Cable modem with multi ports? So both ps3 and computer be wired directly to modem


Im thinking in switching from dsl to cable as isp. In my area I can only get 7mbps download, 0.750 mbps upload on dsl, but I can move to charter as new isp and get 18 mbps download, and 2.0 mbps upload for the same price. Now the problem is that the setup I had for the dsl is using an actiontec modem router that has 4 ethernet ports. One I use to connect to a linksys router ( to have wifi ), another to directly wire my ps3 to it, and another to directly wire my wii to it. I bought this modem specifically to do this ps3 - modem wired connection since when the ps3 was connected to the linksys router my connection suffered dramatically. The thing is that I cant find a cable modem with more than one ethernet port as opposed to a dsl model. I found one expensive one at newegg but the reviews are bad for it plus its a wireless-n router. I also use my nintendo ds and unfortunately they only work with wireless-g networks.
Anyone has any advice as to how to properly setup a ps3 wired connection with a cable modem, and have wifi at the same time?
Thanks in advance.


Get a 4 port switch, or any router. They should allow you to split the signal and be connected directly to the modem.


Wireless router… they usually have a few ports (4 normally), and your PC, PS3, and 2 other devices can get physical connections and still use wireless for your phone, Nintendo DS, or whatever. Personally I use a WRT54G.


WRT54G is probably one of the best routers ever made. G/B only, but still my favorite of all time.


if you want to get fancy, look up the powerline setups


Sorry to burst your bubble, but your supposed “modem with multiple ethernet ports” was probably just a modem with a router built into it - a decent router will give you just as good performance. As mentioned before, Linksys routers are time-tested to be extremely reliable, the WRTG54g being a popular one.

For best console online performance, go into your router settings under “port forwarding”, and set your PS3 to be a “DMZ”, so it isn’t behind the router’s firewall. (Usually, this would be quite risky for a PC, but no viruses exist for the PS3, so no worries.)


I running both a D-link extreme N router and belkin N router (I needed more hardline ports and wanted to extend my wifi range) on my network and they work great… one thing to consider is even though a router is running N… it will downgrade to b or g so anything can connect to it.

Modems will mostly have only have one ethernet output… the routers will provide the switching tasks. spend a little money and get a decent one… if you have a lot of things connecting you will want a good one…

If you want some detailed help setting up your network send me a PM… not banging my own drum but with 6 computers, 3 consoles, a dedicated windows 2008 server, and countless wireless gadgets on my network I am pretty well versed in this stuff.



I’m sorry, are you trolling, or serious? Because I have had nothing but problems with every Linksys product I’ve ever owned, and am not the only one I know who has said likewise. Moreover, trying to get their support agents to do anything but to discuss the barometric pressure where you are is like trying to make a eunuch cum.

I absolutely refuse to buy anything Linksys. Netgear, Asus, Buffalo, or nothing, as far as standalone routers go.



Yeah, I thought the general consensus on Linksys gear was that you’d have to mod the shit out of the product to get it to work to its maximum potential. Aka Tomato and all that custom firmware shit.

Though I did here that the 54G was the best one out of the bunch.


I’ve been extremly happy with the stock firmware on my linksys routers. They serve me good and I never have issues. I have tried tomato before on a WTRG54 and didnt care for it tbh.


I used the wrt54g and had mothing but problems with it from the time I got it. Linksys also refused to stand behind their product. If it was just a bad router that I purchased, I don’t know, because Linksys refused to replace it. When their crack team (and I use that term sarcastically) of support agents attempted to fix it, it would completely cease operation then they would have the gall to say it is fixed and get me off the call, forcing me to ask someone on irc to help me fix it every time.

The wireless nic I had from linksys did likewise. Would just stop working, no one on support could explain it, but refused to replace it. Once they have your money on the product, they stop caring. Between the router and the nic, I was on the phone with Linksys no less than once a week.

