best matchups, worst matchups? how to play …strategies… anything? oh and combos

also what is this team called?

I’ve heard it called CSI before… or maybe that was storm not sent, anyway.

You really want IM behind sent for the killer DHC, then you go for guardbreak to infinite.

You can have IM/Sent/Cable, which Toi plays, the general idea is build meter with IM with infinite, and if you can’t get in you still have to get thru a sent and cable.

The other is Cable/Sent/IM, where you play your basic gameplan with Cable and Sent, and then DHC from HSF to PC, then go for guardbreak yadda yadda yadda.

that would be team japan i think but thanks anyway. i think im gonna play it like IM/Sent/Cable for the meter.

anyone know the real name?

I’m a big fan of sent/cable/im aaa

that ironman is a tricky bastard and his anti air can create some easy sick combos, that and it’s out forever

storm cyke would scrape that team… make sure your ironman doesn’t die and you should be fine with it…cable aaa sets up the infinite… drones helps apply pressure with knees and smarties… cable sent we all know is a good combo… and as combofiend has shown us, sent / ironman is pretty fucking painful