Cactus Wiki, the free cactus identification wiki

Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all the knowledge we as a species have gathered about cactus plants. I realize it sounds impossible, like something out of the popular writings of J.R.R. Tolkein or Dan Brown, but that’s exactly what Cactus Wiki is doing.

No, not THE Cactus Wiki–just Cactus Wiki, with no definite article. This is a common mistake for newcomers.

Cactus Wiki is a free encyclopedia about cacti (plural of cactus, also spelled “cactuses”), written collaboratively by the people who use it. A wiki is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy. Improvements to Cactus Wiki are constantly being made by cactus experts worldwide, professional and amateur alike.

One example of an article on Cactus Wiki is Cleistocactus strausii.

Some have argued that Cactus Wiki’s open-editing policy leaves it vulnerable to mistakes, but Cactus Wiki proponents insist that such mistakes are an acceptable risk. Those mistakes, they say, are almost always corrected as soon as they appear. Proponents further argue that the risks are greatly outweighed by the benefits. When it comes to cactus information, no source is better than Cactus Wiki at gathering as many known facts about cacti as possible and keeping the articles up to date in the latest cactus developments.

You’d expect cactus wiki to be better than regular wikipedia when it comes to cacti, but you’d be wrong.

Did anyone know that the group of plants that cacti belong to is known as Succulents?

Now you do.

now add it to the wiki.

It’s cactime!

it’s not about “cacti” it’s about “cactUS”

I don’t buy any of it. how did cactuses gain such a logical way of defending themselves as prickly spinesto ward off animals? Cactus wiki can’t explain that.

edit: ^ This motherfucker… Ned Flanders? that’s some good shit.


The mascot.

Bet most people don’t realize that cacti are related to aloe. Also how good would an aloe vera fleshlight feel?

I’ve always wanted to know, what kind of cactus is this?

Sticky and green :smokin:

This thread, again?
I’m tired of you and your anti cacti agenda. We all know these threads just blow up into a lot of name calling and alt account trolling before getting locked.
Just leave the cactus community alone. I’m sorry about what happened to your mother, but realistically, any plant that size would have killed her. ITS NOT THE CACTUS’S FAULT.

I was disappointed in their lack of info on the notorious:

Don’t plant the idea in Sovi3t’s head to try fucking a cactus.

Actually, do that.

What can I say? You can either listen to good science (such as on Cactus Wiki) or you can listen to whatever makes you happy, but only one of them’s going to give you the reliable facts.

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Nise. Poisoning the well and false dicotomy in one post.

Darkstalker Wannabe Cactus (scientific name Echinocactus Darkstalkerwannabeus).

Mexican. Obviously.

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If you live in Az like me, then you already know that cactus is something you dont fuck with

Finally, an open resource that can answer all of your needling questions.