Worst story of my time dealing with Linksys: something crapped out for the 900th time, I called tech support, and was told by an automated message that their phone lines were inoperable at that time for some reason, that if I needed immediate help, to connect to their webchat. I created a dsl dialer for my modem, got online, got on webchat, and when I was talking to the agent, they told me to call in instead.

Instead, I went to best buy and bought a netgear router and a belkin nic. Never had a problem with either. And I will never buy another linksys product.



+1, Linksys is pretty much garbage. Owned 4 54Gs over the past few years and they’ve all been shit… Throw DD-WRT on there however and you’re golden, the firmware is the only problem.

@OP - what you had was a modem with a router built into it. Just buy a GOOD router or get one and slap DD-WRT on it and you’re good to go.


The router that I have is a wrt54g2. I know the wrt54g has more ram, and if you change the firmware to the tomato one it will make the last router one of the bests out there. Problem is I cant find a wrt54g in a regular retail store that easily ( since its old ).
By the way, I talked with a Charter representative and they said that I can lease a cable modem ROUTER ( all in one ) device for $10 a month, with built in wifi, and enough ethernet ports to hook my computer, wii, and ps3 directly to it.
This is the link to the main page showing all the available cable modem router gateways:
Charter Home Networking Overview - Charter Communications
The lady told me I was going to get a netgear one, so I guess its the cgb14 model. Anyone know if this one is reliable? Especially for online play?


Well, that would explain it… I mod everything I own (DIY or die). I put DD-WRT on my Linksys, and it’s been running like a champ for years. (I also haven’t bought a linksys product since, so I guess my advice is invalid - my mistake).

To be fair, trying to get any support agent from any company to give you any advice other than “unplug the device for 30 sec. and try again” is an exercise in futility.

@OP: $10 a month to rent a router seems kinda ridiculous IMO. You can spend $100 (or much less) on a good router, and it’ll “pay for itself” in less than a year. Unless your things have a strange history of destroying themselves every couple of months, just do your research and buy one.

#15 - Linksys WRT54GL 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router up to 54Mbps/ Compatible with Open Source DD-WRT (not pre-load) 50 bucks on newegg. get that, load your firmware of choice and be happy.


I generally prefer D-Link products. At the moment, I am using DCM-202 cable modem, DIR-655 xTreme-N router and have my PS3 connected via a couple of DCP-202 powerline adapters. Using Comcast 18Mbps downstream and 2Mbps up. Waiting for D-Link to publically release their DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems.

But using a powerline connection means that my router and PS3 do not have to be in the same room and can still be technically considered as “wired”. My online connection and speed is fantastic. No drops save for what naturally occurs on PSN.


I have timewarner cable, I use this: Belkin Wireless-G Broadband Router: Computers

and it’s great, just hook it up to my Cable Modem and I have wi-fi around the apartment, my ps3 is connected directly to the router and I’m getting 13 down and 1.55 up. Now depending on how big your apartment is you might want to to go with an N router, my apartment is 900sqft.

P.S. DSL=shit


WRT54GL with Tomato for god tier QoS.

Stay away from the new internal antenna Linksys routers, they’re terrible.

You could pick up an Asus router and put DD-WRT on it as well.


I have always gotten D-Link routers and had no problems with them. I’m currently using the DIR-655 and it’s a pretty good router.

Also, I tend to laugh at these guys that have $2000 routers that they will never exploit to their full potential.


Thanks people for the help. If I switch to cable I will definitely buy the wrt54g router and install the custom firmware. Im keeping the dsl service since they are giving me now 15mbps download, 5mbps upload for $29.99!!! =D just for 6 months though, then I will pay $39.99. Not a bad deal. I use a crappy actiontec dsl modem router, with a wrt54g2 wifi router as well. The wifi will be used by my brother in law, so he will get the crappy signal while I have my ps3 hooked directly to the modem.
thanks again for all the inputs. =)