Cable Combos (No Assist needed)



Hey everyone, Fang here with a small Cable thread of my mine. I’ve kinda got tired of seeing and using the same lk (or lp), lk, tiger knee AHVB combo every time Cable is played (no matter how effective it is). There’s probably been a few of these combos that’s been used, but oh well. Here goes nothing:

  1. Cr. lk, Cr. HP (1hit) xx tk AHVB - When you’re doing the Cr. HP, the moment the Gun knocks your opponent in the air, cancel into the AHVB

  2. Cr. HK, cr. lk, cr. mk xx tk AHVB - I remember seeing this in a video once. I believe it was called “Double Trip” or something like that. Pretty cool though.

  3. Jump in HK, s. FP (Gun hits, then 1 bullet), HK Crackdown (hits) xx Hyper Viper - It’s kind of a one Super thing but funny to look at.

  4. Corner Combo: Jump in Hk, S. lk, HP (gun hits, then 1 bullet), HK Crackdown xx Time Flip (The After-image knocks your off the ground), tk AHVB. - This one is actually one of my favorite Cable combos.

Combos already seen or done:

  1. lk, lk, HK xx tk AVHB

  2. HPx4 Viper Beam xx Hyper Viper

  3. HPx4, Psimitar xx AHVB

If there’s anymore solo combos that I’ve missed, or you want to comment on the ones posted, just let me know.


In corner:, land, dash in s.lp, s.fp [1 shot], xx (fk) crackshot xx time flip [1 hit], {dash in,, c.fp [bullet hits] xx (fk) crackshot xx time flip [1 hit] } x 3, dash in,, c.fp [bullet hits] xx (fk) crackshot, TK HVB.


this is cool


Thanks. I thought it would be cool not to use Assists when using combos for Cable.


S.LP, S.MK, S.HPx4 cancel into Viper Beam for the first 2 hits cancel into HvB

for a good assist use Sents Ground assist with the combo