CABLE: Don' f*ck with me SENTINEL!

New video out on Cable. Aren’t you tired of just simply jumping out of Sentinel’s HSF or just trading… I AM :evil:

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I know its been asked and posted before. But what is the exact timing for super jumping out of it? like what exact time do you pushblock then jump out? Thanks.

it’s hard to explain. really you jus gota mess around with it. but it’s almsot the same timing you’d pushblock and jump out, but slightly earlier. it’s slightly earlier cause you need to be able to move right after the 2nd set of drones as fast as possible. Assuming you push block right, i’ve figured that you sorta gotta ahvb not righ toff the ground cause for some odd reason the bottom drone seems to hit you, i think you gotta ahvb lil bit higher so you start your super right before the mid and top drones touch you, so you’re invincible when they get to you, but your beam comes out fast enough

how do u ahvb a little higher than normal? is it just delaying the PP by like a fraction of a second? or is it manual sj into ahvb

and the timing for the pushblock, what do you mean slightly earlier? like almost before the first set of drones reaches the timer?

regardless, nice vid dude. :slight_smile:

um, you could manual sj, i do that sometimes, but more often, i jus tiger knee and press the two punch buttons later…hard to explain, sorta jus gotta mess with it, sorry i can’t explain better