Cable resets

anybody know any? I’m currently experimenting with his air stuff. Launch (go towards opponent as close as possible) LP, LK, grenade (lk version). i cant seem to connect another grenade? (to chain the combo or to reset it)

Cable + Mag-A assist combo… jump in rh, dash in lp,lp (launcher),call mag assist, sj.lp, sj.hp (hp whiffs) this resets it, on the way down press lp then do a lk granade, nj.lp, hp, AHVB.

nice, I figured out one.

lp, mp (launch) + storm Variety (the vertical typoon assist), LP, LK, Grenade-lk-version, storm hits, grenade-lk-version again… i can’t do anything else after. his laser or AVHB doesn’t combo

and it’ll only work, if you go as close to the opponent as possible. You have to be moving FORWARD in the air combo, not straight-up.