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It seems that no one plays him for one reason or another. He actually has some decent options to work with. Besides, since when isn’t a fighting cactus with minions not top tier?

I’m a logical person when it comes to fighting games. I have to have a run down on my character before I can attempt to figure out what to do.


Hmm…i’ll see what I can come with.


I always read your posts philopia, post some shit up because I know you can come up with something. I’m going to be messing around with amigo for a few weeks.


his normals have extreme range.
iirc, all his normals are SJCable on hit.

His lp\lk could be the longest in the game.

S\c.fp also have mad priority and I was reading that c.fp stuffs mando so it’ll probably stuff a few more things as well.

j.rh has crazy priority and can hit 1-3 times depending on you angle. If you can master it, its just as good as any other overhead mixup in the game. on full extension covers most of the damn screen. He’ll control the up angle and most of upfwd angle up to half screen away and this too is SJC. Has great priority. From what I remember, the priority on his can rival storm\magnus priority.

J+lk is an instant overhead so he’s capable of frontside overhead games.

DF+fp doesn’t have the best priority iirc. iirc, its hit box isn’t relevant to his sprite around his arm. not sure though? is the longest range launcher for him.


if you can get your opponent in long enough blockstun, free unblockable cactus babies are nice. especially if the long blockstun assist can still hit after…

I did that with zangief ground assist


My camera is acting funny. I’ll record and post the stuff I find later after I fix it.

Anyway, some stuff I’ve found so far:

-TK onion drill, mash on lk and it’ll come out, no matter how low you are to the ground the lk will come out, giving you an overhead.

-TK onion drill when you are standing right next to your opponent and amingo will pass through their character. I haven’t exactly figured it out yet, but 7/10 times amingo will pass through, and the other 3 times a knockdown will occur. Anyway, this sets up some nice cross-ups.

Easy set up: Launch > dash under, drop tron proj, TK onion drill. crossup opponent + sandwhich between tron > whatever. If the opponent blocks, you still get the lk after the onion drill for an overhead.

Another set up, though not as reliable: after a throw, dash, drop assist xx TK onion drill.

-blocked vine super does decent amount of chip damage and last a very long time when its blocked. I think if the opponent is pushblocking it, it’ll make it last longer. Or at least it seems that way. Also, the recovery isnt that bad either.

Right after the super ends you can:
-tick throw, dash xx blocked onion drill xx vine super again or TK onion drill cross up.

-hit with > whatever. I dont know how reliable this is, but it might work if they’re expecting a throw

-vine super again. Instant start up, it sucks them in, etc. At best, your opponent will block the super again and you still have the options afterwards.

-midscreen and opponent blocking:, s.fp + sent ground xx fp onion drill, assist hits, TK onion drill, lk (overhead).

If the opponent eats the overhead, go into combo of choice.
If opponent blocks the overhead, land,, s.fp + sent, repeat.

This might work in pushing your opponent into the corner. It might be pushblockable, but the drones should stuff most of your opponents options afterwards.

-opponent blocking in corner:, call in sent ground assist, s.fp xx lk grab cactus, TK FP onion drill, mash on lk…

Again, if the opponent eats the lk overhead, go into combo of choice.
if opponent blocks, land,, repeat.

I think it might be possible to drop 2 cactus babies, depending on when you call in sent. Drop 2 grab cactus babies to increase your chance of them grabbing the opponent during the gaps in this ‘lockdown’ or mix it up between a hitting/grabbing and grabbing/hitting. It sounds good on paper and looks good in practice, but Im not sure how reliable this is.

In corner:
Launch, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, lp onion drill, pause, lk, lp, land, dash under opponent, call tron proj, TK lp onion drill crossup, assist hits, vine super.


More to come.

ETA: Why couldnt they have the grab cactus as an amingo assist…?


yup, thats pretty broken in the corner. Its harder to get midscreen though but it does work if you can get a sandwhich+assist after you plant your homies.

The little homies are going to be the staple point of his offense.


So, it looks like its the number of hits that cause the knockdown. TK lk drill, 1-2 hits will cross up, but 3 hits knocks down.

I remember I was playing a friend using amingo, storm (i think), doom. At the start of the match he did: call doom xx vine super.

A couple of times, it just ate whatever I threw out there. And if i blocked it, i took chip damage from the super and dooms rocks.

Also, the super is instant start up, so DHCing out of is easy if you’re in a sticky situation. DHC in hailstorm or proton cannon.

I wonder how amingo/IM AAA works out?

also, is an overhead that hits on the way up. So, midscreen AC > fp, land, (overhead) + tron will sandwhich the opponent between amingo and the assist.


amigo\IM AA could work out. The double instant DHC is too much to handle.

I’m playing amigo\xxx ron too. Tron makes anyone good lol

I was watching some amigo action eariler and after FS, you can call your assist+ onion bounce for a dirty xup after FS. With tron, its going to lead to free xup, into relayer+baby cactus, tron rings end, relayer with normals, baby cactus hits, relayer with more normals, cancel cactus 1 more time and go back to fighting.

My plan is that the opponent will eventually get tired of dealing w\ the baby cacti if you can create something off of it. Thats going to force him to jump, from there I can take advantage of my into another baby cactus.
Baby cactus:**
slapping cactus:**

on plant, it causes twitch guard but not during its moving phase. When its about to swing, it will cause twitch guard again.

The distance of these attacks seem random with either of the punches.

The speed of this cactus is much faster than the grab cactus.

The recovery after contact is slower than grab version.

grab cactus:

on plant, causes twitch guard but won’t cause twitch guard during its moving phase or grab phase.

moves slower
recovers quicker after contatct.
more life per hit
you can combo after it grabs. You can even dash through them for dirty xups.

The one down side to the grab cactus is that if your opponent goes into block animation with a physical attack or if twitch guard is activated, the baby cactus won’t grab. I was really praying that would work too because you come up with some dirty ass unblockables.

If your opponent jumps over your baby cacti to get around them and attack you, move into your baby cacti. You can take advantage of while its still out just by hanging out w\it.

instant overheads

this mainly with tron as your assist because you want her damage off the rings with your overhead combo. The call tron, jufpwd+lk, land doesn’t combo but if you do call tron, jupfwd+lk, max delay, j.rh, you can get all 3 to combo in before damage scale. Chunky life right off the bat.

anyone remember amigos unblockable? qcb+pp, dhc is an unblockable during a certain part of it. I can’t remember where though.


taken from mapster’s post/thread:

Even though i’m sure no one pays attention to this section, i’m posting this on the off-chance that atleast 1 person will notice it.

I recently discovered in a match on accident that Amingo has an unblockable(!) When an opponent is jumping at you, or after you knock an opponent down, perform Amingo’s dancing flower super (QCB + PP). As soon as the flower touches the back of the opponent, DHC to any other super. The blocking opponent will get hit and bounce up a bit after the DHC, but will recover rather quickly. DHCing into supers such as Proton Cannon, HSF, Hailstorm, etc, will hit the opponent. Well there ya go, Amingo has an unblockable, and hell has officially frozen over.

If anyone doesn’t understand what I said and would like a short video of the unblockable being done, hit me up on AIM under Mapster007 and i’ll send it to you. Amingo4Life.


thnx, I can work with that now. I’m sure theres easy setups for cheap unblockables.

amigo as an assist

Most people would probably shit on him for being such a crappy assist, he only has that damn ball special that leaves him in prime postion to be punished and there isn’t time in a real fight to grab his tomato power ups.

A while back, I used to pick jill\gambit\capcom for low tier shit and I had jill on heal type. I’d build bar with jill and let my gambit be able to dump it. The thing is though, if I ever needed more life in the fight, I would call jills heal type assist, qcb+kk with gambit. The super would slide my sprite right over jill and grab the life, then do his KK super to cover me and jill. I would have gambit alive FOREVER because I would mainly use my bar to regain life and play keep away over and over. Some games, I recovered close to 40% life back so it was like my character had almost 200pts of life.

you can use amigo’s power up the same way in a sense but you need a character who can take advantage of that scenario. Off the top of my head, hayato, marrow, strider, sonson, charile, gambit, thanos, storm, cable, sent. I’m sure theres more though.

The thing about amigos power up assist, is that you have to know which way it will go. First off, amigo will always plant it behind you. Once the tree blossoms, determines the way it will jump off. If your in front of it, it comes @ you from behind. If your behind the tree, it comes @ you from the front.

examples to get your powerups.

with charlie,,, c.rh confirm for counter assists, call amigo, qcf+pp.
with strider, activate orbs, call amigo and just keep flooding the screen.
with marrow, ground series, call amigo, qcf+lp, qcb+pp, the one super that flies all over the place. Don’t quite remember the input.
with sonson, ground magic series+amigo, wallclimb to activate the tomato to jump off, qcf+lp to throw monkeys to zone and get your power up or wall dive kick.
with cable, ahvb+amigo assist
with storm, hail+amingo assist
with sent, spit+amigno, hsf.

that should be enough examples of how to get the power ups.
Heal type:** iirc, it builds back 1\8th bar or something to that extent.
enhance type: is defense up. The funny thing is they spelled defense, defence in marvel. From my observations, enhance type builds defense up by 50%. Every hit you take does 50% less life. During enhance type, every time you make contact, your bar stops going down.

double powerup glitch:** once you call amigo, he’ll plant the tree and leave. Once he recovers so you can call him again, call him but touch the tree that already out there. This will cause the tomato to jump your way and amigo will come out the 2nd time to plant another one immediately. Very good trick for life up, but not so much as defense up.


hit boxes:

ok, after extensive testing today, amingos hit boxes aren’t as good as you would think. He actually has a sprite box in his hit boxes to ensure that he wouldn’t have great priority. This means you can hit him out of his normals except for, s\c.jab, and s.rh which seem to be his best priority moves. He still has decent range though just be aware that his priority isn’t the best.
team structure:**

after watching a few videos of some pretty good amingo players, it seems that he can build bar pretty effectively. So it would be good to have a character that can dump bar for a purpose.

As of now, my team is amingo\charlie ron and amingo is on enhance type while charlie is an AA. Since amingo can build bar a little, charlie can dump it but not for the sake of chip. If you do something like assist,, s.fp, qcf+pp, the sonic boom super will flood the screen as you grab the defense up. Then, you can dash repeatedly and make it over it to your opponent before he can recover and rush him down.

so, your qcf+pp super is allowing you to get the defense up which is allowing charlie ron to rush the fuck down. I had mixup hit me with a marrow tron full combo and it only did 15% life to charlie. Its amazing how much the defense up is helping out. Basically, your putting your faith in charlie landing a hit instead of landing a super and with defense up on your side, you can really take hits. Charlie has a mean rush down anyway.

amingo is the only character in the game with defense up as an assist. If you felt like you had an incredible sent\cyke or storm\cyke, you can slap amingo on that team for the last spot and just him to give your characters defense up. Sent+defense up would be a nightmare and you can easily get it with call amingo+hsf all day.

I’m a firm believer in that rare assist in the game are actually worth something. Amingo\ruby heart are the only 2 assists with enhance type assists. Ruby heart gives you power up. They’re not entirely useless if you can find a way to use them properly and certain characters work well with these assist types.

amingo into charlie

qcb+pp, and let it ride out for a while to get some life. From here you can dhc to charlie with qcb+kk and it will connect. However, I like to do the qcf+kk. Its supposed to miss and the DHC causes the opponents sprite to fly into the air into OTG state. Then once you get that can get jupfwd+lk, jup+throw, relaunch or call tron, jupfwd+lk, banana kick crossup, launch.

Both are funky as hell.
crossups:**, seems to be his best xup series as well as his fatest hit boxes. J.rh and J.fp also cross up but don’t hit nearly as fat.



yea thats right, he has a few of them. All of them are corner though :sad:, however he should have an infinite for every character size.

If you go on and search for amingo, you’ll see these infinite videos.

Theres one I think everyone knows about the, qcf+lp ball but he has resuper jump infinites in the corner which can be followed up into his vine super.

Basing this off how his corner infinite works, amingo should be able to do HELLA life in the corner. If he snaps out someone or kills a character in the corner, you should be able to do sj, qcf+lp. If they take the hit, the infinite should be free. If they block it, falling sj.lp, land, super jump and infinite. I’m not quite sure on this. This is just a guess as of now but it sounds like it works.

Maybe mid screen, he can have something similar. Of course, if your opponent took your qcf+lp ball in the air, they can hit the ground and roll. Thats ok though becase amingo has follows up from that so its not entirely useless. I’m sure if they blocked it though, there could be some pretty deadly things in there if the sprite is going to be in the right spot. I’m using my imagination to think it through but its kinda late.

random ish

amingo’s snap out 1 one hit but if you block it, theres like 2-3 hits that hit after it. I think it leaves him safe but didn’t really test it today.

