Cable with magneto's projectile



I am having trouble finding a way to use magneto’s projectile with cable. I am to used to using cyke with cable (Easy to punish people off of cyke). Any advice or tips.

I know that it comes out fast but it doesn’t hold the opponent down as much as doom or cyke does.

So whats the advantage of magneto’s projectile.



You can always do,, call Mag, s.rh XX AHVB.


cable/mag is preatty dam good. just got to know how to use it.
although your cable has to be quick.
here’s a few things you can do

jump LP+mag,HP,land and AHVB off mags assist-
easy and good damage also very good for tri jumping freaks seeing cables jab is preatty dam good.

now if they dont tri jump or jump and you land chances are they will try to atack and get hit with mag assist(which is behind them) once you see this go for jump,lp,lp,hp,AHVB or S.hp or HK,AHVB

theres also LK+mag,LK,AHVB but if you add hk it might not work all the time.

the reson i said quick is alot of people run into mag alot and if you can react on it youl get alot of free AHVB’s.
anyways im out


is this a good team???

:confused: is this a good team for a rookie cable blackheart and magneto


another thing is wid cable/mag u can fill up the screen pretty quickly wid stuff. like i saw row playing cable/magz and he would call out magz assist, do TK grenade, then do jab viper beams until cable landed. then he would just call out magz assist again and repeat. anti-rushdown cable (if done correctly the viper beam prevents u from jumping out of the trap, the grenade serves as an obstacle to merely dashing straight to cable and under the viepr beam, and the magz projectile gives cable enough time to set this up).


crowd pleaser (IMHO)

Cable with Mag’s projectile assist -
I saw this in a combo video, and I am able to pull it off (just as long as your oponent is in the corner, and doesn’t roll after the crackdown move). Combo looks like this:

lk->lk->rk->qcf+lk->call mag’s assist while dashing to openent just close enough to otg lk->d+fp-> mag’s assist will combo in->dash forward to do a standing fpXXAHVB. In the vid Hiryu took the combo further, but you can puss out and just throw out the AHVB. I like it, looks nice, and is something challenging to do with cable (other than AHVB all day).

A simple trap I do on noobz is just fpX4->mag’s assist while tk grenade, and repeat.

BTW: I got it from a clip called MvC2 Team Combo vid by zeroblue and Hiryu.


can someone post the cable with mag unescapable guard break. I don’t know the exact timing, i just do, jumping fierce + magneto’s projectile, land xx ahvb


It’s the same as Cable’s regular guard break, but before you do the j.FP, call Magneto, then wait for the opponent to fall into the beam if they block.


I beleive the same thing works also for Cable with Sprial(projectile assist), correct?


I thought that you needed to add the hk grenade after the j.fp so if they take the hit, grenade hits, ahvb. if they push block, they fall into grenade.:smiley:


Question For Stiltman


I have a question for Stiltman that is on the same subject as this. If it still works [I think it should] it will answer your question concerning what you can do with Mags-a when using Cable.

Stiltman, do you still agree with what you said in State of the Union 1? Here it is in case you were wondering what it is I’m talking about…

Random Comments:

-One perticularly nasty thing I noticed is that if Mags-a hits there is a good chance of getting blasted up into the grenade even if your reflexes are too slow to AHVB off Mags-a hits.

-The hit-stun is big on the Mags-a hits, but it’s deceptively hard to detect. It is extremely tough to program youself to hit an AHVB on reaction [harder than Stilt says IMO] but not impossible. If I can AHVB off a Doom-a[variety] which has similar hit-stun at will and I have shitty reflexes, you can AHVB off Mags-a

I hope Stiltman responds or better yet, Rowtron. He’s the one Stilt got it from…


Here’s a cute but stylish little combo…
jump hk [or lp,lk chain], land, dash dlk, dmk[optional], call Mags-a, ducking hp [2 hit], ScimitarXX AHVB Massacre


cable has fly mode and airdashing? wow


Oops, Wrong terminology. Editing second post. I’m sure everyone knows he doesen’t have these by now, so I’ll assume you were trying to be funny.