Cable flying screen air combo on Sentinel

Hmmm, so I had a question. I could have sworn I saw in a combo video, someone launched sent with Cable, then he did jab med gunshot, but cable landed under and ahead of snet before he landed, jab…

now i land and sometiems walk other side and reset, but i thought i saw in a vid, that somehow someone was able to ahvb or something somehow and it combo’d… am i jus imagining stuff?

i dont know if this is what you’re talking about but on normal sized characters i go to the corner

launch,,,, gunshot, and while you’re falliny down either lp or lk, you can jump back up and hit them again and pistol again

i dont think theres away to combo in the the AHVB after that, most like it was a short reset into the super…

You should contact >Greyeyeddeath on aim, he’s pretty good at doing that combo and the variants.