TK lp onion dash will flip them around on the 2nd and 3rd hit for some reason. Its not a cross up, the game gives you auto guard the thing is though, the 3rd hit can hit you backwards and flip your sprite around, and falling lk can ambigously xup or not depending where amingo is in your sprite. Put your attack in the middle of there sprite, and let marvel figure out what side it’ll be on.

@ certain heights, you can fall down with,, land, superjump again for a combo. Applicable to midscreen.

after FS, call your helper, hcb+fp the onion bounce. The fp will cross through your opponent and put you on the opposite side. The same scenario with hcb+lp will not cross through and land in the front.

The baby cacti can flood the ground and force your opponent to jump. This is an ok strategy but for the most part, you just want to use them to cancel out from your noramls so you can play 3\4 screen pokes. Once you cancel out, you can try to smack them back into the ground so your baby cacti can do some work.

I was watching a charlie video today and charlie landed an unblockable with qcf+kk. His combo super as the a character was coming. This got me thinking that maybe amingo’s qcb+pp could be done the same way if you could time it so they landed right in the middle of it.

for assists punish, s.lp+tron, s.fp. If your opponents point isn’t in this combo, you can SJC off any of the s.fp hits and get away while tron combos.

s.lp, and s.lp, s.fp juggles for an AA. Maybe s.lp, works too but didn’t test that today.

call tron,, qcf+lp is a real good over head tool if you can master the overhead off a sj. If you fuck it up, your not stuck in NJ mode and still have the ability to onion dash and reposition.

amingo has a few options to take once he gets a launcher. sj.fp ender gives you FS. Sometimes, j.rh gives you neutral FS and other times it gives you regular FS. Don’t really know why that works though. I think its based on which hits of the s.rh makes contact last and that last hit determines the FS properties. Neutral FS can be followed up wiff setups into overhead scenarios.

watching this guy MIKEP, whos probably the best amingo player i’ve seen, is usually ending his AC’s with qcf+fp. This won’t give you FS anything, it just causes OTG but thats what he’s using. If your opponent just takes it, the onion can land on him with j.rh, relayer assist+mixup, if you roll it s.lp+tron, TK LP onion dash, mixup.

personally, I think they’re all good but I haven’t been playing him long enough to say which of the 3 is the best. and for shits and giggles, his throw is the best in the game lol. He extend his leg to wrap you up, and proceeds to punch you in the face. Gimme da loot nagga.


A great option in my expeirience is after a launch TK the ball thing/ call Tron,
they land on top on trons 3rd hit and if they try to jab or anything they end up doing a standing or crouching normal, in which case you are already set up for a crossed up over head. From there you can either overhead, or do a crouching normal when you land.

Another thing worth mention is the range on his snapout, I catch 2x snapout with him alot.

Likewise, his standing FP is great for punishing assists with the TronPA.

If you call TronPA and do a short jump in you can do several things to force blocking mistakes. If you plant a cactus first you can break guard after a bit of blockstun.

-Jump in with Roundhouse is 3 hits in the air followed by a quick
-Jump in with lk, lk, is 2 hits in air followed by a quick
-Jump in with a late RH to whiff the last part and do a quick c. lk

-Plant cactus, call Tron, TK ball thingie (crossover), do a lk in the air on the way down from the TK, then crouching lk upon landing.

also, dash up s.lp, s.FP+Tron, dash up s.lp, s.FP+Tron is pretty good corner pressure, you might have to mess with it abit, but I remember pinning down REALLY well with something like this if the opponents AAA was gone, so check it out, it was worthwhile.


I really like amingo’s snap out its just too bad you can’t follow it up and get the assist kill for free. The weird thing about the snap out is I seen it hit more than once. Like the snap out is 2-3 hitter @ random I think.

I like amingo ron, its dope and tron give him what he needs. The thing is though, you need an AA to have “proper” team chemistry but no AA gives you a safe dhc on block. Thats primarily the only thing wrong with amingo ron.

So if you can’t have proper team chemistry with tron, I wouldn’t run it but thats me as a player. I would probably run something like amingo\sent\AA.


Have you considered taking Sentinel for a whirl?
I find Amingo with J. FK to be a huge headache with Sentinel’s Ground Assist.
If you wish, give Amingo/Sentinel/Tron Bonne a try and see what you can accomplish with that.


Yes, for top tier amingo play I would run the squad you mentioned or amingo\sent\capcom. However, I like to combine low tiers with low tiers + tron to form a team.

