Cable's Infinites Thread (No AHVB)

Does anybody remember that Sentinel specific infinite with Cable?

so jump in roundhouse, fire the pistol, hit once then cancel immediately into grenade?

does it matter which version of the grenade u use? roundhouse or light kick?

and how deep does the jump in roundhouse have to hit in order for this to work?


wha??? the gun doesn’t combo into the grenade when i do it what am i doing wrong??

Does the grenade have to explode in your face?

jump in roundhouse doesn’t have to be deep. just deep enough so you can combo the s.hp.

the timing on cancelling the s.hp into the grenade is so precise that it’s hard. i’ve only done it a couple times.

the grenade has to just touch sentinel so it explodes upon contact with him/it.

new cable infinite

i was reading the thread on Evo. and people were talking about the new storm infinite, but then also the new cable infinite which is supposed to be mad hard. can anybody tell me what it is, and maybe provide a vid?


new cable infinite

the vid will be out soon enough…

just know this… do the fly screen combo, and then break FS… that’s the infinite… :slight_smile:

are you saying to do the fsd combo on commando and then repeat it? Cause im under the impression that you only get one otg. He would the guy who came up with the fsd combo (korngo) but for some reason he is being a batch about it. He wouldnt even kick down with the knowlege last night while we were all gaming at my pad. what a cock. just correct me if im wrong. thanks

Edit: Korngo is no longer a batch :stuck_out_tongue:

i think he means. break FS after the FSD combo, and then you can do the infinite

can anyone post the combo or when the vid will be out?

I knowthis might sound dumb but…what exactly is the FSD combo? Lol

ya, what is the FSD combo?

FSD- flting screen deteriation. Breaking flying screen. You know when you do in the corner with storm:hk(launch), hk dash down forwardm clk,sp, sfp and the combo ends right? Well FSD in when you can break flying screen and you can continue a combo after you get into flying screen.

the FSD combo goes like this. in the corner against commando you launch and do magic series (lp,lk,lp,lp, hp) while doing the magic series make sure you stay under commando. When you do the fierce be sure to be well under commando. it will look like the bullet wont connect, but it will because of the way commando has the hit boxes on his legs. on the way down press lp before you hit the ground to juggle commando, then you land on the ground then normal jump straight up and hit lp, lp, then fierce. then you land on the groundand hit jab, then sweep. It doesnt seem like it is going to connect but it does and will. after the sweep you can do lk and then whatever you want. i.e. call assist, hk xxahvb, whatever u want cuase you caused fsd. Thats it though. peace

wow, was that his infinite? can you explain how to do cable’s inf?

I got combo from A LONG LONG LONG TIME AGO… I’ll send fsd CABLE one only others you guys figure out yourselves… AIM for it magnetro2k.YES… OLD…

September, fsd isnt the infinite and vid isnt out yet

Umm and when you break fsd it puts you in the same position as if you just otg’d them after Pylocke hits them. But, I think you can just do cr.lp cr.lp a lot during it since a lot of characters have them like jill cammy akuma and a bunch of other characters…Joo gives us too much credit…

=X… I don’t know what any of you guys are talking about… =]

hmm… anyone know if theres a video of this released yet?