Cable's All Purpose Guardbreak Thread

Are you sure about the flying screen? I thought that was just at sj level…

That’s what i heard in a old ass thread,

and i’m not absolutely sure but MAYBE it’s happend to me.

and i’ve also seen a old match vid when a guy was playing justin in the finals and he did commando’s fire but unfortunately justin somehow missed with the gun shot i think and he just got hit anyways.

and i remember someone making a thread about it happening when he was trying to guard break so i can only assume that it’s true since he could only be trying to guard break when they are coming in (normal jump).

Push block, neutral, then special/fast super to get out.

Don’t be doing slow supers b/c u will get hit with that AHVB.

For Cable, push block, and AHVB him back. You will hit him before he hits you or trade.

I wonder if you can alpha counter…?

You can only alpha counter on the ground.

whose green cable

whose green cable

i think its med kick ull get that color

Does this work off of snapbacks too?

If you’re talking about the guard break, then yes. But if you can land a snapback, you can land an, and then you may as well save the meter and go for the damage, unless the assist is almost dead and you have 2 or more bars.

cable best char

I cant wait to play this on xbl

Just for some clarification…if they block my j.HP on the switch in I and tiger knee AHVB and they block that as well, does that mean I did the AHVB too early? Or maybe too late? I’m still not 100% sure on the timing on this.

Yes…You have to time it perfectly to land hypr. Play the cpu and practice the timing of the g-break. Also try cr.hp on switch then ahvb, this can be easier sometimes because youre already on the ground. Work on different ways to g-break (with many characters btw).