I mainly got into low tiers to develop teams for low tier tourneys but if I wanted to go toe to toe with tops, I might think about adding tops to it to make it better overall. Amingo\sent is nasty by default.


Ah, I see. Well, Tron’s a good start, but you might need a projectile assist to cover Amingo as he goes for the gold.

How about Silver Samurai? Decent chip, and Amingo’s Beanstalk HC can setup an opponent for Lightning.


MvC2 Basic Combo and Damage Encyclopedia:
*Combos were performed on Ryu (100% damage received)
*Reveals strengths of specials and supers and combos
*Shows how to combo specials and supers (most connects will focus on punches unless punches don?t offer a connect)


Special Moves:

Daichi no Kodoma (Grab)
Hits twice for 18pts (12, 6)

Daichi no Kodoma (Punch)

Daichi no Kodoma (Kick)

Kaze no Sakebi
Lp hits 3x for 18pts (4,4,10); hp hits 7x for 24pts (3,3,3,2,2,2,9)
*weird properties in the air (passes through on hit at times)
1) s.lp,, kns lp 28pts hp 31pts

2) s.lp, s.hp, kns (have to cancel s.hp early enough)	
			lp 23pts hp 33pts

3) j.lp,, kns	lp 28pts hp 22pts

4) j.hp, kns		lp 31pts hp 22pts

** Midori no Kanki**
Hits 3x for 18pts (4,4,10) w/ lp and 22pts (5,5,12) w/ hp

  1. s.lp,, mnk lp 17pts hp 18pts

  2. s.lp, s.hp, mnk lp 14pts hp 15pts

Hyper Combos:

Shokubutsu no Okite

  1. s.lp, sno 48pts

  2. s.lp,, sno 56pts

  3. s.lp, s.hp, sno 53pts

Taiyou no Megumi

  1. s.lp,, tnm 46pts


Why not just post it on youtube?


When I used to play Amingo, people would fall out of my air combos all the time. As long as they didn’t block when I tried to put them back in a combo, I wouldn’t care. Not only is it unpunishable, but it essentially creates a situation where you can reset them. I’ll explain it all below…

One thing you can do is launch someone, and hold forwards and do your air combo. What always happens is they fall out of it. When they do, you hold towards them. If they’re drifting away, you lk them while holding towards, and you’ll get a cross-up and put them in a second air combo. If they drift away, then stop drifting away, stop holding forwards and drop in front of them. You don’t have to wait till they hit the ground either, You can use the lights to get them off the ground, and light tiger knee dashball into them [after leaving an assist behind…]. Alittle gimicky, I know, but it’s there.

What was kind of fun is using the dashball assist with Hulk or some other character that has a projectile super [My original team was Amingo, Hulk, Cable. Sucks, I know…]. If they get hit, you fire your super. If they block, you attack them with a weaker attack or rush them allowing Amingo to escape. From then on, it’s attack, Amingo attacks, you attack, Amingo attacks. Imagine what this can do for Cammy, psylocke, or some character that has prolonged attack strings along the ground.

Basic combo I use…
Launch, lp, lk, mp, mk, lk, mk, hard dashball [light if they’re in the corner as you can combo off that into all kinds of stuff…,]. If you’re sure they won’t roll, you can do a corner combo like dlk, dmp, light dashball, and otg them with ducking lk either into an air combo, flying screen them down into more beatdowns, or infinite them.

An interesting property of the Doom assist is that they’re released from block stun in the middle of it. In other words, you can potentially plant a grab cactus timed to grab them while they’re blocking Doom, and they could get snatched during that couple of frames. Try to imagine just how potentially mean that is not just in favor of Amingo, but any other character. Spiral [punch grab, metamorphosis super…,], Shuma, Strider, Possibly Megaman, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some characters could combo off a blocked first half of the Doom assist that resulted in getting thrown. Hmmm, Maybe I can use this with my Cable. I cross them up, drop Doom, dlk, grab and throw, and they’re long gone.

One thing I used to like doing to Cables with Amingo is dashing hardpunching the recovery of a viper beam. This can’t be punished unless you get hit by an assist afterwards, and usually hits them [;people would stop viper beaming me near the same level as Amingo because of this…,].

Something else I like to do [kind of risky] is dlk, dhp, light dashball, repeat. Usually, you’ll beat them to the punch after they block the dashball letting you keep doing this till they guardpush you away. Even then, you usually have the initiative. If you incorporate something like Doom or Sentinel into this, it can be a total pain in the ass.