Cable Defensive Patterns



So, we all know that Cable’s defensive patterns, along with his AHVBx3 are what makes him the monster he is. Question is, I don’t know any, and I seriously think I could use some help :stuck_out_tongue:

What are his basic patterns for defense, what are the holes, what do you typically have the most problems guarding against, and if you see that someone’s having a problem guarding something you absolutely crush, tell 'em how you do it.

Also, I use Cable/Sent/Cyke, so… more than likely, most applicable defensive patterns will deal with Cable/Sent Drones or Cable/Cap or Cable/Cyke

Though some people do play Sent/Storm/Cable or Jesus…



call assist, tk a grenade that blows up in ya face ain’t eva bad, not A LOT of holes in that. he has a BUNCH of lockdowns ON sentinel WITH sentinel’s drones.

sometimes a tk’ed lp viper beam isn’t bad along with an assist, juss SAFE random things


I’m more worried about what to do verse Magnus, because he rushes my shit for free. Especially when I start Cable first. There’s gotta be something other than starting sent that I can do, but he gets in on me and I can’t zone him properly anymore.



how do i make the grenade exploid in my face? i’ve seen it done before but i’m like wtf…


hold it a little bit longer than wut ur holding it, if u don’t hold it long enough it will go out a long ways, if u hold it too long it will go out random distances…hope that makes sense.


Just practice timing on dreamcast amigo, it’s never gonna change (The timing), so once you got it, you got it. Also, I’ve offically switched to straight up ‘scrub’ instead of s/c/c

How do you keep up pressure and defensive patterns without backing yourself into a corner? Bait a super jump and wave dash under? I always have to block fucking drones…



if i hold it it goes further… it doesn’t explode in my face.

also which grenade is better? lk or hk?


You only hold the kick button until the grenade ‘just’ leaves his hand, then you let go and it will detonate.



Well, a good team scrub covers every hole possible.
Obviously, you want to hold the opp at bay as much as possible.
However, I don’t see the point in running the whole time, you gotta dash in and mix it up at one point to give the opp the impression that not only does he have to defend against the shooting, but also against some mean Cable beasting. When I said beasting I meant something else other then AHVB x 3. Cable could beast the living hell out of a magneto that gets cocky in its aggressive rushdown tactics.

Heres how I defend against a magneto at closer/farther quarters and what I do on his everymove:

Assuming we are using team scrub…

extreme close quarters:,, call Sentiniel Drones or Capcom AA, j.fp, lk grenade HOLD to cover assist. Next predict your opp approach on medium range table

opp movement on extreme close quarters:
situation 1:if you both hit each each other on the first, then dash back and call Sentiniel, j.fp, lk grenade HOLD
situation 2:they pick at the assist or eat drones, let the grenade or drones take care of him, and AHVB.
situation 3: Capcom blast him up, if he stays toward HIS side, go to long range table. If he air dashes towards your side, then wave dash to the other quickly and refer to the range you are at with him.
situation 4: he SJs, and airdashes foward directly atop you. You can either wavedash across, or dash a quickie, on the other side of him. (he won’t know what hit him) Refer to Meduim or long range rable
situation 5: he takes all the chip damage, now refer to long range.

Meduim quarters: Depends on his attack patterns. If you think hes just gonna dash in, then call Sentiniel drones. If you think hes gonna sj air dash to your side again, call Capcom.
After chosen assist, j.fp, lk grenade HOLD.

opp movement on medium range:
situations 2-5 on close quarters still apply
situation 6: You’re all probubly asking, but what about the hole when Capcom leaves the screen and Magneto makes a dash for you?
Well, buddy that happened because

  1. You work too slow
  2. You should have went with Sentiniel
    However, you can do your last action on your way down, fk. If he launches you and your kick hits him then refer to the I’m in the air and hes on the ground right below me section. If your kick hits him, beast him, dash,,,, AHVB x 2. If he launches you, no worries. Mash out of hypergrab tempest at top, and refer to OMG, what a fucker secion.

Long range: Sentiniel assist ONLY, j.fp, fk grenade HOLD if nessary.

opp movement on long range:
siuations 2-6 still apply

I’m in the air and hes on the ground right below me:
Hit yourself after the match. This is the worst way to be in against MSP. He can do this:
Call Psylocke AA if he has, and then magneto is on you like a women on the rag
Dash to either side of you and punish you
You can do this:
If hes your friend, push his start button, and beast him
If he ain’t, pray that he whiffs or your Capcom is just faster on this day.

OMG, what a fucker:
He just do that? Mash out and AHVB (let go of the stick, and mash cause the tempest could hit you) If it does, roll. If it doesn’t then be happy.

OR you could just mash out, and be just fine. Refer to section on where you are both are landing.

Sheesh, Did i just spend the time writing this?


Man I will tell you the truth. Mag rapes cable almost everytime.
If you want to see a good cable in action, look for some Cable videos containing SiN or SooMighty. They both have excellent Cable/Sentinels.

The point is you can’t stay away from a good mag forever. No one’s a perfect player and holes will be made in your defense. Whether it be j.FP at the wrong time or mag jumping over your AAA assist. It happens.
When he gets in your face you have to use some high priority moves to get him away. NEVER SIT AND BLOCK!!! Thats where the triangle jumps and mixups kill you. At least try to jump STRAIGHT up then immediately block in the air. This eliminates ground guessing games. And while you jump call sent or cyc’s/caps’ assist. If the assist is blocked dash back and jab viper beam them to cover the assist.
If you’re stuck in the corner and mag is all in your face do jab psimitars or d+FP to get him out of your face. These moves have some crazy priority. Sometimes a d+jab will stop his triangle jump if timed right. Throw these out at random with an assist at the same time like d+FP+sent drones for example but use sparingly. He will catch on.
Finally you can get away with throwing out some random FK’s at different moments when you think he’s gonna rush at you or triangle jump at you. If it hits go directly to AHVB.
When mag goes crazy on you like those SooMighty or Taiji videos, don’t choke and go to block mode. Big mistake! At least try something such as d+FP or jump straight up and block or jump straight up with jab, FP, (if they hit go to AHVB before u land).

Hope this helps.


instead of being a keep away player,why not use himto attack…i do these all the time…for me if the two players are equally equal in terms of skill,the cable player wins the game…just be careful of your attacks and always protect yourselves w/ good anti airs like cyke/capcom…always have a good projectile to cover you up at long range battels…hope this helps…:slight_smile:

hey to evryone there,can you pm me and send me some vids of yours…thanks in advance…:slight_smile:


I recommend this people vid wise if you’re trying to learn Cable, scrub style.

Randy Lew

Also, Row and Kuan I think both play Cable. So does Codylicious, but only Cody and Kuan play scrub I think.

X plays Cable too, he might have a scrub vid around somewhere.

There are good Cable’s out there, but Lew and Genghizzy play almost strickly scrub and are probably the best examples to watch if you’re attempting to learn Cable for scrub.

If you wanna learn Cable for Jesus, good luck.

Rowtron? Watch Wong or Row.

Me? I’m a huge fan of pushblockXXcounter AHVB and Lew’s defensive style.

Just putting out info!


agreed thats why I took my cable out cause too many Magnus players own him over here. Switched the bar whore out for Storm.

The Cable defense tips though could help me bring my cable back to my team though. :slight_smile: