! I’ll have a look and let you know!