Caesar's Palace Hotel Deposit Charged than Refunded?

$200.48 was charged on my credit card on 06-19-10. On 06-23-10, $166.88 was charged on my credit card and $166.88 was refunded. $200.48 was also refunded on 06-23-10. I have the confirmation # for my reservation, but as of right now I didn’t put any deposit in the room. This is what Marci replied through e-mail:

“The hotel has a new reservation system and the deposits are a mess. It was charging people the wrong rate?..I am confident that your reservation is secure. Just make sure you keep records so you don?t get double charged.”

Anybody have the same problem?

I’d just call the hotel. Much quicker response.

i work@ a hotel, im not sure how vegas works but we dont authorize any deposits until a guest checks in.

Thx guys. I called the Hotel and deposit was made.

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