Cable help

Bought this capture card(USB)

Not great, all I can afford at the moment . Anyway, just wondering what extra cables I need to buy other than the one that goes from Game console(original Xbox) >TV. Do I need a cable that goes from TV to capture card also?

From the description I believe this is only supposed to plug into a computer, not a TV.

EDIT - Actually I think you would plug the system into the “In” slot on the TV then the capture card to the “Out” like a VCR or something. So you would probably need an extra set of RCA or S-Video cables.

If you’re going to be capturing video from your console, the cables that came with your console is all you need to connect to the device. If you plan on plugging your console to your TV and from your TV to the capture device, you have to confirm that your TV has an audio/video output. In this case, you would need an extra audio/video cord to connect your TV to the capture device.

So I plug the cable to back of xbox then then the other end(which is the red,yellow and white) to the USB Device? How do I see what I’m doing if its not on the TV? o_0