what u think of this team?


It’s all right if you now how to do ironmans setups and infinites but you should try to incorporate magneto in their because he contributes more to the team and if cable and cammy dies you still have an excellent character to fall back on.


i would incorporate mags, but i seriously havn’t played him in well over five months. i’m looking into competing in a few local tournies, so i don’t want to go back to a chracter i havn’t used. i actually popped it into my dreamcast the other day, and i had a prob doing ac, magic, hypergrav, xxtempest, magic, aduf, magic, hypergrav, xxtempest… a combo that i thought i would never fuck up.

i’m gunna stick to some easier people for right now.


Thats the problem with mags. You have to be pretty commited to actually use him at tourney level. When I picked up mags I couldn’t really do anything but now with a lot of practice I can do the rom infinite, jump infinite and slide infinite,and a lot of other things too. A common error that people do with tempest combos is they dont make the full half circle motion and end up finishing the air combo with a round house. You should try not to rely on those to much and try some unmashables with ironman. Thats what I do.


well, i’m not a newbie with magz. i can do things like rom, reset psylocke reset into slide, hypergrav, reset, tempest, OTG, dash,, chp, air combo.

it’s just that since i dind’t play in so long, i just wanted to get the basic feel of him again, and i was having problem doing the easiest stuff with mags. he was my best character, but now i have to rely on ironman/sentinal/cable/cammy/doom, since i can’t use him until i get at least a few months practice in again.

that sucks, but it’s mostly because i’ve been playing soul calibur 2

what i’ve been doing alot with ironman, is his fly infinite, and i’m getting the hang of infinite>pc really well. i can pretty much do it at will now. i just want to see if i can get some quick tournies in. they’re mostly newbies, the kid that i fought last year for first was using spiderman/magz/strider. as you can see, that’s not exavtly a good team.



Right now I mostly practice at CalPoly University because I want to get the feel of the stick for EVO. Thats why I decided to use my best team, Sentinal-Y/Magneto-a/IronMan-B. So I need to get in more practice with my IronMan and perfect is damn super jump infinite. Good luck at those tourneys!


good luck at evo man. that’s cool. i couldn’t use that team for crap. not because i suck, but it’s because i hate using teams with magz and sent. i was using magz/psylocke/sent, but that team blows ass so much. i suck with storm, and always have. magz has always been my point, but now i’m trying something new…

i have the killer overkill combo though.


guardbreak, ahvbx3, dhc proton, dhc killer bee.

it’s way passed over kill, but it’s cool. the arcade that i go to has damage on really low, so unless the combo does at least 120 hits, it wont be 100%. that’s cool, for long matches, but it’s a pain in the ass, cuz a match like jwong’s comeback would never happen. some1 i fought last year did ahvbx4 (don’t ask me how), but he did it, and it took all 4 to kill me, at 153 hits.


Thanks man. My practice schedule consists of staying up to 6:00am and practicing like hell, studying the mathes from last years EVO and hoping that I’m ready. By the way do you use the japanese guard breaks for IronMan? As for AHVBx4 I think you tiger knee on the first three and normal jump on the last one.


japanese gb’s?

wtf is that?


Well number one its totally inescapable and has a high sucess rate. When the new opponent comes in hit them with a sj.lp, air dash forward sj.lp, sj.fp. The last two hits should connect. Start his infinite with a because they will be low to the ground. You can also do it midscreen.


NICE>>>> that’s crazy nice… i just practiced that… it’s not hard, it’s actually easier than cable’s… haha… hell yeah, i’m going to own my arcade tomorrow…


You can also show off your skill by practicing the tightest infinite setup; cr.lp ,, sj.cancel lp, sj. air dash forward sj.lp, sj.fp. Also known as the Japan setup.


WTF??? how in the hell are u supposed to do that??? i’ve been doing it with the regular setup, and for some odd reason, i’ve been really good at getting the dumbest setup of all time…
j+u+hk. the one hit setup, that should normally never hit… but the guard buffer from his crappy rush is enough to get up there, so if they don’t block, and try to counter, chances are they will get hit.


do the cr.lp, part. then move the stick to nuetral and do the superjump motion while doing a sj.lp airdash forward sj.lp, sj.fp. You just have to do it really fast. I’ts way more practical in real battles.


yeah, the first super jump does give you a brief, like, half second to get that lp ad in there… i’m geting it down, i just need a little more control afterwards, because i’m like losing it after i start it up.