Cable coming between friends


Well this is Mahvel, and as you can already guess things done got heated. I’ll try to make this short as possible; so here we go… My friend and I agreed to main at least 2 of the big 4. I picked Ororo and Sentinel… She picked Eric and Sentinel.

This is where the problem begins. As a couple weeks go by I notice my Ororo and Sentinel has began to move alot faster. She began to feel it was taking to long to learn Eric; so she kicked him to the streets and picked up Nathan! Now I had no problem with this until some time went by and I notice her Sentinel was pure butt!

I asked her does she practice with Sentinel, but her exact words were “No, reflying and flight combos take to long to learn”… I argued that we picked these characters to learn some execution. Anyway our matches began for the night, and let me tell you I suck compared to some of the people that play this game… But holy Santhrax I dominated her Sentinel with mines! I mean there were reflys everywhere “If I could get them out -_-”…

Any matches she got on me was because of running away with Cable. I began to think to myself, and I told her as well “Cable is like a X-Factor for MvC2”. As you can guess she didn’t take that very well. I wasn’t trying to be mean, but I didn’t want her to give up on characters that take true skill because one charater is easy to play it with. I tried Cable out for myself just to be sure, and came to the conclusion that he is cheap bullshit with or without meter.

Anyway I miss my friend already, and I wish she would have stuck with Eric and Sentinel.


what do you really want or expect cable to do?


Well I know I can’t expect much, but I at least play Team Row. When your entire gameplay is based off running away its boring.


Cable can’t kill you in one combo with no meter and be meter positive afterwards like XF. So he has nothing like XF.

There are almost no fighting games where zoning is top tier and even the ones where it is, it’s like the lower end of top tier. Cable still gets mauled by the other top tiers and zoning in Marvel 3 is pretty ass in a 3/5 set except for Morrigan, Viper and a few other characters. In 3 you basically just zone until you force them to block something then tap them with a clean hit and kill them off most of the time.

SFIV is going to be the same deal. Characters that zone still not being as good as the ones that get in and fuck you up. Work on your movement so you can get in that ass and adapt.


You guys are always playing devil’s advocate like it’s a fucking tick. Be sensible about their growth and stop trying to oust anyone that refuses to pretend that they’re learning. I have friends that have stopped playing any video game with me after their cable stopped learning and I just owned. Like they don’t play anythingwith me anymore. They don’t even wanna go to the arcade anymore. She’s not complaining about losing, she’s complaining that her friends focus has shifted from learning to winning because people like you are always spewing shit like adopt adopt adopt.

I’m with you OP, your friend needs to cut those nails and give it another go.


cable is easy to beat ur thrax just sucks probably


Shutup!! I’m still learning!


All I can say is just learn their pattern cause almost always they’re gonna have a pattern going with Cable. Most folks on XBL do the typical jump back, grenade, and if you’re close enough assist. You just gotta find that little hole and take advantage of it. I know it gets frustrating too but patience is the key cause they’re gonna fuck up with the pressure.

Also, keep in mind that most Cable players be trying to punish your assist too if you constantly keep calling them out.

This is true but it depends on who you’re playing. That Cable with Clops or CapCom assist be hard as fuck to get in.


Rush that nigga down son. Cable doo doo stains.


just convince her to practice sent, the difference between a good sent and a bad sent is enormous, it just isn’t worth it putting sent on a team if you don’t at least try to know how he works imo

using cable isn’t the problem here, if she’s not motivated to learn, she probably wouldn’t practice sent even if she stuck with mags. telling her cable is cheap or scum or w/e won’t help too much

i mean, what if she actually put in time learning the nuances with cable? a good cable still looks cheap as all hell, but just because it looks cheap doesn’t necessarily mean there was no effort trying to learn how to maximize. trying to call her out on it even with good intentions might just make her feel you’re downplaying the practice she put in so she becomes less motivated which is exactly what you don’t want

also if you think cable is the XF of marvel 2, be glad that you haven’t felt the truest bullshit of XF



It’s not that easy for me, I don’t have the skill level you all have at the moment. I’m sort of still learning…


you already can float tridash just work on keeping the pressure afterwards. no one can block forever