Cable's All Purpose Guardbreak Thread

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I’ve heard of an unblockable that cable has when you kill an opponent’s character and then when the other comes out you jump and do HP(Gun) but i cant get the timing. the opponent always can block :S can som1 tell me whats the timing for it?

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It’s not an unblockable, ( read the sticky for that ) its a guardbreak. Once you kill a character, another comes out from the left or right screen. Do a j.hp which they will most likely block. Now do a sj ahvb to hit them.

When a character is in normal jump frames they can only do one thing, block, attack, or a/d. Once you hit them with an attack while they are in jumping frames, and they block it, they get out of their “blocking” animation so you can get a free AHVB or whatever.

spark notes of that:

Character comes in, you do a j.hp. then land and do an ahvb x3 or whatever.

Thanx! and btw so u can make it wihout exact timing right?

can you just jump after gun not super jump after it?

Yes, u can only jum but if u want to do the HVP x3 then u need to sj

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Correct me if im wrong, but i dont think u superjump to do a AHVBx3, you’re supposed to tiger-knee jump.

To do a AHVBx3 its best for me to TK.AHVB mashing down, then TK.AHVB mashing up then just jump and AHVB mashing neutral. But No the first ahvb does not need to be superjump to do x3 but it cant be to high other wise it wont combo in with the next.

Technically when U tiger-knee(TK) AHVB U end up SJing. So yes you do Superjump to do an AHVB. :smiley:

3x AHVB can be done with three normal jumps, it just matters how high cable is off the ground, not the type of jump.

Agreed. And tiger-knee ahvb normally can do 5 times, except some small size characters. :slight_smile:

Ok, but everytime i hit them and then i superjump to it they keep blocking :S

when the character is coming in shoot the gun and if they block it , wait a half second. after that half second do a ahvb and they will be unable to block.

No, i already know that :S i mean that i shoot at them then i sj and do a AHVP but they can block it can som1 post a vid here to see?

If you hit them with the shot when they come in, that means that they took the hit to try to avoid the ahvb. When u see them take the hit immediately do the ahvb (doesn’t matter if it’s sj or nj), instead of pausing for the block animation to stop.

For your last post, afireinside195 already explained it pretty well, the fact that you superjump or normaljump is irrelevant. What you’re probably doing wrong is shooting out the bullet too late. You should be firing it the moment before they actually appear on the screen.

melvo, there is a video on , the video is under tutorials. the video will probably clear it up for you if u dont really get it.

Stopping Cable’s Infamous Guard Break (Unblockable Attack)

This was on Gamefaqs and I’m bringin it here.

When your point character is wiped out, Cable may fire a shot at the incoming character and then pull out an unblockable AHVB.
There are some counter-measures to this.

  • Don’t block. But take note that the J. Fierce will stun you long enough that if he knows in advance you won’t block, he can chain that J. Fierce into a AHVB.
    However if you block unexpectedly, you will be able to block the AHVB (Remember you have to get out of block stun in order for the Guard Break to work)

  • Push block, then do a special move that gets you out of the way. Teleport or Lightning attack.

  • If you’re Cable, perform your own HVB or other Hyper Combo


a lot of people already knows that… what’s the point of making a new thread? but thanks anyway…(i guess…)

what i do is when the gun hits me, i immediately do a super… my super hits him first so i win…heheh

im just assuming by you saying “i immediately do a super” you mean an…
If he fakes you out and just doesnt do an ahvb when he hits u with the shot. you waste an ahvb…then since youre too high … you eat his ahvb’s.

is that what happens ?
or what super are u talking about if not ahvb.

yeah ur right… there;s a chance you get hit if he fakes that but the game is all about risks… its better to do something rather than take the hit w/o doing nothing at all…

that depends if your opponent already knows what you’re gonna do…

it’s kind of hard to do that when they hit you immediately as you come in.

i guess your best bet would be push block then try to do a special move/super taht won’t lead to you being hit with a ahvb.

if you have enough time you can always do a special move as he’s about too shoot you if you do a special move while they shoot you or any fierce it will cause flying screen.